A Birthday Card!

From my wife. πŸ™‚

Inside the card, it says: “As if getting older weren’t scary enough.”

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Prerace Friday

Not much to say; the time for talk is over. πŸ˜‰

Social and Politics

President Bush does something right (and no, he didn’t resign. πŸ˜‰ )

Americans United for Separation of Church and State today commended President George W. Bush for his apology to a Wiccan war widow who was excluded from a private meeting with veterans and their deceased family members in Nevada earlier this week.

Roberta Stewart, whose husband Sgt. Patrick Stewart was killed in combat in Afghanistan, was not invited to meet with Bush and other family members of soldiers who have died in combat. Other members of Sgt. Stewart’s family were invited to the meeting.

Stewart told local media that she was concerned that her exclusion was an intentional snub for her leadership in an Americans United-sponsored lawsuit that forced the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to allow the Wiccan symbol of faith on government-issued grave markers.

Today, Bush called Stewart and apologized for failing to invite her to the meeting with veterans’ families. He also said he does not believe the Wiccan faith should be discriminated against.

Liberalsmustdie: this site is firmly behind the next President of the United States!

Fred Thompson: what more do you want? Heavy jowled, deep voice, cocksure of everything, beautiful daughter…er… wife. So what if he is dumb as a post and terribly lazy.

Thompson has never denied being irritated with the pace of Senate life and cited it as one of the reasons he opted out of a 2002 re-election bid. “I don’t like spending 14- and 16-hour days voting on ‘sense of the Senate’ resolutions on irrelevant matters,” he said in 1998. “There are some important things we really need to get on withβ€”and on a daily basis, it’s very frustrating.” His 2008 competitors have privately questioned his endurance, with one rival consultant (anonymous so as not to reflect badly on his own man) telling NEWSWEEK, “I doubt he has the fire in the belly to compete.”

Someone who doesn’t like long hours wants to be PRESIDENT??? πŸ˜‰

Nature: how about this spider colony? Those are some big webs! I’ve seen things like this in Texas.

Princess Sparkle Pony weighs in:

Don’t mess with Dr. Condi Rice! It is ok to bounce quarters off of her butt though. πŸ™‚

Senator Craig Funnies! That is Senator Craig, REPUBLICAN from Idaho (in case Fox News didn’t point this out).

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I’ve entered the Badgerland Striders F/X 12 hour race. I’ve noticed that in the past, it was a small race; smaller than the Cornbelt (where I set my 24 hour PR in 2004).

I got some race instructions in the mail and was distressed to read:

Track Courtesy – It is common track courtesy in an event like this to let the faster runners pass on the inside lane. Particularly because of the large number of runners, everyone will have to particularly courteous and aware of their surroundings, at least until the 12 hour day runners finish at 9 p.m.

So, if you are running slowly at the time, move over into the second lane, or even into the third when it is the most crowded and runners are still fresh (from at least 9 a.m. until 3 or 4 in the afternoon).

And if you are walking, the third or even fourth lanes may be where you will have to be.

(emphasis mine)

At the Cornbelt, they told you to stick to the inner lanes and let others go around. That seemed to work. But, one has to follow the rule of the race, which means that I may as well plan to stay in lane 3 for the whole 12 hours.

The downside means that my results will show me with between 5-6 laps of distance (1.25-1.5) miles fewer than I’ll actually have. 😦

But I’ll know how far I’ve gone, thanks to programs like this one. Roughly speaking, I’ll “lose” a lap for every 10 miles (if I think in terms of a 1/4’th of a mile lap)

Key marks for me:
5 miles 19.5 laps
10 miles 39
15 miles 58.4
20 miles 78 laps
25 miles 97.3
Marathon: 102 laps
50K 121 laps (lost 4 laps by now)
40 miles 156 laps
45 miles 175.2 laps
50 miles 195 laps

Anything more than that: I’ll be too ecstatic to care. πŸ™‚

The weather forecast is very promising.

But the lesson here is that loop courses (rather than track ones) are probably better for walkers.

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48 years OLD today…

Workout notes 3.5 mile walk (13:03, 12:03 (on/off), 10:23, 6:39 half mile cool down. Then yoga.

Blogging: nothing original, but there is a lot of good stuff out there.

