Austin 30K, Obama wins debate, R’s look terrible

Workout notes I racewalked, er, powerwalked a very hilly 30K in Austin. I used racewalk technique for most of the race, save three large uphills when I said “the heck with it” and powerwalked (bent knee). Time: 3:50:56, with the 10K’s being roughly 1:14:50, 2:31

My miles (for the mile by mile geeks, such as myself)
11:33, 12:08, 12:10, 11:57, 11:37, (59:27), 12:49, 12:11, 12:04, 12:39, 12:15 (2:01:28), 12:21, 12:35, 12:52, 12:23, 11:46 (3:03:27), 12:38, 12:26, 14:14 (huge uphill), 8:09 (last .66) 3:50:56 (12:34 pace)


594 out of 704 finishers:

place Bib age 10K place
594 Ollie Nanyes 742 48 628 1:14:38.70 12:02/M

second 10K place 10K split (second)
614 1:17:15.90 12:28/M

Third 10K split place 10K split Pace Final time
541 1:18:58.35 12:44/M 3:50:52.95

The course was on very hilly roads, with three or four brutal climbs between mile 13 and 18. There were periods of very strong headwinds as well.

The day was overcast and in the high 50’s, which was all but perfect. The heavy dew did make the streets as slick as if it had rained in spots.

I started almost at the back of the pack and traded places with some of the slower runners throughout, though I got a nice chance to walk a few miles with another walker. That was nice; we chatted about our previous races and the like.

Where this was not a fast race for me, it was a good workout. I finished dripping with sweat; it was a good, solid effort, though I did have something left at the end.

A good feature of this race is that there was a stretch from mile 7 to 14 that was out and back; hence I got a chance to see the leading runners and the rest of the field.

Other runners thought that this was a tough course:

[…] On Sunday morning, more than 850 runners turned out in force to go one-on-one with the hardest road-race course Austin has ever seen…and the course won.

Just how hard was it? Perhaps third-place finisher Michelle Maton summed it up best when she said afterward: “The marathon {AT&T Austin Marathon on February 17th} will seem easy compared with this race.”

Indeed. In this 18.6-mile race, there was not a single easy stretch of running. If you weren’t climbing up one monstrous hill after another, you were falling off the cliff down the other side. Toss in a troublesome, blustery wind and some unseasonably warm conditions and the ARA 30-K is a race that will be talked about (and grow in legendary status) for years and years to come.

“It was just crazy running those hills,” said Patrick Darragh after finishing fourth. “I mean, those were some of the hardest hills I’ve ever run, but the final ones were just awesome.”

The ultimate character test were the last three miles back to the start/finish line at Lost Creek and 360. Those behemoths were so steep, so unrelenting that they humbled just about everybody and forced most into walking at least partway.

But not Major Joshua Keena. The 33-year-old West Point grad ran every step of the course and on the brutal three-mile gut check back to the finish, he even got up on his toes and accelerated as he passed the stragglers from the accompanying 10-Miler. […]

I wore my green Obama shirt and got dozens of compliments, high 5’s, and “go Obamas!” 🙂

He is fairly popular here, though I did see a few Ron Paul yard signs.

Speaking of Obama: I was very impressed with how he did last night (in the debate), though Edwards had a good night too. Clinton really looked irritated at times, especially when Edwards went after her. She closed strong though.

But in all, our candidates looked better than the Republicans.

As far as the Republicans: Romney looked terrible, Huckabee was ok (for a woo), but I think that Giuliani and Thompson came off the best. But, I can’t really see things the way a Republican sees it.

Democrats: here is how Kos people saw it.


And the winner is…….
12% 1323 votes
43% 4535 votes
40% 4232 votes
3% 333 votes

| 10423 votes

Given how popular Edwards is, this was a huge plus for Obama. Strangely enough, I saw this as Edward’s strongest showing. I sure hope that he and Obama teams up.

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  1. Good job on your race :)! Those hills sound brutal. I would have been tempted to powerwalk them too.

    Comment by Tammy | January 7, 2008 | Reply

  2. […] The bad: I sucked. I didn’t suck for the first 20 miles though, and my 17.7 mile split was 3:45, or better than I did the (albeit hilly, but cool) Austin 30K at the beginning of the year. […]

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  3. […] 2003: 2:17 (Appleton Fox-Cities powerwalk division) January 2008: Austin 30K 3:50:56 (about 2:40 for the half marathon split) September 2008: 2:25:13 Quad Cities September 2010: […]

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  4. […] 2003: 2:17 (Appleton Fox-Cities powerwalk division) January 2008: Austin 30K 3:50:56 (about 2:40 for the half marathon split) September 2008: 2:25:13 Quad Cities September 2010: […]

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