Austin 2008 day I

Workout notes 4.2 mile loop in 38:55, then 1 mile walk. Note: my lower back is a tad bit sore; not sure as to what is up. I’ve had this happen before.

The Austin Hike and Bike trail is interesting; it is mostly crushed gravel (similar to those old 440 yard tracks) and follows the (little) Colorado River. It gets as crowded as some 5K races during “rush hour”.

You see a collection of: elite runners doing 5:30 miles, team runners, fast runners, medium runners, slow runners (such as myself), joggers, racewalkers (a few), power walkers, strolling walkers, baby joggers, old people on bikes, New Year’s Resolution bicyclists all decked out in fancy gear while doing 8 miles per hour ๐Ÿ™‚ and lots of loose dogs (who are used to people).

I took all of this in (along with the spandex clad ladies) which helped take my mind off of the fact that, 2 miles into it, I was actually laboring to hold an 8:45 mpm pace (pathetic, I know)

I did wear my green Obama shirt and got some smiles and cheers. ๐Ÿ™‚

For the uninitiated, Austin, Texas is a progressive oasis in the middle of one of the nation’s otherwise reddest states. True, the extreme South part of Texas (and El Paso) often votes Democratic, but those are Ken Salazar type of Democrats.

Speaking of Obama: well, Clinton is trying her best to downplay his huge win. Oh, sure, she spent tons of money, time and resources in Iowa. But you see, “Iowa wasn’t that important to her.” Hmm, that might have sounded convincing, had she said that prior to the campaign, and had she not pulled out all stops there.

So Clintonites, why all the money? Why the mom and daughter team in Iowa?

I am wondering what the excuses will be after New Hampshire if this new poll is correct. I can’t wait to see how the TGW site will spin this.

I still think that Clinton will pull off a win in New Hampshire, though I’ve overestimated her political skill before.

Humor This really doesn’t concern me at the moment, but it is a fun, “fluffy” topic:

I find it interesting that is lady talks about women being taught in church to “overlook” defects in men. But go to the article too see the discussion.

Of course, there are some, well, attractive atheist women out there (see also her photo and a member of the Rational Response Squad), but the one’s I’ve seen are half my age (or younger!). But given that my wife is in reasonable health, that won’t be an issue for some time for me (I hope).


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