Republicans: these are not my words, but they express many of my thoughts. πŸ™‚

(ok, ok, I live in Illinois, and right now, in the state government, the Democratic leadership is a disaster! We are really blowing our chances! And more importantly, we are letting our state down.)

Obama: it was a good week for him.

Obama has some good ideas on how to fix the mortgage problem.

He also has a shot at winning some southern states in the general election, according to a former southern governor.

And, Obama is earning a reputation of NOT pandering to special interest groups, even when he is addressing them!

IL-18 (U. S. House race) this is district that Ray LaHood is retiring from); We have lots of potential candidates at the moment, and the DCCC is taking this district seriously.

L-18 looks to be wide open, especially on the Democratic side, since Ray LaHood’s departure made this an open seat and John Sullivan chose to pass. Philosophe Forum brought us some of the early names to come out: Sue Myerscough and former State Rep. Bill Edley (blueollie is big on Edley). Carl passed along the possibility that Dick Versace might run as well. Peoria attorney Patricia Benassi was also in and out while we were looking elsewhere. Now things are starting to shake out further…

First, Circuit Court judge Richard Grawey is looking very much like a candidate. He has dropped his role as chief judge of the 10th Circuit to explore the possibility of a run. (He’ll have to drop his judgeship all together if he does run.) Seems like a big move if he wasn’t seriously considering. […]
The most interesting thing about the article though isn’t that Myerscough decided not to run, but rather how involved the DCCC has already been. They spoke with Myerscough before her decision not to run (who said that she came away from the meeting thinking that IL-18 was more winnable than she thought) and have also reportedly spoken with Edley and Grawey. It’s clear the DCCC thinks that this district can be in play.

Science: Hey Discovery Institute, David Berlinski is NOT a mathematician! Professor Moran rightly takes another well know ID(iot) to task, but in doing so, mentions that Berlinski has written some math books. True, he has written some pop math books, but please, don’t mistake this person for a mathematician! True, we have our cranks, but Berlinski is a crank that is NOT one of us. πŸ™‚

Religion Mother Theresa: was really more agnostic that the public either knew or was willing to admit. Of course, this is not a surprise to those who know the clergy from the mainstream churches; the joke is that “the agnostics are at the pulpit, the believers are in the pews.”

Science and clothes:

Cosmic Variance tells us why string theory matters and why clothes don’t. πŸ™‚

As to his last point; I must disagree ever so slightly; visible thong underwear isn’t for everyone. πŸ™‚

But on the other hand, Skip Jenkins Show points out that lose bikinis can be lots of fun! (check out the third bikini photo on the bottom row)

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To the point

Workout notes My last workout as a 47 year old: 1800 swim (3:22 200 segment; yeah, that sucks), 3 mile easy walk. πŸ˜‰

Social notes: Nice letter on the Iraq war from a National Guardsman in the Peoria Journal Star:

I am a sergeant in the National Guard. I went to Iraq in 2004. It makes me sick to my stomach how the Republican Party and people like Rush “Pain Killer” Limbaugh try to make excuses for the Iraq War.

This country needs to worry about what is going on over here. Look at our jobs that are leaving because of greedy corporations. I am also a union worker, and we are struggling to put food on the table. With gas prices and health care, that is a joke,

I did my job in Iraq and I will do it again real soon, I’m sure. I would like to personally invite all the GOP talk-radio scum to join me on a convoy in the streets of the Middle East and see if they still think George W. Bush is as smart as they claim he is.

I love my country and my brothers and sisters who fight next to me in this oil-driven, money-infested war. You Republicans are blind and don’t have a heart, only a wallet. Your run is over, GOP.

I am sure that we will still have some open convoy seats available for you.

