14 November 2010 (AM)

Workout notes: first, I should point out that I had an achy shoulder though it didn’t hurt my sleep; driving?
I walked 13 miles on the East Peoria trail (bikepath really); the first 10 were done in 2:23; the total time was 3:09. It was chilly, windy and sunny. There were a few runners and paunchy middle aged people. But there was one spandex lady; these were the cotton tights with just a hint of granny panty “cut line” and a jiggle. 🙂

More seriously, I really didn’t walk well at all; I was out of sorts and slow. Part of it is the ongoing weight training and part of it was my not practicing faster road/track walking.

About that “dark matter” photo: what you are seeing is the gravitational lens effect of the dark matter.

If you think that *I* am strident, check out this headline. I hasten to point out that I do not think that Gov. Palin has the intellect to become an effective President of the United States; in fact I feel that she would be a disaster; even worse than President Bush.

But Dr. Coyne is responding to a high “favorable” score (80 percent of Republicans view her in a favorable light) which is different than a “qualified” rating. Note here, Republicans are much more conflicted:

In the ABC/WashPost poll, Palin’s fellow Republicans are evenly divided on whether she is qualified: 47 percent say she is, 46 percent answered that she isn’t.

Of course, this is too high of a rating, but remember: these are Republicans.

What I am enjoying is the current infighting.


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