12 June 09 Link Dump

Ahh, I love to blog. 🙂

Two more notes about my trip:

1. This morning, I tried to watch cable news instead of reading newspapers or reading internet news. It sucks unless you care about Madonna’s attempts to adopt.

2. I finished One God, Three Faiths and started to listen to Evolution and its Discontents once again. I can recommend either.

Blog Roll

I’ve started to follow the blog Liberalland (Alan Colmes); I have to admit that there was a time when I didn’t take Mr. Colmes seriously. But then I read his book Red, White and Liberal and really liked it.

Here is one of his recent posts:

Right Wing Site is selling a “liberal hunting sticker”.

He has also embedded a couple of videos:

President George W. Bush was “God’s instrument” (this was intended to be a compliment).

He also shows a video of a right wing nut job (and a candidate for Governor of Georgia) singing about the recent murder.

Speaking of the far right: a Fox News journalist notes that the incoming e-mail about President Obama has gone scary.

(hat tip: The Invisible Pink Unicorn)

Health Care

Robert Reich shows what to watch for in the upcoming health care debate. Remember that the public option is mostly valuable because it allows for a large group to negotiate good prices; anything that breaks up the large group hurts the negotiating power.

Now Dr. Reich notes that the war is on; can President Obama measure up to President Johnson in this area?

Science and Religion:
Here is a collection (blow by blow) of the relevant posts on accommodationism and science.

Here is a nice youtube video which takes apart a creationist.


Humor Click on this image to see a funny chart on the “browser wars”; this is an internet humor sort of thing.

(from Evolved Rational)


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  1. thats funny!

    Ollie’s note: I deserved that; I meant to point out that the thumbnail chart was the “humor” part.

    Comment by fkdupdad | June 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. lol…so funny haha…loved the thumbnail

    Comment by madmaz | June 13, 2009 | Reply

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