Galva 4’th of July 5K 2008

Workout notes 6 miles of walking total; my 5K race was 31:33 (10:11 pace) via 9:59, 10:12, 10:22, 0:59. The last mile had an uphill to it so it wasn’t the slowdown that it might appear.

I passed many people in the first mile, only 2 in the second and had a net of one in the third (I passed two, but one got me back). My knees were ok; my daughter said that I looked like I was walking but “almost ready to break into a run”.

Olivia stayed with Barbara who walked 54:35.

The day was as perfect as it gets for a summer day; it was almost chilly in the early AM.

As far as why we picked this race: they had a $12.00 “no shirt” option whereas the race day registration for the local Firecracker was $30.00 (the preregistered fee was a reasonable $20.00).

Actually I liked this small town event; the course wound through neighborhoods and then featured an out and back along a corn field. The lead runner was a college runner on vacation; he had something like a 1 minute lead with about 1200 meters to go; his finish time was 16:16, which was a “no competition” time. The first woman was 21:20 or so (a typical small country 5K winning time around here).

As for me: I just don’t have that “extra gear” that comes with speed work; I had people to chase but I couldn’t seem to get myself past “10K” type of intensity. Ok, part of it was that I wanted to keep my knees legal.

But this was higher intensity than I am used to; I would probably benefit from doing, say, 3-4 x 1 mile at this kind of pace once a week.

After I finished, I got my camera but had no battery power left. Hence, no photos. Still, I walked the last half mile or so with Barbara and Olivia; Barbara was next to last with 54:35 (173 finishers). I was 127 though I didn’t see any walkers ahead of me.

As far as the Galva race itself: I can recommend it; it is reasonably well organized and there is a $5.00 pancake breakfast afterwards. There is also a .5 mile (800 meter) race for the kids that starts 30 minutes earlier.

Update Paul Appell provided me a link to the newspaper article on the race.
These things tend to get nuked after a while, so I’ll reproduce it here:

Galva, Ill. –

A record field of 176 runners and walkers took to the streets Friday morning for the annual Galva Freedom Fest 5K.

St. Ambrose University runner and AlWood High School graduate Cliff Miles ran away from the field, winning the event in a time of 16:16.

Nearly two minutes back in second place was Nathan Brown of Colorado Springs, Colo., at 18:06. The top female finishers was Teresa Snodgrass of Princeville in a time of 21:47, followed by Stacie Wetzel of Kewanee at 23:05.

The top finishers from the Galva School District were, in the male division, Trevor Foley (19:22), Derek Foley (20:53) and Chris Burrows (21:01). The top Galva female finishers were Kali Rabas (25:16), Brittany Rose (25:35) and Rosie Comer (26:12).

Here’s how the entire field finished Friday in Galva:

Female divisions
14-and-under — Kyra DeSchepper, Toulon, 24:19; Emily Swanson, Galva, 28:00; Rachel Jeffries, Galva, 28:01; Ali Brown, Kewanee, 30:23; Bailey Taylor, Galva, 32:52; Allison Lococo, Chandler, Ariz., 39:57; Katherine Kaufman, Galva, 41:45; Olivia Nanyes, Peoria, 54:39

15-19 — Jeanie Abbott, Kewanee, 24:22; Megan McIntyre, Kewanee, 25:13; Brittany Rose, Galva, 25:35; Dani Rosebeck, Annawan, 25:48; Grace Frederick, Pekin, 26:03; Emily Morland, Galesburg, 26:40; Michelle Matuszyk, Kewanee, 27:36; Auty Rohweder, Oneida, 28:49; Natalie Fargher, Kewanee, 28:52; Kait O’Riley, Galva, 29:12; Erin Ekstedt, Altona, 29:30; Mariah Carney, Geneseo, 31:34; Macie Huff, Kewanee, 44:08

20-24 — Kali Rabas, Bishop Hill, 25:16; Cindy Thomas, Peoria, 26:54; Tricia Cooper, Peoria, 27:24; Emily Ericson, DeKalb, 27:42; Ashley Foglesong, Toulon, 39:13; Denise Behnke, Kewanee, 46:56

