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This is the Obama “bitterness” video. Frankly, though his political opponents have tried to make hay out of this, it really hasn’t worked. Check out this Daily Kos Diary which has a long list of editorials from local papers.

Here is an interesting take on this issue from the Huffington Post: Bill Clinton (in 1991) said much of what Obama is saying now.

Note that Robert Reich (former Clinton Labor Secretary) seems to side with Obama and chides the media for trying to fan the flames to get people to object to Obama’s statements.

Hillary Clinton: what would her administration look like? Clinton biographer Bernstein weighs in.

The key observation in this article is that, while Hillary Clinton will descend into “victimhood” when things don’t go well, mostly she is someone who thrives on being “in a battle”. Calmness doesn’t seem to become her. Unfortunately, she has shown that she doesn’t always learn from her mistakes.

Hat tip to Peoria Pundit.

Social Commentary

Talk about a needless, senseless act of violence: a soon to be Ph. D. graduate in Statistics from Columbia University is chased by teenagers into a road, where he is killed by a car.
(hat tip to Statistical Modeling)

I hope that the creeps that did this are charged with murder. But that won’t bring this guy back.

3-Quarks Daily
Has their usual good selection of articles. One points us toward this review of a book about an African American woman of the late 19’th-early 20’th century who took a stand against lynching. The name of this early heroine is Ida B. Wells. The author is Paula Giddings and the book is titled Ida: A Sword Among Lions.

In this entry they point us toward yet another book review: this is a book by George Johnson titled The Ten Most Beautiful Science Experiments. Yes, these experiments include hard core physical science, frog’s legs, and salivating dogs. 🙂

Finally, another of their posts points us toward a photo essay in Slate.
One of the photos shows a young White man using a flap pole (and its pointed tip) as a physical weapon against an African American man; this was during an integration demonstration in Boston.

There are ten photos in all:

Here a woman and her son fall when a fire escape collapses (they were indeed escaping a fire and went out to be rescued by a firefighter. Unfortunately the woman died, but the son lived. The photo was taken by Stanley Foreman.

On Sept. 1, 2005, Associated Press photographer Eric Gay took this shot of 84-year-old Milvertha Hendricks waiting in the rain outside the Convention Center in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Her brow is furrowed, and her eyes stare blankly forward. The fingers of her right hand slip beneath the fabric that provides her only shelter. The flag has become a mourning shawl. She appears to be waiting for deliverance and wondering whether it will ever come.

Humor Smoking as part of social Darwinism?


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