Trash Talking; nothing intellectual here.

Today’s post will have nothing intellectual. πŸ™‚ Workout wise it is a rest day. I’ll do some hiking with the wife.

A Stanford graduate crows about Stanford’s upset of No. 1 USC.

Theistic trash talk

Atheists Respond

Hat tip to the Friendly Atheist for both of these.

Political Trash Talk: yes, this is in poor taste but still makes a point:

Hat tip to In the Name of Towelie. Yes, I see the “Vote Democratic” bumper sticker…hmmm, a Democrat was in office when 9-11 happened, right? Maybe Fred Thompson thinks so.

But what would counter bumper stickers be: “my cruise missiles blew up your town”, or “your oil is ours” or “I love Halliburton?” or “it is ok if we kill” or “my student sent your student off to die in a war”?

Right-Wing Religion In a Nutshell: leave it to Shalini to find this video

Comics (all with satirical wit)

The Dinette Set talks about the interest in local politics vs. the interest in the banalities of fast food.

Dilbert’s boss explains why healthy employees are bad for business.

Get Fuzzy: Bucky Cat comes up with the perfect robotic politician.

Frazz: wears out his friend who goes to try out running shoes.


October 7, 2007 - Posted by | creationism, politics/social, religion, science

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