Meb’s Marathon Win and My Marathon (and beyond)

Meb Keflezighi became the first US Citizen to win the New York Marathon since the Alberto Salazar/Bill Rodgers days. Great!

Note: Keflezighi won a silver for the US in the 2004 Olympics; he immigrated here with his parents when he was 12 years old and because a citizen in 1998 (when he graduated from UCLA).

No problem, right? Isn’t this a prototypical American success story?

Well leave it to some a-hole to say “oh, he is some hired gun brought in to win medals for us”. Really.

Hmmm, whatever happened to “doing one’s homework” before one writes an opinion?

More here:

Some say Meb Keflezighi is not really American. Probably the same people who say Barack Obama is not really an American.

Written by: Matt Fitzgerald

The headline says it all: “To Some, Winner Is Not American Enough.” It appears above an article printed in the November 3, 2009 edition of the New York Times and it refers to a mostly online controversy that erupted in the wake of Eritrea-born American citizen Mebrahtom Kelflezighi’s victory in last Sunday’s ING New York City Marathon.

Oh well, there will always be racist, xenophobic idiots out there, and many have word processors.

Speaking of marathons and beyond, here is my complete list:
(note as the quantity went up, the quality went down; I “peaked” in 2000 and again in 2002-2005 and have gone downhill since then. I’ve put my “quality” efforts in bold; “quality” depends on the course and my abilities at that time in my life)

Maryland Marathon: 3:33

San Antonio Marathon 3:48

East Lyme Marathon (CT) 4:24

1998 (2)
Quad Cities Marathon 3:55 (hot: 207 out of over 1000)
Chicago Marathon 3:46

Quad Cities Marathon 3:45

2000 (2)
Lake Okoboji (IA) 4:25
Indianapolis Marathon 3:38

Lake Geneva Marathon 3:40

2002 (4) (13 total)
San Diego Marathon 3:57
Fairfield (IA) 50K 6:22 (walk)
Quad Cities Marathon 4:44 (walk)
Rocket City Marathon 4:04 (run)
(injured going in; had to run/walk)

2003 (5) (18 total)
McNaughton 50K (run) 7:04
Ice Age 50K 7:18 (walk)
Park City Marathon (UT) 5:17 (walk)

Judy Birthday 50K (walk; informal-Fat ass type)
Quivering Quads (MO) 50K 8:11 (walk)

2004 (7) (25 total)
McNaughton 50 mile 12:46 (walk)
Cornbelt (IA) 24 hour (101 miles), walk
Wandleweekend (NED) 24 hour (88 miles) walk

Fairfield 50K 7:16 (walk)
Quad Cities Marathon 5:13 (walk)
Chicago Ultra 50K 6:20 (walk)

Ultracentric (TX) 24 hour 81 miles (walk)

2005 (8) (33 total)
McNabb (IL) FatAss 50K 6:25 (run, sort of)
Chicago Ultra 50K (spring) 6:42 (walk)
McNaughton 100 34:16 (walk)
Andy Payne Marathon (OK) 5:25 (walk)
Lean Horse 100 (SD), 29:34 (walk)

Quad Cities Marathon 5:34 (walk)
Chicago Ultra 50K 6:29 (walk)
Ultracentric 24 hour 70 (walk)

2006 (6) (39 total)
McNabb (IL) FatAss 50K 6:37 (run, sort of)
Houston Ultra 24 hour 76 mile (walk)
Stigma 8 hour 27 mile (trail) (walk)
McNaughton (100 DNF), got to mile 50 then 20 more.
Ice Age 50K 7:36 (walk)
FANS 24 hour 83 miles (walk)

2007 (4) (43 total)
FANS 24 hour 66 mile (walk) (couldn’t train until 5-6 weeks prior)
FX 12 hour 34 mile (walk)
Farmdale 33 miles 9:27 (walk)
Ultracentric 24 hour 58 mile (walk)

2008 (3) (46 total)
McNaughton 50 mile (staged; 31:37 walk)
Andy Payne Marathon 6:16 (walk)
FANS 24 hour 47 miles (walk)

2009 (5)
McNaughton 100 miler (47:45; staged, walk)
(brutal conditions; the drop out rate was astounding: 74 started the 100 and 27 finished; 47 started the 150 and 27 made it to 100 (including the 12 who finished all 150); in total 54 out of 121 starters made it to 100 miles and I was one of these)
Rockford Marathon 5:14 (walk)
FANS 24 hour 66 miles (walk)
Mulshoe 44 (DNF, ran out of time at mile 29) walk
Quad Cities Marathon 5:28 (walk)
McNot-aGain 30 mile 8:55 (walk)
(fought through injuries for these last two; almost no training was possible)


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