Friday 22 February 2008

Workout notes rest. I shoveled a bit of snow last night (in reality, an inch or so of soft powder). I am feeling better than before, but I am in no shape to even think about training yet; maybe, just maybe a short swim and a short walk on Sunday?

In the past, when I have gotten these things, I have almost always attempted to come back too fast and ended up staying sick way longer than I should have. Maybe I’ve learned my lessons? (nah, probably not!)

I am not sure as to where I got this flu from, but I know that when I go to buffets, as I often do, the little kids don’t come up over the sneeze guards and end up coughing all over the food. 😦

I’ll make a decision on the weekend marathon on Wednesday; if I can’t go it won’t the first time I’ve eaten an entry fee.


Here is how the Daily Kos saw it:


Who won tonight’s debate?
Hillary Clinton 19% 2246 votes
Barack Obama 80% 9306 votes

| 11557 votes

In one of the, as Kos describes: “Worst. Political. Attack. Ever.”

Clinton tried to make the plagiarism charge stick against Obama. 🙂


Yes, Obama and Patrick did share some parts of their respective speeches; they admitted to working together on them!!.

Now for your viewing pleasure, I’ll link to some stuff which I found enjoyable.

Have you ever wondered how the left and right side of your brain works together? Well there is someone who, due to mental illness, had to have his connections cut. The video of what the result was is beyond fascinating

Space and technology
Science Avenger reports that the Navy has managed to shoot down an old satellite. That is a difficult technical feat.

Social absurdities
Evidently our socially conservative friends can’t seem to leave well enough alone. Males athletes are tested for steroids, right? So women should be tested for….birth control pills???

When something reactionary is posted on Illinois Review, I usually ignore it. Actually, I always ignore it. The website and its viewpoints can usually be counted on for a good laugh, but there is no point in arguing with a tiny blip in the radar with whom I will always fundamentally disagree.

Until today. That’s when I saw an article which actively spread misinformation about medical issues, where the author equates the hormonal birth control pill with illegal use of performance-enhancing steroids. So let’s put aside this awesome primary chatter, because I’m sure we’re all a little bit tired of talking about Wisconsin, and look at something just a little bit different crazier.
Geneve :: Illinois GOP Advocate Wants Women and Girls Investigated for Using Birth Control
Yesterday, George Kocan, a pro-family activist from the Chicago suburbs published an editorial on the conservative blog demanding that girls and women be subject to state-initiated investigations for steroid abuse, much like professional athletes have been investigated for illegal use of performance-enhancing drugs, for taking contraceptives prescribed by a doctor. […]

This diary author goes on to get a medical doctor’s opinion. 🙂

Hmmm, don’t these conservatives have anything better to do? Oh yes, the (male) conservative judges can go around and get caught driving DUI while wearing fishnet stockings and a cocktail dress! 🙂

Yes, the only part that is serious is the DUI part, but it is always nice to expose the utter hypocrisy of these idiots. Hat tip to Knight in Dragonland.

Of course, Republicans are people of principle, right? Remember John McCain standing firm on the issue of public financing of elections? He’d never game the system because it was expedient for him to do so at the time, right?

Well, maybe.

See, John McCain sent the FEC a letter purporting to withdraw from public financing for the primaries, despite his earlier submission for and certification of $5,812,197.35 in matching funds. FEC Chairman David Mason, a Republican (and one of two remaining Commissioners), has written back to Sen. McCain:

[W]e consider your letter as a request that the Commission withdraw its previous certifications. Just as 2 U.S.C. s.437c(c) required an affirmative vote of four Commissioners to make these certifications, it requires an affirmative vote of four Commissioners to withdraw them. Therefore, the Commission will consider your request at such time as it has a quorum.

Translation: John McCain, you’re still locked in to the matching funds system at least until the Senate fills some of the FEC vacancies. Given that by January 31, Maverick had already spent $49,650,185.36 of the estimated $54M which would be his limit between now and the Convention under the matching funds program … umm, yeah, that’s a problem, and I foresee a great many packets of ramen noodle soup in his campaign’s immediate future.

The letter goes on to make an even more important point — that McCain still must explain to the Commission’s satisfaction why his use of the certifications (and potential future certifications) in obtaining the bank loans did not already commit him to the matching funds program, a point I highlighted on Monday. Josh Marshall explains it:

Back in August McCain opted into the public financing system for the primaries. Then in December he needed to come up with some cash quickly. Well, no problem. He was already guaranteed over $5 million from the feds. So all he needed to do was put that guarantee down as collateral for the loan.

Only McCain didn’t want to do that because once he formally made the federally-guaranteed money collateral then he gave up his right to later opt back out of the system.

But, he really, really needed the money. So McCain, along with his campaign finance lawyer Trevor Potter (whom I’ve met and is a very sharp guy) came up with a workaround. It went like this. McCain wouldn’t make the guarantee collateral. But he promised that if his campaign tanked he would opt out of the system and then opt back in. This would mean remaining a candidate even after he knew he wasn’t really in the race in order to a) get back the public money to pay his creditors and b) assure he could sign the original loan note with the de facto collateral while nonetheless maintaining his ability to once again opt out of the public financing system at any one of many possible future junctures at which his campaign might pop back from life support and it would be in his interest to go back to raising money from donors.