John Feagin

Speaking of the Iraq war, I went to a town hall meeting last night and picked up a yard sign. No, our Congressman (Ray LaHood) didn’t show up. After seeing what happened at another such meeting I can see why!,

as you may know, congresswoman jan schakowsky (il-09) attended a town hall meeting tonight on behalf of americans against the escalation in iraq in northbrook, illinois to report on her august 2007 trip to iraq. what was interesting about this specific town hall meeting was that it was held outside of schakowsky’s district in the neighboring congressional district of mark kirk.

the meeting — reflecting the intense desire of voters in the tenth to talk about the war — was packed. but it seems that not all the fireworks were inside. while about 300 people were inside, about the same number could not enter the hall because of fire department restrictions. congressional candidate jay footlik was outside, accompanied by his campaign manager.

volunteers and supporters of dan seals surrounded footlik and gave him a rousing reception. footlik is trying to move back to illinois having been gone for almost two decades. dan seals, meanwhile, has generated significant grass and netroots support, so it was no surprise that they would surround and shout down footlik.
bored now :: New Footlik chant: Beltway! Beltway!
one seals supporter asked footlik’s manager where footlik voted last year (footlik has maintained his voter registration at his mother’s house in the 9th congressional district since he left home to go to college). but the real fireworks exploded when footlik’s manager tried to argue about it. BELTWAY! BELTWAY! went the chant. BELTWAY! BELTWAY! in response to footlik’s negligible ties to the tenth. BELTWAY! BELTWAY! for another beltway candidate trying to parachute into an illinois district.

Ours was tame by comparison; about 100 or so showed up.

Update Read the comments; someone pointed out that the author of the article I quoted wasn’t actually AT the meeting. I can say that I was at the Peoria meeting and that it was relatively tame.

Why I don’t support the death penalty No, these aren’t death penalty cases, (they are rape cases), but they show just how fallible a jury trial is:

Inmate freed after 23 years of being wrongfully imprisoned.

Inmate freed after being wrongfully imprisoned for seven years.

Inmate freed after being wrongfully imprisoned for 14 years.

Evolution Peppered moth study has been updated and backed up.

Yes, it is really true that moths evolve a design that helps them blend in with their environment.

Every biology textbook on evolution included the example of the black and peppered forms of the moth, Biston betularia. The relative numbers of these two forms were supposed to be affected by predatory birds being able to pick off selectively either the black or peppered variety, depending on whether they rested on polluted or unpolluted trees.

It became the most widely cited example of Darwinian natural selection and how it affected the balance between two competing genes controlling the coloration of an organism. Then the doubts began to emerge.

Critics suggested that the key experiments on the peppered moth in the 1950s were flawed. Some went as far as to suggest the research was fraudulent, with the implication that the school textbooks were feeding children a lie.

Creationists smelt blood. The story of the peppered moth became a story of how Darwinism itself was flawed – with its best known example being based on fiddled data.

Now a Cambridge professor has repeated the key predation experiments with the peppered moth, only this time he has taken into account the criticisms and apparent flaws in the original research conducted 50 years ago. Michael Majerus, a professor of genetics at Cambridge University, has spent the past seven years collecting data from a series of experiments he has carried out in his own rambling back garden. It has involved him getting up each day before dawn and then spending several hours looking out of his study window armed with a telescope and notepad.

He wanted a definitive test of the idea that selective predation by birds really was responsible for the differences in the chances of survival among black and peppered varieties of B. betularia. His garden outside Cambridge is in an unpolluted area so in this setting it should be the typical or peppered variety of the moth that has a better chance of survival than that of the black or carbonaria form; it is unlikely to be seen by birds against the mottled background of the lichen-covered trees.

In a seminal description of his results to a scientific conference this week in Sweden, Professor Majerus gave a resounding vote of confidence in the peppered month story. He found unequivocal evidence that birds were indeed responsible for the lower numbers of the black carbonaria forms of the moth. It was a complete vindication of the peppered month story, he told the meeting.

Oh don’t worry; this won’t convince the creationists. But this should be convincing to those who really don’t follow the issue closely.

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Some touchy-feely nonsense

Our “first of the semester” department meeting is about to begin in about an hour; I am well ahead in course preparation so I can spare a moment or two to reflect.

On a professional note: I’ve become more interested in actually doing mathematics. Some time ago, what I’ve always known “on an intellectual level” became truly real “at a gut level”: my research, while competent, is, well, of no real significance.

So, my reaction was to just stop doing it (though I didn’t admit this to myself). I’ve resumed doing it, and am having fun with it!

But with this newfound personal acceptance is the reality that I just don’t have the research credentials to not care about not getting along with people.

