Austin Day 2 December 2008

Workout notes Nothing yet; probably 6-8 miles of running when I finish this. It gets light later here than it does in Peoria, IL.

Update 35 F, drizzle; wore a ball cap, light windbreaker and shorts. 6 miles on the Hike and Bike (28:12 out, 27:39 back, 55:51 total or 9:19 mpm). This was a similar effort to my recent Riverplex track workouts; the difference is that I was running on slightly damp cinders in colder weather and after a recent blood donation. Actually, it didn’t feel that bad, though I felt slow and the run itself was an effort.

When this pace feels like a complete joke I’ll know that I am back in shape. Right now it feels the way that a 7:45 pace used to feel.

The hike and bike trail was all but desserted; there were a few people here and there; most were bundled up. 🙂

Football Bears 20, Packers 17.

Ok, honesty time: the Packers did everything but win the game. They were up 14-3 at the half and were moving the ball almost at will; the Bears got a field goal off of a “short field” set up by an excellent kickoff return.

In the second half, a punt hit a Packer and was recovered by the Bears; they actually got a TD to make it 14-10. Eventually, a long drive set up a field goal by the Packers to go up 17-10, but wouldn’t you know it: the Bears actually got a long drive to tie it up 17-17.

Then the Packers got a drive (helped by an idiotic personal foul on a kick return) to set up a field goal with 25 seconds left, but the kick was low and therefore blocked.

In overtime the Bears got the ball and drove it for the winning field goal.

Other topics:

Academic Humor: phone sexual fanasty for the science professor.

While visiting RYS one evening, I notice the new ad on the sidebar – the one with the hottie reading a book with a phone number below it. What’s that for? “Listen to students do the most unbelievable things!” it says. “Let them fulfill your fantasies! Just call 1-900- …”

I’ve called these numbers, back before I got dial-up. This should be fun. I know what I’d tell them to do. Dial ‘er up!

Ring … Ring.

Computer voice: In what field do you hold a Ph.D.? Press 1 for humanities; press 2 for science; press 3 for business; press 4 for engineering.

BB: Huh? Um, ok. [presses 2]

The sultry voice of a Proffie Porn(TM) customer associate comes on the line. “Hello, professor. My name’s Tasha.”

BB: Hi Tasha. What sort of things are you into?

Tasha: [sighs] It’s Saturday and I’ve got to study.

BB: Oh, that’s so hot – wait. Did you say “study”?

Tasha: Yeah, I’ve got a big intro chem test on Monday. I’ve been studying this stuff all week but there’s still a few of the advanced problems that I can’t work out.

BB: [gulps] You started studying early? Now you are working out the questions that probably won’t even be on the test?

Tasha: Well, sure. I want to stay on the honor roll. [Pause] Professor, are you still there?

BB: Yeah, sorry. I dropped the phone. I’ve never heard of a college girl doing that sort of thing on a Saturday night, and I’ve been around a while.

Tasha: Oh, professor [giggles], we do this sort of stuff all the time at Proffie Porn(TM). Wanna help a bright, hard-working student excel in her classes?

BB: [breathing heavy] Hold on a second. I need to unbuckle, er, get more comfortable.

Tasha: I’m studying on chapter 5, ideal gases.

BB: Oh, God, yes. I love teaching that stuff. What problem are you working on? Read it to me and take it nice and slow.

Tasha: I need help deriving the van der Waals equation. After we do that together, you can tell me all about your research.

BB: Oh, oh, oh! Wait! [pauses] Dammit. [pauses] Hi, Tasha? Thanks for talking to me. I feel a lot better now. Can I call you back next week?

Ah for the days; I may have had some close to these when I was a TA so many years ago. 🙂

Science: I’ve devoured much of the recent Scientific American issue on evolution; 3-quarks daily links to one of the articles. There is some good stuff here.

Other related links:

Article about early homonids

Obama’s committment to the environment is lead by good science picks.

Do you like physics lectures? Here is one place you can get them online.

Other topics:

Is humor always at the expense of someone else? Does the joke teller always have a sense of superiority? Good food for thought there.

Deconversion: I think that this author gets it right:

The problem was that when I held the Christian faith to a strict a standard of logic and historical accuracy as I did Mormonism or Islam, it failed just like they did. The more I looked at it from that perspective, the more I saw that there was no more reason to believe Christianity then there was to believe that Mohamed was a prophet of God. And the likelihood of Mohamed being a prophet seemed pretty slim. I have continued to read and ask questions and talk to as many people who would talk to me (which often is not that many) about these things. I just came to a point where I realized that I really did not believe it any longer ….

Where I depart with this author is that I think that the existence of the Christian god is as likely as the existence of Zeus. I remain nominally open to the existence of some sort of amorphic “universial spirit” though I see no evidence of one existing.


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  1. Looks like you’re getting called out:

    Comment by postsimian | December 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. Yeah, he didn’t get it right. The 4-sphere doesn’t embed in 4 space, but the 3-sphere does. 🙂

    Comment by blueollie | December 24, 2008 | Reply

  3. Atta chap! I figured the math professor would probably know more about his trade than the random-internet-guy. 🙂

    Comment by postsimian | December 24, 2008 | Reply

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