Of course, McCain’s campaign did come off the mat. And since he now wants to raise and spend as much as possible before the end of the summer, earlier this month he did actually opt back out. The FEC, the outfit that enforces the campaign finance laws, says McCain’s not allowed to opt out. But whatever, he opted out anyway.
Explain to me how this guy gets out of the gate attacking anyone else about honoring pledges tied to the campaign finance system.

Lunacy Yes, some moron compared Michelle Obama to Hitler! (an African American Nazi?)

Note: they heard a part of a clip where she explained O’s proposed college tuition for public service program. But the idea of an African American Nazi reminded some of a Comedy Central Skit about a Black KKK member. It isn’t a long skit, but it is very, very funny.

Statistical Data Display-Political: who votes Republican? These graphs show what most already know: Democrats tend to do better in the urban areas. This is an interesting graphical way to display this data. I recommend this post for those who are interested in different ways to display data.

Back to the Democratic Race

Cosmic Variance laments about the mud about to be thrown; magazines such as the National Review are trying to smear Obama as having a communist background because his biological parents are of different races and because his father had a Communist friend.

Barack Obama is a Communist! And here would be the evidence:

Obama and I are roughly the same age. I grew up in liberal circles in New York City — a place to which people who wished to rebel against their upbringings had gravitated for generations. And yet, all of my mixed race, black/white classmates throughout my youth, some of whom I am still in contact with, were the product of very culturally specific unions. They were always the offspring of a white mother, (in my circles, she was usually Jewish, but elsewhere not necessarily) and usually a highly educated black father. And how had these two come together at a time when it was neither natural nor easy for such relationships to flourish? Always through politics. No, not the young Republicans. Usually the Communist Youth League. Or maybe a different arm of the CPUSA. But, for a white woman to marry a black man in 1958, or 60, there was almost inevitably a connection to explicit Communist politics.

Arguments don’t get much more air-tight than that. Obama, born in Hawaii of a mother from Kansas and a father from Kenya, is presumptively Communist because Lisa Schiffren’s mixed-race acquaintances from New York City in the 1960’s were inevitably the spawn of shifty black Communists who seduced nice Jewish girls. Logic!

Yes, this is what passes for logic in modern, popular conservative circles. 🙂

The Texas Primary: Early voting in the Democratic Primary is up by 1000%!!!

The Science Avenger slams an Obama critic.

Huffington Post reports that many well known feminists are backing Obama. I especially like this line:

A third feminist statement blasted the Clinton supporters as “‘either/or’ feminists determined to see to it that a woman occupies the Oval Office.” Eve Ensler, author of “The Vagina Monologues,” and Kimberlé Crenshaw, professor of law at UCLA and Columbia, declared that the pro-Clinton feminists “interrogate, chastise, second-guess and even denounce those who escape their encampment and find themselves on Obama terrain. In their hands feminism, like patriotism, is the all-encompassing prism that eliminates discussion, doubt and difference about whom to vote for and why.”

Obama has the backing of much of Big Labor

Its member unions represent 175,000 workers in Ohio alone. Nationwide, the group represents more than five million workers. And now Change to Win, a coalition of seven unions, is jumping on board the Barack Obama bandwagon.

Change to Win announced its endorsement of Senator Obama on Thursday, and with that the labor coalition, which is comprised of unions that quit the A.F.L.-C.I.O., is about to embark on its first big foray into politics. […]

In a conference call this morning, four of the coalition’s unions — the Service Employees International Union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the United Food and Commercial Workers and Unite Here — voted to back Mr. Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination. With their votes, they ensured that unions representing two-thirds of the coalition’s members were backing a candidate, triggering the group’s endorsement.

The three other unions in the coalition — the laborers, the carpenters and the United Farm Workers — abstained. The carpenters union had initially endorsed Senator John Edwards, while the farm workers, easily the smallest union in the coalition, have endorsed Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Change to Win officials said that member unions would coordinate their door knocking and phone calls. They said the seven unions have 60,000 members in Texas and 25,000 in Rhode Island.

That sort of puts this anti-Obama speech in perspective, doesn’t it?

Note: it is ok to attack Obama, but note what this guy does at the end of his speech; notice how he characterizes Obama backers. How terrible: college students (and faculty) back Obama!

But this type of speech provides a clear contrast: many of Clinton’s backers favor an “us versus them” approach, and Obama rejects that approach.

We’ll see how this turns out.

How The Republicans see it:

Former Bill Clinton political adviser (and now bitter enemy) Dick Morris says that Hillary Clinton is hurting herself by her public attempt to get the superdelegates to override the elected delegates.

He also notes that these superdelegates (mostly elected officials) will pay a price if they vote against the popular winner.


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