Two different kinds of warriors

Shalini takes on the fundie morons! Here is her latest salvo (no, she didn’t make the video but she posted it…long with lots of other stuff)

I challenge anyone who agrees with this idiot minister to give up every modern invention and to give up modern medicine.

Ok, before you get onto me: if you are someone who uses YOUR religion to make YOUR life better (more peaceful, serene, to be of more service to others, to help overcome addictions, etc.) then GREAT. I wish you nothing but success.

But if you think that your religion’s creation myths somehow trump science when it comes to figuring out how the world works or that your religious beliefs ought to be everyone else’s, well, just say that I have a great deal of contempt for such attitudes; that is as polite as I can be.

Another kind of idiot: more dangerous. One People’s Project takes on this kind of idiot. Yes, the Nazi slumlord who targeted me in the past (and is more famous for having gone after Leonard Pitts) has now attempted to intimidate the Jena 6.

Unfortunately, he has gotten some unwarranted publicity out of it.

If you have a strong stomach, you can see this waste of DNA here. He is the clown in the foreground with his belly button pointing toward the ground. Oh yeah, that other mentally ill person with him was the sum total of all his group’s members that showed up at a recent racist rally.


September 23, 2007 - Posted by | morons, politics/social

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