17 March 2009 Fun

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Note: I don’t talk on my cell phone; my driving sucks badly enough when I am trying to pay attention.

Friendly Atheist: talks about the new version of the game of Life, which gives players the choice of being a straight or a homosexual couple:


Jen raises another fantastic point about the mother not wanting to discuss homosexuality with her daughter:

While I personally think there’s nothing wrong with young children knowing about homosexuality, why can’t this mother just dodge the question like parents do with other things they don’t want their children knowing about? How many little kids ask their parents where babies come from before their parents want them to know the grisly facts of life? Granted, I don’t think we should lie to children about that either…but the fact is, blaming an online game for something that’s everywhere is just downright silly. Why not blame Life for including babies in the game?

Excellent point.

You would think the Religious Right would love this game. After all, this is the one time you can actually “choose to be gay.”

This “choosing to be gay” stuff cracks me up. Hey, believe me, my life would be much, much simpler if I were asexual. I didn’t choose to be attracted to women. But I am. 🙂

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