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Unusual Conversation Starter…..

Workout notes: 1200 yards of swimming:
12 x (25 drill, 25 swim) drills were kicking (front, side, side)
8 x (25 drill, 25 swim) drills were 2 sfs, 2 were 3-g (three strokes then glide), 4 were “fist” 25s.
4 x 50 on the 1:10; I actually got the feeling that I was swimming on the last one.


I admit that I sometimes do things just to start a conversation. Example: I’ll sometimes wear a race or an event t-shirt just to see if there are any others who have either ran (or walked) the race or participated in the event. It is fun!

I’ve done that too with my Obama t-shirt, but there was one occasion in which some old tea party type tried to get in an argument with me; I merely told him that he was wrong and blew him off.

There are conversation starters on the internet too; I’ve found the biggest ones have been on facebook and other websites.

But here is one conversation starter that I did not expect:

(in each case, click the thumbnail to see the full sized version)

What do these people have in common?

I’ve had back channel conversations with every one of them; topics have ranged from athletics, yoga, psychology, science, social issues, travel and humor. All of them have seen photos of me and my family and knows at least a little about me and my life, and I know at least a bit about theirs

And….I met every one of them because they posted a spandex butt-shot of themselves!

Who would have guessed that a spandex wrapped butt would be a conversation starter? 🙂

Oh well…back to my math paper.

Update I found one of my references online; it saved me a trip to the library! 🙂

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I am in IL-18 no more…. IF the current map holds up.

Bill Dennis has posted the new Congressional Map

(go to the interactive map here)

This puts mostly Republican north Peoria and Peoria Heights into Republican hands and puts the rest of us with the usually Democratic IL-17 (Republican won in an upset over O’Hare in 2010). Lane Evans held this seat for a long time.

What makes this interesting is that now my voice is suddenly relevant in the US Congressional race! That is exciting!

Even better: if this holds up, there will be no more Aaron Schock for me. 🙂

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msnbc video: Why Palin’s the next Trump and other topics

Workout notes Nothing yet; it is sunny so I might do a gentle 3 mile walk before work, and perhaps swim over lunch hour (taking is EASY on the shoulder).

I’ll try to make some more progress in mathematics.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

msnbc video: Why Palin’s the next Trump and oth…, posted with vodpod

Yes, this takes too long but its points are correct: Fox News dropped all of its serious political candidates (didn’t get rid of Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee). But he does take the New York Times to task for giving Sarah Palin too much attention; after all there is little to indicate that she is running but rather attempting to keep in the spotlight; being in the spotlight adds to her bottom line.

That is a pity though.

But all is not lost; Michelle Bachmann is supposed to announce within a month:

Republican Michele Bachmann is making plans for a presidential campaign announcement next month in Waterloo, Iowa, the city where the Minnesota congresswoman was born.

Bachmann trickled out the details in a conference call with reporters Thursday night but said she could still reverse course and sit out the 2012 White House campaign.

Bachmann was supposed to speak in person at a GOP dinner in downtown Des Moines, but a vote in Washington turned the appearance into a video message. Hundreds of Republicans watched her via a blurry, choppy Internet feed, where she profusely apologized for her absence and offered a rain check. The feed briefly cut out but aides quickly dialed back in.

Bachmann went on to speak about fighting terrorism, defending America’s founding documents and opposing legislation to raise the federal debt ceiling.

The Minnesota congresswoman says she has staff lined up in the states that start the presidential nominating process: Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

She says strong fundraising and other indicators make her confident about making a run.

It was a bizarre scene for an almost-campaign announcement.

Reporters huddled around a Des Moines hotel podium where Bachmann spoke from Washington.

“The announcement will be made in Iowa, and it will be made in Waterloo,” Bachmann said, adding that her Iowa birthplace would give her “every advantage a girl would want to have.”

This will be a whole lot of fun!!! 🙂
I’ll have to add a Michelle Bachmann tag to my blog.

The Republicans are really making me howl with laughter right now; they claim that telling the truth about their “ideas” is “demagoguery”:
From Paul Krugman:

Mr. Ryan may claim — and he may even believe — that he’s facing a backlash because his opponents are lying about his proposals. But the reality is that the Ryan plan is turning into a political disaster for Republicans, not because the plan’s critics are lying about it, but because they’re describing it accurately.

Take, for example, the statement that the Ryan plan would end Medicare as we know it. This may have Republicans screaming “Mediscare!” but it’s the absolute truth: The plan would replace our current system, in which the government pays major health costs, with a voucher system, in which seniors would, in effect, be handed a coupon and told to go find private coverage.

The new program might still be called Medicare — hey, we could replace government coverage of major expenses with an allowance of two free aspirins a day, and still call it “Medicare” — but it wouldn’t be the same program. And if the cost estimates of the Congressional Budget Office are at all right, the inadequate size of the vouchers — which by 2030 would cover only about a third of seniors’ health costs — would leave many if not most older Americans unable to afford essential care.

If anyone is lying here, it’s Mr. Ryan himself, who has claimed that his plan would give seniors the same kind of coverage that members of Congress receive — an assertion that is completely false.

In a different article, Krugman sums it up:

This is a major asymmetry: people on the other side really do offer different prescriptions for different problems. I’m often accused of inconsistency for warning about deficits back in 2003 while favoring continuing deficits now — but the point is that these were responses to different issues. The Bush tax cuts were intended to be permanent — so they were designed to increase deficits even when the economy was at more or less full employment. This was a bad thing. By contrast, deficits are helpful when the economy is depressed and in a liquidity trap, as it is now.

Anyway, the new “jobs plan” illustrates, once again, the foolishness of believing that we can reach any real bipartisan agreement on economic policy. The GOP stopped thinking a long time ago; all it knows how to do is parrot Reaganite rhetoric over and over. And there’s so little there there that the document — look at it! — has to rely on extra-large type and lots of pointless pictures to bulk it out even to 10 pages.

Emphasis mine. Remember how many (not all) modern Republicans “think”: they see adherence to a set of principles as being good…ALL of the time. Saying “try to avoid deficits in this situation but don’t worry about them so much in this other situation” makes no sense to them at all.

Oh well…part of me wants to know where people like Bob Dole and the first President Bush went.
Ideas: remember when the Republicans had some? Cap and trade, Romney-Obama care (Bob Dole’s plan, actually), Relations with China…affirmative action.
All of those were Republican ideas.

Well, there is perhaps some hope. Toward the end of his Presidency, George W. Bush started to do some necessary things (TARP, auto bailout) and IMHO became a much better president than when he started. Maybe a current group of Republicans will follow suit?

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