End of the evening

We are going to help the Republicans out with their search for a Presidential candidate!

Redstate update tries to help out:

But so does Tom Tommorow:

From here (click to see the larger version)

Creationism: gee, scientists who “research” ID don’t get tenure, grant money and fame for their efforts. If you have the stomach for stupidity, go ahead and click here to see the video.

One thing: we got where we are today precisely because we search for natural causes for things! Trying to explain anything in science or medicine by saying “god did it” got us nowhere, period; only by releasing such superstition did we make progress.

Let’s see: if a plumber says “oh, that pool of water on the floor came from an angel”, would you hire him or her? If your auto mechanic said “oh, pixies are making your car run roughly”, would you go back? If the doctor said “obviously, you are suffering from demonic possession”, would you return?

So why should scientists operate that way?

Hat tip to Shalini.

Obviously, those who support creationism/ID need a visit from….

(Larger version here)

Hat tip to Friendly Atheist.


October 24, 2007 - Posted by | creationism, hillary clinton, politics/social, religion

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  1. With all respect to science I firmly believe that pixies or goblins have messed with my computer making it go all wonky at times. 😉

    Comment by Rose | October 24, 2007 | Reply

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