25-29 — Janelle McFarland, Neponset, 24:44; Miranda Boss, Aledo, 27:51; Beth Millman, Kewanee, 28:17; Kim Fargher, Kewanee, 29:46; Julie Jewett, Raymond, 31:09; Kelly Boatright, Galva, 33:57; Andrea Meyers, East Peoria, 33:58; Dawn Gale, Galva, 35:40; Erin Varner, Lincoln, 37:54; April Taylor, Kewanee, 42:44

30-34 — Barb Ramage, Cambridge, 33:14

35-39 — Teresa Snodgrass, Princeville, 21:47; Stacie Wetzel, Kewanee, 23:05; Rosie Comer, Galva, 26:12; Angela Bastian, Galesburg, 26:14; Ann Thuline, Galva, 26:24; Tammy Bryan, Kewanee, 27:46; Jo Sanders, Victoria, 28:59; Tonya Lococo, Chandler, Ariz., 40:30; Misty Gross, Tempe, Ariz., 40:38; Michelle Warner, Galva, 47:08

40-44 — Ann Grimm, Dahinda, 24:11; Darcy Jeffries, Galva, 26:17; Diane Foernssler, Darien, 30:25; Julie Kaufman, Galva, 35:28; Katie Troline, Roswell, Calif., 44:10; Paige Rohweder, Oneida, 57:03; Donna Palmer, Galesburg, 99:99; Frances Stock, Galva, 99:99; Lee Ann Lovelace, Galva, 99:99

45-49 — Mary Milroy, Toulon, 25:21; Dorene Lay, Galva, 27:34; Patty Gustafson, Galesburg, 28:19; Sherri Matuszyk, Kewanee, 29:22; Donna Stohl, Cambridge, 30:18; Julie Shaver, Galesburg, 31:52; Roni Benson, Galva, 40:32; Gretchen Hickman, Galva, 46:41; Laura Wendel, Bishop Hill, 47:09; Donna Naslund, Altona, 47:26

50-54 — Mary Bergren, Kewanee, 27:19; Pam Ogden, Eau Claire, Wis., 27:19; Suzy Rehn, Woodhull, 31:10; Patrcia Gerond, Lisle, 34:59; Bonnie Bryan, Kewanee, 37:38; Linda VanDeVelde, 37:53; Carol Guthrie, Annawan, 40:18; Nancy Ekstedt, Altona, 49:35

55-59 — Karen Saatkamp, East Peoria, 29:34; Deborah Cordrey, Kewanee, 32:22; Cheryl Fredrichs, Pekin, 39:53; Cathy Herrman, Kewanee, 99:99

60-and-over — Sandra Theobald, Peoria, 32:28; Dorothy Venturi, Farmington, 34:37; Shirley Allen, Galesburg, 35:55; Jill Appell, Altona, 42:42; Jean Mann, Galva, 44:32; Janet Hand, Peoria, 44:59; Judy Kitterman, Galva, 44:59; Elaine Fritz, Kewanee, 46:02; Babs Carraway, Peoria, 54:38; Marti White, Galva, 99:99

Male divisions
14-and-under — Chris Burrows, Galva, 21:01; Nathan Stiles, Galva, 21:44; Seth Applegate, Shelbyville, 21:53; Corey Brown, Colorado Springs, Colo., 23:14; Kevin O’Riley, Galva, 24:09; Mike Bersell, Galva, 24:24; Patrick Comer, Galva, 25:33; David Hood, Kewanee, 26:13; Miles Gross, Tempe, Ariz., 41:51; Jacob Palmer, Galesburg, 99:99

15-19 — Nathan Brown, Colorado Springs, Colo., 18:06; Jason Henkins, Kewanee, 18:42; Trevor Foley, Galva, 19:22; Carlisle Peck, Geneseo, 19:29; Tyler Hannam, Woodhull, 20:51; Derek Foley, Galva, 20:53; Billy Ogden, Eau Claire, Wis., 21:04; Matthew Barr, Knoxville, 21:30; Duncan Null, North Henderson, 22:45; Nelson Kendall, Galva, 23:17; Michael McIntyre, Kewanee, 25:36; Tim Larson, Galva, 26:19; Chris Parks, Kewanee, 28:53; Danny Morlock, Macomb, 35:17

