Obama Infomercial and Other topics

(hat tip: Jed Report)

In case you missed it, the “almost 30 minutes” Obama informercial.

Good stuff; I am not sure if they got the live shot at the end though. In the “real time” version, they ended it with a shot from a Florida rally.

Some non politics

Richard Dawkins: this parody article has Dawkins dying only to be resurrected and getting Jesus-like qualities. Of course, he claims that there is a “natural explanation.

A book I need to read: a book about dumbness in politics, from both the left and the right. The book is Dumokoracy by Beckerman.

A socially liberal person talks about the balance between compassion for others and living responsibility. Highly recommended. Mano Singham’s writing has been exceptionally good lately.

2008 Election and Politics

Humor: A comment on just who is counting your votes. Feel better?

Obama: “Am I a socialist? I did share my toys when I was in kindergarten.”

Feel Good story
Daughter of a man who was born into slavery votes for Obama in Texas. Yes, she is 109 years old!

Yes, I lived close to her (she lives near Bastrop, Texas, which is 30 miles outside of Austin).

How is the campaign going?

Bill and Hillary Clinton are going all out.

A non-Obama campaign ad.

Ari at Edge of the American West comments that Obama is running an exceptional campaign.

CNN: points out that Obama is gaining in the electoral map.

John McCain’s commercials continue to misfire:

Since when did Obama indicate that he’d meet Iranian preconditions?

By the way, the McCain camp still gets it wrong:

What is up with the Republicans?

North Carolina Senate Race
Elizabeth Dole is desperate; she is attempting to slur Kay Hagan by calling her “an atheist”

I find this comical. Of course there are two non-comical things:
1. Dole is lying and
2. She thinks that being “an atheist” is a bad thing; she is using the cry “atheist” as a slur (and it is a slur with many people).

But from my point of view imagine this:

“My opponent doesn’t believe in Zeus!” If you were “that opponent”, would you be offended by that remark? Well, religious wingnuts, your god is to me as Zeus is to you. 🙂

Ugliness continues at McCain rallies: this one is in North Carolina.

A fellow central Illinois resident has had their Obama sign stolen.

But this tops them all: watch as disgraced former Representative Tom Delay (indicted for violating campaign finance law) as he flings monkey feces at Obama: he cries that Obama is a socialist, anti-American, a radical, etc.

Isn’t Tom Delay just the perfect representative of the Republican party as it is today: utterly ignorant, classless and corrupt! Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz destroys him afterward; that alone is worth watching.

Things might not be changing for the better either. Sarah Palin sees the handwriting on the wall and is already thinking of 2012.

Talk about being disloyal to the top of the ticket! But she is the perfect “new Republican” isn’t she: selfish, narcissistic and completely anti-intellectual.

Update: ABC News had admitted that they made a mistake. See here. Palin did NOT say that she was giving up on the election; the “going through this for naught” remark was more about her response to the sexism that she has encountered while in politics and not her time with McCain.

A commenter to a Linda Chavez talks about what is going on:
(Linda Chavez article)

“We need conservative leaders to put the brakes on liberal over reaching. When conservatives are in power, the nation needs liberal leaders to put the brakes on conservatives. That’s a scenario that serves America. The main problem, and it shows up in almost every poll today and every scan of voter attitude, is that Americans simply can’t stomach any more conservative BS.

No more BS that small town America is the ‘real’ America, and that I am not a ‘real’ America because I live in a city. No more BS that Congress needs to be investigated for ‘anti-Americanism.’ No more BS that your opponent, whomever he is, is a Communist or a Socialist. No more BS that your next door neighbor hates America because his political views are to the left of yours. No more BS that science and evidence don’t matter, as long as ideological purity is upheld. No more BS about being privy to the Truth because you are a Christian.

That is the Conservatism that is being rejected. You do not need to believe or agree. But if you don’t see that reality then you are divorced from the reality of this election. As long as your standard bearers are Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter, you will lose.”

(Hat tip to Science Avenger)


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  1. Obamas infomercial was awesome! I can’t wait to vote for him next week…all the CainBots are busy drinking their KooKaid….

    Comment by inappropriateone | October 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. Make no mistake again as in 2000 and 2004, is the time for a change not just for America but for those of us who believe that another world is possible.

    Yes, we can!
    Best regards

    Comment by Maximiliano Saavedra | October 30, 2008 | Reply

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