9 September 09 PM

Why I am not a UU.

Basically, UUs more or less have many of the social values that I have. But there is a tolerance of nonsense. Reason is welcomed, so long as it is used in deriving private spirituality. But it is not welcomed if one uses it to judge/weigh the beliefs of others; for example saying that, say, “dousing is nonsense” would be a faux pas there.

Nate Silver: does a detailed analysis of where the public option is likely to be supported, and supplies a cool electoral style map.

Jerry Coyne: hilarious cartoon about how “intelligent design” works. 🙂

Space telescope: back on line…and doing its job! Surf there to see a cool image.


September 9, 2009 - Posted by | evolution, health care, morons, politics, politics/social, religion, science

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