20-24 — Cliff Miles, Alpha, 16:16; Chris Kunz, Chatham, 20:13; Brett Skaloud, Chicago, 20:42; Shawn Walsh, Cambridge, 21:56; Jerryn Currie, Kewanee, 21:59; Jake Patty, Galva, 23:50; Adam Saatkamp, Peoria, 25:30; Reuben Currier, Kewanee, 26:41; Adam Ekstedt, Altona, 27:37

25-29 — Creston Fenn, Geneseo, 18:40; Shawn Kendall, Galva, 22:01; Kyle McFarland, Champaign, 22:29; Chad Jewett, Raymond, 23:58; Mike Shields, Galva, 25:50; Ben Thomas, Peoria, 28:02; Chris Meyers, East Peoria, 28:03; Wes Ekstedt, Altona, 32:37

30-34 — Brad Bagby, Geneseo, 23:32; Don Earley, Annawan, 24:15; John Olmstead, Galesburg, 25:19; Jon DeBord, Kewanee, 28:29

35-39 — Evan Sulaski, Toulon, 19:49; Steve Sanders, Victoria, 21:58; Dan Schisler, Roseville, 22:38; Shane Kaiser, Galva, 25:14; Mike Rose, Dunlap, 26:22; Pete Foernssler, Darien, 30:26

40-44 — Jim Cheney, Dahinda, 21:05; David Morland, Galva, 23:42; J.D. Smith, Dunlap, 23:47; Brad Hulick, Galva, 23:57

45-49 — Russ Johnson, Knoxville, 18:57; Chris Kendall, Galva, 21:03; Bruce Mahaffey, Kewanee, 21:39; Joe Thompson, Berwick, 23:19; Ben Stohl, Cambridge, 24:03; Alan Abbott, Kewanee, 25:40; Jay Cone, Kewanee, 26:44; Tim Brown, Colorado Springs, Colo., 30:35; Ollie Nanyes, Peoria, 31:40

50-54 — Glen Gustafson, Galesburg, 21:54; Richard Rodgers, Sterling, 22:52; Dennis Peck, Geneseo, 23:55; Mark Guthrie, Annawan, 24:04; David Benson, Galva, 24:47; Steve Rider, Kewanee, 25:43; Mike Rabas, Bishop Hill, 40:16; Ken Naslund, Altona, 47:27

55-59 — Roy Saatkamp, East Peoria, 23:49; Richard Frederick, Pekin, 26:32; Lou Padilla, Kewanee, 27:27; Wayne Bryan, Kewanee, 27:47; Bill Loane, Toulon, 28:26; David Shaver, Galesburg, 29:19

60-and-over — Paul Appell, Altona, 22:20; Terry Shields, Galva, 24:10; Roger Mann, Galva, 24:55; Father Burns, Galva, 27:54; Ron Sulaski, Princeville, 30:01; Tim Montooth, Toulon, 30:48; Keith Clemeitt, Alpha, 46:15; Greg White, Galva, 99:99


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  1. Sounds like ya’ll had a great time. Have a Happy 4th!

    Comment by Rose | July 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. Nice job on the race, especially since you haven’t done any speedwork! I bet you could be pretty fast if you wanted to focus on shorter distances, but it seems like the longer workouts give you more pleasure. I like long easy days, myself, but I like the feeling of finishing fast too :).

    Comment by Tammy | July 4, 2008 | Reply

  3. Tammy, my best “speed” races were 30:42 (judged), 29:5X (unjudged), though I had a 28:30 but picked up red cards 3 and 4 (for lifting) in the final “sprint”.

    I did have a 8:31 1500 meter (9:03 mile) back in 2003 and an 18:03 3000 meter in 2004 in judged track races.

    I take it your race report will appear sometime today? 🙂 (I check your blog on google reader and I haven’t seen an update as yet)

    Wait, I see that you did a 28:46. Congratulations! Yes, you are probably capable of running a 23 minute 5k; in fact, 21:xx is probably very realistic for you, if you believe the age grading calculators.

    Comment by blueollie | July 4, 2008 | Reply

  4. The following link has the results of the 4th race.

    Comment by Paul Appell | July 5, 2008 | Reply

  5. […] powerwalked this race in 2008. This time, I finished just over 1 minute faster…running. I went out with Tracy; I wanted a […]

    Pingback by Galva 5K 9 years later.. « blueollie | July 4, 2017 | Reply

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