15 April 2010

I will go to the gym (university) in a few moments and do ab work and the hand bike; I’d like to rest the shoulder from swimming today as it is oh-so-slightly sore. Since swimming is all that is left to me, I am being ultra conservative.

Injury: last night, no real pain though there was “almost” the onset of it.

Update: rotator cuff exercises (boring), 40 minutes on the arm bike (10 mile intervals), then an easy 1 mile walk; I slowed down when I started to get the slightest whiff of a “tug” behind the knee. 16 minutes of bliss!

Alas, I still have a 50K mind but only “1 slow mile” knees…at this time. πŸ™‚

Check out this collection of political cartoons. Here is a sample:

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Yes, though some are desperately trying to claim otherwise, American scientists are more atheistic (as a group) than the public in general. We see this at the very elite levels (National Academy) and at a high levels (though slightly less elite). They are also more Democratic than the public and far less Republican; more liberal and far less conservative. πŸ™‚

Senator Coburn I can’t believe that I am defending him here. But yes, when he complained about Fox News talking about the government hauling people to jail for non-compliance with the health care mandate, he was right and Bill O’Reilly was wrong.

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April 15, 2010 - Posted by | Barack Obama, Democrats, Fox News Lies Again, health care, religion, republicans, science, SCOTUS

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  1. Given the fact that the IRS will be controlling the enforcement of the mandate and that incarceration is possible for violators of IRS regulations (tax laws), it’s quite possible that people may end up in prison for failing to be compliant and complicit in their own rape and robbery by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. It’s more likely though that they’ll just face wage garnishments and asset “forfeiture.”

    Given the fact that it looks like Congress accidentally removed their own health insurance in favor of using the still non-existent exchange, it’s doubtful that they or anyone has a good grasp on exactly what ObamaCare has lurking within it or what it will do…

    Comment by jonolan | April 15, 2010 | Reply

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