Little to Add Here

But I’ll post some political videos that I find amusing.

First, a cartoon that I wasn’t expecting to find:

(Larger Version)

Now for the Politcs

An old amateur McCain ad:

A new Hillary Clinton Ad

Bill Clinton on the Kerry Campaign in 2004

Notice his words about commercials that appeal to fear? 🙂

Of course, Obama has a response

This is reminding me more and more of this:

Hat tip to Kubla000 and to turneresq at the Daily Kos.

Huckabee Supporters: good for a laugh a minute.

Fervent Huckabee supporter Janet Folger’s prayer at an event in Chillicothe, Ohio with Huckabee’s wife:

If it’s a blizzard that would keep the people home who would not vote the right way, Father, I pray for a blizzard. Out of this prayer meeting in this little town in this great state we pray that you would move mountains.

Finally, a fun video:

And a report from Texas Obama campaign members to Prairie State Blue.

I am so envious that I am missing out on the fun. 🙂

Bonus Humor

Note: I deleted a tasteless youtube video that parodied the Clinton 3 am ad. Yes, I laughed at it and yes, in some sense, the Clintons brought this on themselves.

But I asked myself “how would you feel if someone did a BHO add that parodied him in a cruel but marginally justifiable way?” So I deleted it.

Update: I couldn’t resist adding a link to this parody of the Old “Holy Joe” Bible tracts that have been around for decades; this is an atheist version. Hat tip to Friendly Atheist.

This is the Holy Joe tract that this is a parody of.


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