Grey November 2007

Workout Notes 1 mile jog, 1 mile of 200 walk, 200 run, , 1 mile: 200 walk, 400 run, 200 walk, 400 run, 400 run, then 1 mile walk (13:XX)

Then yoga with Ms. Vickie.

I am feeling slightly run down; that time of year, plus the recent ultra plus travel. This too shall pass, I think.

As far as my strange run/walk workout, the idea was to run no more than I could run “with dignity”; I wanted to actually “run” my running segments, and give my body time to adjust to the motion. I need to bring some intensity back into my training, and my left hip whines when I walk fast (distance is ok).

I haven’t decided on whether or not to do the Jingle Bell 5K this weekend. On one hand, I can use the high intensity workout, and it is spandex season. 🙂

Note to women: yeah, you get looked at, even if you don’t have that mythical “perfect body”. Heck, I am not exactly Michael Johnson!

On the other hand, the Jingle Bell is yet another “stupid little 5K” and one that is not particularly well organized.

Social comment Ron Paul videos are circulating on the internet.

This video: ok, there is a cute young woman in it. Here is another.

Anyway, back to the bees. Why do the worker bees really do what they do? It is to spread their genes; they have a vested interest in making sure that the queen propagates.

But what about that health care for all: bad idea? Well, I don’t think so.

I think of it this way: businesses exist to make money, period. They seek to maximize revenue and minimize cost; that is, to deliver as little as possible for as much as possible. In many areas, this works fine; businesses compete for customer business, and everyone benefits.

But when it comes to health care: let’s face it, those who have one time catastrophic health emergencies might be ok with conventional insurance. But, what about those who have incurable, long term chronic conditions that are expensive to live with? No business is going to make a profit off such a customer; the free market isn’t going to help them.

What about those who are weak in physical constitution and are therefore more likely to get sick or injured? Such people are also poor business risks.

That is why our society shouldn’t leave everyone to the mercy of the free market when it comes to health care and/or health insurance.

My point: we work and pay more (say, in tax) even though each of us, as individuals, probably won’t realize a return for the money, because we think it is worth our while to take care of those who WILL get sick and become uninsurable via a strict free market.

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