Race Morning

Last night, I ended up going to the WRONG Super 8!!! 🙂 What an airhead!

But I found the correct one, checked in, got a decent night’s sleep (somewhat restless) and am now ready to head out.

On the plane, I made lots of progress on Futuyma’s Science on Trail (about evolution). So even if the race is a belly flop, I would have learned something.

I ate breakfast with a couple of ultra friends that I hadn’t met before; one of them was Dorrit who won the Centuion race last year.

Of course there was the usual sandbagging form her: “injured, shouldn’t be here at all, longest training walk was 30 minutes with my dog, etc.”. I politely listened. 🙂

Oh well, time to talk is over.

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In Dallas

I got into Dallas on time and rented my car. But of course I took a wrong turn going out of the airport and was therefore delayed getting to my hotel, and by the time I got there, there was this HUGE family that was renting a half-dozen rooms ahead of me!

ARRRGGGHHH….I ALWAYS get lost coming out of airports! 🙂

But ht day is pleasant and it should be easy (?) to find somewhere to eat.

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