So, I do my best to try to get along; when someone writes on an exam:

\bigskip \int e^{x}dx=\frac{1}{x+1}e^{x+1}+C

I don’t blow up and call the student an idiot. πŸ™‚

I say “oh, I think you need to review anti-derivatives a bit more” and “well, remember that rule works for variables which are raised to constant powers, other than -1” and encourage the student to keep trying. (I should encourage such a student to….never mind….) πŸ˜‰

When a faculty member from another department tells her students that “she doesn’t know where the “1” in a statistics formula comes from; “it is just a constant that makes the formula work” when in fact the “1” comes from the fact that the probabilities in a discrete probability space add to one, I don’t mock or ridicule her, even though she was teaching a statistics course at the time!

People say stupid stuff, and I either smile and say nothing, or say something to the effect “thanks for telling me what you think!” or “How ’bout those Bears?”

Ah, my snarking days are over, long gone. I have neither the time nor the energy for such stuff. I’ve given up; I’ve retired to the good old porch swing.

Fortunately, there are others who still have “the fire” in their bellies! I can still get my snark fix; some of the best places are:

Some Hypocritical Loud Mouths

Workout notes 3.25 to the Riverplex (walk), 1 mile in 10:25 plus a lap, yoga, then 3.75 miles back home for a total of 8.

The mile felt good; my feet are getting stronger.

Those Loud Mouthed He-Men Remember Ted Nugent’s disgusting rant?

Sean “the hypocrite” Hannity excused his rant, of course, (hate is only bad if it comes from a liberal), but it turns out that Mr. Nugent TALKS tough, but when it comes to being tough…well, it is a different story:

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Another tough-talking chicken hawk, Ted Nugent, who likes to play with machine guns in the safety of a rock concert. But when called upon to use the real thing in a real war, he got so scared he wet his pants. Richard Roeper tells all about draft-dodging Nugent in today’s Chicago Sun-Times…

* CoolOnion’s diary :: ::

Over the weekend, there were several diaries and comments on how Ted Nugent is waving around machine guns, taunting Obama, Clinton, and liberals in general. Wouldn’t you know, he’s just another chickenhawk. In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, Richard Roeper writes:

So Ted Nugent roams a concert stage while toting automatic weapons, calls Barack Obama “a piece of —–” and says he told Obama to suck on one of his machine-guns. He also calls Hillary Clinton a “worthless bitch” and Dianne Feinstein a “worthless whore.”

That Nugent, he’s a man’s man. He talks the talk and walks the walk, right?

Except when it was time to register for the draft during the Vietnam era. By his own admission, Nugent stopped all forms of personal hygiene for a month and showed up for his draft board physical in pants caked with his own urine and feces, winning a deferment..


What about the “family values” conservatives?
Oh, some of them (the males anyway) are busy trying to pick up men in bathroom stalls. Oh yes, when they get caught, they lie about it.

A Republican senator pleaded guilty earlier this month to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge stemming from his arrest at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, according to state criminal records.

Republican Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho was arrested in June at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Roll Call newspaper reported Monday that Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho was apprehended June 11 by a plainclothes police officer investigating complaints of lewd behavior in an airport men’s room.

Roll Call reports on the U.S. legislature.

Craig denied any inappropriate conduct in a prepared statement, and said he now regrets his guilty plea.

“At the time of this incident, I complained to the police that they were misconstruing my actions. I was not involved in any inappropriate conduct,” he said. “I should have had the advice of counsel in resolving this matter. In hindsight, I should not have pled guilty. I was trying to handle this matter myself quickly and expeditiously.”

According to Roll Call, the arresting officer alleged that Craig lingered outside a rest room stall where the officer was sitting, then entered the stall next door and blocked the door with his luggage.

According to the arrest report cited by Roll Call, Craig tapped his right foot, which the officer said he recognized “as a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct.”

The report alleges Craig then touched the officer’s foot with his foot and the senator “proceeded to swipe his hand under the stall divider several times,” according to Roll Call.

At that point, the officer said he put his police identification down by the floor so Craig could see it and informed the senator that he was under arrest, before any sexual contact took place.

Idaho’s senior senator is married with three grown children and nine grandchildren. A former rancher, Craig was first elected to the Senate in 1990, after serving a decade in the House. His seat is up for re-election in 2008.

