23 june pm (links)

Yoga; watch and learn how to learn Scorpion:

Security: It is possible to figure out what is being printed by “listening” to the printer!

Science: See an excellent photo of a “poison dart” frog here.

Evolution: a plant has learned to mimic sickness to keep insects from eating it.

Science and Academia Women have different career patterns in science; female Ph. Ds actually go into academia at a lower rate than men do.

Religion and Science: a cosmologist gives his take on science and religion. What is interesting is how he notes that many who think that religion and science are compatible redefine religion in a big way.

Health care Senator McCaskill points out that she is being targeted over this and that the fight will be hard and protracted.

Here is a satire on some of the dumber objections:

President Obama: Had a press conference. Note to reporters: he IS smarter than you. Be aware of that. 🙂

Here is an edited version

To see all of it (or to pick and choose parts), go to CNN.

Here is the whole thing from start to finish (53 minutes)


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