Ironic, isn’t it?

Workout Notes: 3.5 mile walk, 13:32, 12:26 (1/1), 10:10, 7:15. The last .5 of the quicker mile was 4:55. Then yoga, then 4+ outside in 57:30, which featured 6 gooseloop laps in 28:14 (14:30, 13:44). It was overcast and cool; slightly damp.

Irony I called AT&T to have our landline disconnected. They mentioned lower prices, which they should have mentioned about a year ago. Oh yes, I was on hold for 25 minutes prior to their taking my call. In fact, I started this post while I was on hold! It feels so good to be rid of them. 🙂

Religion Nepal Airlines: helps solve a problem with their Boeing 757’s by having a goat sacrifice. Before you laugh too hard, is this really any sillier than having people “pray for you”? Ok, aside from the life of the goats, providing that the goats weren’t eaten, or used in some proper way. 🙂

Idiot newspaper editors They list organizations that they won’t take ads from: KKK, “people looking for Elvis”, Al Qeda, Nazis…..and people from Freedom From Religion? Rose Eddy (the editor) must be an imbecile. Hat tip to Recursivity.

Fred Thompson Liberalsmustdie sets us straight about Fred Thompson and people like that liberal smarty-pants Barack Obama. What a contrast!

Here you have the slender, youthful, intellectual Obama talking about nuances, policies, and the complexities of the world, versus the heavy-jowled, deep drawlin’ southern man spouting aphorisms borrowed from some country yokel who was ‘coon hunting.

But hey, he played a good part in Law and Order! Good lord; if we elected an idiot like Thompson, we deserve what we get.

But damn, does he have a pretty wife! When it comes to wives, I’d like to see Kucinich versus Thompson; I wouldn’t give a hoot about what the candidates themselves had to say.

Ooops! That is an iron triathlete (Shelia, aka “Crackhead”) showing off her thong. 🙂 Here are the wives…


September 6, 2007 - Posted by | obama, politics/social, religion, walking

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