Last fall, Craig’s office publicly denied assertions by Internet blogger Mike Rogers that the senator is gay. Craig’s office dismissed speculation about the senator’s sexuality as “completely ridiculous.”

In 1982, Craig denied rumors that he was under investigation as part of a federal probe into allegations that lawmakers on Capitol Hill had sexual relationships with congressional pages, saying the “false allegations” made him “mad as hell.”

O’Brien discusses this:

Republican Sen. Larry Craig, was arrested for lewd behavior and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. It seems Sen. Craig was trying to pick up an undercover cop while in a bathroom stall in an airport.

The funny thing is this happened back in June and his excuse is while in the stall, in an apparent signal for encounters, he “accidentally” tapped the foot of the man in the next stall.

Now here’s the thing – unless a man is secretly Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four or Plastic Man, men in bathrooms do not tap each other’s feet by “accident.” Nor do they drop pieces of paper between each other.

Too Good to Pass Up From Liberals Must Die; I just about died laughing!

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Some of us are clueless

Workout notes 1800 yards of swimming, including 3 x 100 IM. Oh my goodness, I was so slow! Then some yoga.


One huge misconception that many conservatives have is that liberals just love Hillary Clinton. In fact, often the opposite is true; many of my fellow liberals see her as a corporate sell-out who will do just about anything in order to get elected.

I will not vote for Hillary in the General Election Hotlist
by VelvetElvis [Subscribe]
Sun Aug 26, 2007 at 07:17:16 PM PDT

There. I said it.

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election. No matter what. I’m trying the idea on for size anyway and really it feels pretty good.

Those who have not skipped directly to troll rating my tip jar may be wondering why I would take such a seemingly destructive position, one that is contrary to my own self-interest.

Click to keep reading (or troll rate my tip jar.)

My reasoning:

As many here have stated, the country and the American people are crying out for change. Big change. We all know damn well that Hillary will try and run on that if she’s nominated. She’ll talk about how the dark days are going to be behind us. Then she’ll win. And then . . . nothing will change. Not like what people will want and not like she’ll lead them to believe while running.

Think of it this way. Suppose the Democratic party is not a political party, but a company that made oatmeal cookies and instead of activists and supporters we are cookie salesmen. Fiercely loyal cookie salesmen. We’ve got our regular buyers who trust us because we believe in our product. We’ve had some production problems recently which a competitor has taken advantage of to try and push us out of the market. We won’t have it though. Our customers are screaming out for our cookies. They want our cookies. The good ones. The ones we believe in. We hear their call and put out word that we’re starting a new campaign to bring them new cookies. For the first time in years they will have a choice to not buy the other brand’s nasty cookies. As always, we stand behind our cookies. We overrun the airwaves in all media markets with ads talking about how much better our cookies are going to be, how the years of longing are about to be over. People believe we’ve got some revolutionary cookies in the oven. The day they go on sale in November, people line up to buy them. Some wait in line for hours. Finlay it’s time for the big payoff. They get the new cookies home and take a bite . . . and are let down.

Whose fault is this?

Sooner or later people are just going to stop eating cookies.

Ok, these sort of opinions are not universal; some at the Kos have spoken out:

PsiFighter37 and Jay Elias.

Look, I prefer a more liberal nominee. Yes, I am sorry that she took over 800,000 dollars from the pharmaceutical companies. Yes, I don’t like it that she voted for George Bush’s Iraq war.

But the lady IS competent (unlike the current occupant of the White House), and I’d much rather have her appointing the new Supreme Court Justices than having Mitt Romney appoint them.

And, for what it is worth, I believe that Hillary Clinton CAN win the general election; most all Kerry voters will vote for her, and it is my guess that some white collar Republican women might well cast that ballot “for one of their own”, despite what they might say in public at their Rotary or Jaycee meetings. πŸ™‚

Politics: Bush administration. Alberto Gonzales rides off into the sunset. Gonzales. Rove. Miers. Snow. In their honor I offer:


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Taper topics: Democracy and Fred Thompson’s Future Wife

Workout Notes 10.6 somewhat easy walking miles (2:31), which included the West Peoria Heading Course and a hilly loop in the West Peoria Cemetery on each out and back.

I can tell that I am in the taper mode when I walk with Barbara; she keeps yelling at me to slow down. My legs are feeling fresher.

