Thompson Follies

Workout notes 2000 yard swim (ok), yoga after (not great, not bad).

Football notes Last night Dallas whipped Philadelphia 38-17; these are not last year’s Eagles.

The Cowboys dominated every phase of the game; it was 38-10 late in the game before the Eagles got a TD to tidy up things a bit. The Cowboys are good, but they (along with Green Bay) are a notch below the Patriots and the Colts.

On the “good news” front, the Bears didn’t lose! Oh yes, bye week. Never mind. 😉

Fred Thompson

Ok, that is Foghorn Leghorn (same clip I had in an earlier post; about 5 minute into the cartoon you see a jab taken at quantum mechanics)

But here is Thompson on the Sunday talk shows. First, he says if we left Iraq, it would look to the world as if we’d been run out by “kids with IED’s”:

Hollywood Fred says that now we have to stay in Iraq because of perception. PERCEPTION! Wake up Fred! This isn’t a LAW & Order episode. Oh, and he thinks making IED’s is child’s play and they’ve demoralized us in Iraq.

THOMPSON: …and I said, and I said—well, let me finish. I said the United States of America could not be perceived as having been run out of Iraq with our tail between our legs because a bunch of kids on the border there making improvised explosive devices…

MR. RUSSERT: You made a comment the other day in South Carolina, said, “Fred Thompson said the Iraqi insurgency is made up of ‘a bunch of kids with improvised explosive devices,’ and suggested that the appearance of losing to such an enemy would harm U.S. national security.” As you know, we’ve lost 3,834 kids; 28,385 wounded or injured, 65 percent of them by these improvised devices.

MR. RUSSERT: It’s more than just a bunch of kids.

MR. THOMPSON: Yeah. Well, that’s, that’s not exactly what I said. I mean, I, I don’t minimize the fact that, that we’ve got terrorists coming in from Syria, from, from Iraq—I mean from Iran and, and other places, in Saudi Arabia, pouring in there. We, we have Sunni-Shia violence; there’s no question about that. I’ve never disputed that. Al-Qaeda, although I think they’re back on their heels now, still strong there, there’s no question.

What I said was, the—when I’m talking—I was talking about will and unity and the perception that we’re going to have around the world. The fact that friends and foes alike are looking to see what kind of a, of a, of a determination that we’re going to muster in, in dealing with this thing.

MR. RUSSERT: But you should not trivialize… […]

Follow the link to see the video.

Yes, he is talking about perception, but look for his Republican opponents to cream him with this.

Evidently, he didn’t have a good morning. After talking about perception, he goes on to say that Osama Bin Laden has only symbolic value.

Hello???? Not only did Osama murder thousands of our fellow Americans, but our not catching him and brining him to justice makes us look like, what? Talk about losing face with the rest of the world, especially with our enemies…

Get this man some ginko supplements, he’s clearly forgetting the talking points. Rather than trying to raise the bogeyman of Osama Bin Laden, presidential contender Fred Thompson dismissed him in an appearance in Iowa as “more symbolism than anything else.”

Determined not to let Freddie ruin a perfectly good talking point from his buddies in Dick Cheney’s office, Russert confronts him to remind him (note the very pointed look in his eyes) that it’s not nice to say that about the man responsible for 3,000 American deaths (negating that Bush & Co. are now responsible for even more in Iraq under false pretenses). Especially since the White House needs to resurrect OBL when things are going bad, right Timmeh? Watch how Freddie of Hollywood tries to simultaneously toe the party line and stick with his original statement.

Video at the link.

Supporters of Mitt Romney, Rudy Giulaini and John McCain are going to have a field day. Huckabee supporters will still be trying to figure out if heliocentric astronomy is a Satanic trick, or if the world is flat as their Bible says it is. 😉

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