Racist Social Conservatives

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At the outset, I’ll stipulate that someone can be conservative because they believe that government interference with the economy can cause harm (e. g., the stifling of competition and innovation that went on in communist countries) or for other legitimate reasons.

But the fact is that a significant subset of the current group of conservatives are just plain racist.

Here is the evidence.

1. Racist e-mails


(hat tip: Sagacity)

2. I’ve talked about this already but if you haven’t seen this, check out The Good Kentuckian’s post. Yes, TGK is a “colbert-jesus general” type of blog. The information came from Alan Colmes’ blog.

3. Many of Judge Sotomayor’s detractors are making racist assumptions (e. g., Pat Buchanan and many of those in the rank and file)

The assumption seems to be this: Sotomayor was an affirmative action admit at Princeton and ended up finishing at the top of her class. Therefore her high class ranking must have come from preferential treatment while at Princeton and later while at Yale Law school.

Of course, such a claim is tantamount to claiming that her professors committed academic fraud while providing no evidence for the claim.

These critics should provide the evidence or shut up.

The other side

1. Affirmative Action does sometimes lower entrance standards for some.

My experience: I was admitted to Annapolis with lack luster entrance scores and grades. Yes, I did make straight “A’s” as a senior and mostly A’s as a junior in high school, but my freshman and sophomore grades were lousy. Yes, my ACT was only 30 and my SAT was in the high 1100s (PSAT was 57/70) and so I was a risky admit.

In college (Annapolis) I finished 26x out of 9xx in academic rank; my relatively poor first year hurt my ranking quite a bit. So, no, this wasn’t “first” but the point was that I improved my academic position relative to the rest of the class while I was there, moving from near the bottom to “upper third” . Of course, later I was to get a Ph. D. in mathematics and publish part of my dissertation.

The larger point: starting off lower than average (in entrance credentials) doesn’t mean that one can’t finish much higher than that.

2. Academics: on rare occasion, a professor does commit academic fraud by grading some students differently than others. But I’ve only seen evidence for this TWICE: while at the university of Texas, some of my fellow TAs worked for a professor who would take the graded exams and regrade all of the female exams. Now I have no evidence that this professor actually gave the females more points, but he/she did treat those students differently.

But, that was ONE TIME at the undergraduate level. The other time, a female grad student was given permission to take her comprehensive exams orally because she had flunked them repeatedly. Frankly, she was a diligent but dim witted student who ended up getting tenure at some “research optional” small college; I’ve seen other faculty who were of this caliber (males). The difference is that the males had to go to a third tier academic institution to get their “doctorates” whereas she was allowed to stay there.
Yes, her advisor all but wrote her dissertation for her.

So, it does happen, but I’ve seen evidence for it TWICE since 1985, and note that I’ve never seen it happen with first rank students, only the mediocre (or worse) ones.

Good schools are protective of their reputations and they don’t want to let others think that a moron can finish near the top of their classes.

3. Yes, President Obama being African American does change things a bit.
For example, during President Bush’s term, the following was circulated:


If someone did this with President Obama, a huge cry of “racism” would go up. The bottom line: our country does have a racial history and people often DO compare African Americans to simians.

Note: I like the above photo as it does show the similarities between chimps and humans, and yes, I’d be happy to make such a spread with MY photo in place of President Bush’s. I see nothing especially simian about President Bush’s face; in fact my face is more simian like than his.

4. Some prominent Republicans have spoken in favor of Judge Sotomayor or at least have denounced the unfair attacks:

Here, here and here.

5. Racism isn’t unique to the Republican party (e. g., look up the stuff on the Kentucky and West Virginia Democratic primaries); that is why I said “racist social conservatives” rather than “racist Republicans”.

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  1. Very true of your insight and being a African American born and rasised in Kentucky your point is quite true.

    Alot of democrats refused to vote for Obama based on color. Preachers in Western part of Kentucky using the n-word from the pulpit. It,s change more so than racism for most in my opinion. Some people will remain racist and more will come to a understanding with change.

    I think the monkey remarks are over blown. Many will say the same as your point with Bush. A few are serious however regarding the 1st Lady.

    Being a African American,that other African American must realize that most right wing pundits are crafty to make a point and they are not being racial,but a racist will view it a deer season in play.

    Bull Connor and George Wallace remarks doing the Civil Rights Movement ,warrant vile actions from the klan. The murder of MLK warrant race roits in most major cites,but no 1 said to kill and burn.

    That is the danger as you pointed out,many blacks have are compared to monkeys in a racist point of view and many racist will bask in this vile and many African Americans and others will view this as racism.

    Comment by steve | June 16, 2009 | Reply

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  3. The snippet the machines quoted for the post I made makes a real interesting piece of reading here! Note to other readers: Blue Ollie’s price is beyond measure, and vocation most noble.

    Comment by Ed Darrell | June 17, 2009 | Reply

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