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Obama and FISA His position is taking a toll; even Republicans are taunting him.

In a press conference call this morning, John McCain surrogate Sam Brownback (R-KS) pointed at Barack Obama and essentially called him a spineless panderer — and welcomed it, saying he expected Obama to cave in on Iraq withdrawal next. McCain senior policy adviser Randy Scheunemann, with tremendous self-assurance, described Obama’s support for the FISA bill — a bill McCain also supports! — as an example of Obama’s supreme commitment to his own “political fortunes” above all else. And then, to underscore how weak they now consider Obama to be, the McCain campaign then issued an “In Case You Missed It” press release with a transcript highlighting these statements.

In other words: it’s not just and others on the left who are questioning Obama’s principles over the FISA flap; even his opponents are pointing the finger and laughing at him for being such a panderer and accommodationist. And Obama hasn’t even voted on the bill yet!

Brownback said Obama’s spinelessness on the D.C. gun ban, campaign funding, and, most importantly, on FISA, meant he probably would eventually cave in on Iraq. Brownback even “set down a marker” — dared Obama — to concede on Iraq just like he’s said he’ll do on FISA. It’s a remarkable display of chutzpah on Brownback’s part.

At least Obama said that he doesn’t support retroactive immunity and the bill is currently on hold. We’ll see what happens; right now it is “damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.”

As far as his liberal supporters go: over 13,000 people at the Daily Kos took a poll. Mind you, Obama is getting hammered there for his FISA bill position. Result: 83% rate him at 60% or higher, 77% at 70% or higher, 64% at 80% or higher, 39% at 90% or higher, and 10% at 100%. In short, he remains popular.

Obama and Religion Watch James Dobson jump on Obama from quoting from the book of Leviticus only to justify his homophobia on Leviticus. 🙂

The second video puts the Obama quote in context.

Hat tip to Friendly Atheist

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This is why I still like the man, even if I disagree with him on FISA.


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  1. told ya it wouldn’t take ’em long 😛

    Comment by postsimian | June 27, 2008 | Reply

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