30 December 2010 pm

Football I only caught the tail end of the Pinstripe Bowl between Syracuse and Kansas State. K-State passed on a short field goal with a 4’th down fake and didn’t make it (they were down 33-28 in the 4’th) and Syracuse drove for a field goal with about 3 minutes to go.

But then with 1:15 left, K-State threw a short pass; there was a missed tackle; touchdown Wildcats! It was 36-34 Orangemen but then…K-State got a 15 yard penalty for “excessive celebration” when the receiver gave a very tame “salute” (two fingered…Cub Scout style!) to the crowd! I couldn’t believe it.
So they had to try from the 18 yard line instead of the 3…and they didn’t make it.

An onside kick failed.

It was a pity; the team fought their guts out only to have it decided on such a ticky-tacky matter.
(photos from yahoo)

Yesterday’s Texas Bowl:

Spandex Butts
(in each case, click for the large image)

Pretty cute, huh? (ok, I happen to like the big ones too, hence the last photo).
Now…you heterosexual guys……

One of these photos is of….a guy!!!!! Can you guess which one?
This reminds me of something that happened way back when I was at the Naval Academy (one of the most homophobic places in the US). We were watching TV and a blue jeans commercial came on. They showed tight blue jeans up close…right on the butt. The guys hooted and hollered….then the camera panned back. It was a guy….and the whole room went stone silent.

True, most of the time, guy’s butts are smaller and skinnier (that is why I didn’t find the Dell character played by Jaye Davidson that appealing; the hips were too narrow). But as you can see, not every guy has “guy” hips.

I think that I know what is going on: when a male is getting sexually aroused, it is to get ready to procreate; to get our genes to go on a bit longer. So, most of us are hardwired to respond to certain cues, namely “that person will do a good job with babies” cue; these cues include somewhat wider hips and breasts. Hence the attraction. But I can imagine the attraction being there for, say, a super sophisticated female “borg” so the cuing can “misfire” on a feminine looking male. This makes me want to read this book.

Did you know that non-historians can write history textbooks for schools? Yep…and guess what you get:

Oh those “sacred cows” of the left…like the Center for Disease Control?

Tea Party Nation: names their liberal “hate groups”. Really. 🙂


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