A Few Post Thanksgiving Remarks (post Thanksgiving 2008)

Workout notes 4000 yard swim with Mark (Barbara’s son); 500 warm up, 10 x 50 (25 kick, 25 swim) on the 1:10, 5 x 100 (1:36-38); started on the 2 but slowed to 2:30, 5 x 100 IM on the 3 (got 3 under 2), 5 x 100 (25 sfs, 75 free) on the 2:10, 5 x 100 (25 catch up, 75 swim) on the 2 (1:45-46, one slow one), 5 x 100 (fly/swim/fly/swim with fins) on the 1:50, 5 x 100 (paddle/f/p/f/p).

It was fun to have someone to swim with and the pool was all but empty this morning.

Walking/Running remarks Here is what I have found: I don’t sweat all that much when I walk slowly (13:30-15 mpm) but I sweat like a pig when I run slowly (10-10:30). I sweat more when I walk at 12-12:30 but not as much as when I run easily; and yes I sweat hard when I walk all out or when I run hard.

I am sure that this means something; it probably has to do with easy walking being more efficient than easy running.

I watched UT destroy A&M last night 49-9 (went to bed when it was 42-3 in the 4’th quarter); aside from a quick drive by A&M late in the second quarter (to cut the lead to 14-3) it was total domination by UT.


The Texas defense harassed the Aggie offense mercilessly and they Longhorn offense was sharp.


What was amusing is that many of the UT fans had “45-35” signs reminding people that UT beat Oklahoma 45-35 in their head to head match up. UT is 1 second way from being undefeated.

(photos from here)

Social issue: I think that this blogger at Friendly Atheist gets it wrong about free speech. To me, free speech means that the government doesn’t regulate speech (save the “cry fire in a crowded theater” or “give away national security secrets” type exceptions). But it does not mean that we need to sit idly by while, say, a billboard with, say a KKK or a neo-nazi message appears.

Sure, the government should outlaw such boards, but it is well within our rights to denounce such boards and to condemn them, and even to threaten to boycott those businesses that support such boards.

In short, you have a right to speak your message but you don’t have a right to have me as a captive audience.


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  1. We too went turned off the TV in the fourth quarter but we did hear some revilers after the game was over.
    I sweat like an NBA player if it’s humid no matter how fast or slow I walk. Low humidity, not so much.
    We’ve been watching the horror coming out of India. I can’t imagine ever being in a situation that scary and I don’t understand what the perpetrators expect to gain from such violent acts.
    As far as free speech I think you should not be able to spread lies in any media outlet about people and ruin thier lives and reputations. Even if the person who lied recants or is taken to court and the case is won the damage is done and can never be made right.

    Comment by Rose | November 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. Oh yes, lies and slander. There are laws against those too, but they are very specific.

    Comment by blueollie | November 28, 2008 | Reply

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