Other topics Oh, that pesky Democracy. Cosmic Variance weighs in.

The LA Times has a front-page article, apparently free of irony, that laments the glacial rate of progress on constructing a world-class subway system for the city, and imagines wistfully how much easier it would be if only we lived in a one-party communist state. In particular, they look at the progress that Shanghai has made in building its own subway, and pout about all of those nefarious restrictions that Americans have to put up with because we give actual citizens a say in the process. […]

One searches the article in vain for the part where they say β€œOf course we live in a democracy, and some people think that there are certain benefits to that kind of system, even if the government does have to ask permission before tearing down historic sites,” but the moment never comes. Instead, we are treated to stirring stories of the plucky citizens of Shanghai, who don’t raise a peep when construction displaces them from their homes β€” no, indeed, they are happy to be displaced, as it gives them a chance at a new life! (It might be that voices of complaint are not heard because they are actually silenced, but that smudges up the narrative.) […]

By the way, there are rare times when I end up siding with some conservatives; eminent domain cases like this one are such times.

Fred Thompson Well, what will happen when the current Mrs. Thompson starts to age and sag in a few years?

Well, I have a candidate for the next Mrs. Fred Thompson right here!

Ok, she was probably struggling to find an answer that wouldn’t offend anyone…still, she looks as if she is in Bush Administration form right now! πŸ˜‰

But yes, this youtube video can be used to show what is wrong with our school system. And, as Liberalsmustdie points out, conservatives have the answer: schools like this one!

(music in the background: remember where that comes from?)

George W. Bush Brings up Vietnam; things would have been better had we not left when we did? A few facts:

George Bush — and other Iraq War supporters — have argued that if we withdraw from Iraq the result will be like the slaughters — the killing fields -in Cambodia.

Here are the facts:

* The killing fields were real. The genocide against their own people was committed by the Khmer Rouge.
* The Vietnamese — the Communist Vietnamese — were the people who went in and put a stop to it.
* The United States then supported the Khmer Rouge.

Here’s how that came to happen. […]

Withdrawing from Iraq: A call from the governor of Puerto Rico for the U. S. to withdraw from Iraq got a standing ovation from 4000 people. Liberal traitors, right? Uh, these were National Guardsmen!

This happened at the opening of the 129th National Guard Association general conference. There are about 1,800 Guardsmen from Puerto Rico currently in Iraq.

“The daily death toll of Americans and their allies has caused irreparable anguish here in Puerto Rico, and throughout the country. The same could be said for the people of Iraq,” Acevedo said.

Here’s the thing, though — this story was moved by the Associated Press and it has gotten almost zero coverage. Try to find it in your local paper. It’s even difficult finding it with a Google search.

On the other hand, if 4,000 Guardsmen stood and cheered for a call to stay the course you can bet it would be 24/7 on cable TV news.

That liberal media!

Some final comments: last night, I saw the first part of a three part CNN series on the three major monotheistic religions and those who fought/fight in their name. The first part of the series was called “Jewish Warriors”, and I was dismayed at how much influence the AIPAC lobby has on our elected officials. So, I did a quick google search and came across the site Jew Watch.
What is this site? The claim made was:

The Jew Watch Project Is The Internet’s Largest Scholarly Collection of Articles on Jewish History…

Ok, so what sort of articles are there? Well one of the featured articles claims that:

The German-American Bund was a pro-Nazi political movement that started in 1935. Under the leadership of its “FΓΌhrer,” a notorious anti-Semite named Fritz Kuhn, the Bund at its height claimed about 15,000 members.

A 1939 rally in New York City’s Madison Square Garden attracted an audience of 20,000 (which oddly were mostly Jewish). The Bund’s fortunes experienced a downturn in 1939, when Kuhn was sent to prison for embezzling funds.

It turned out that the ADL was financing the whole thing.

Remember: this was supposed to be a “scholarly resource”.

Similar claims by articles featured by Jewwatch: Jews were behind the American Nazi Party, Church of the Creator, Soviet Russia, etc.

Note: these are NOT commenter’s thoughts or contributed diaries; these are articles that the site owner checks out and links to.

As one poster at said: “Jewwatch isn’t so much anti-semitic as it is retarded”. πŸ™‚

Finally I commented on Ted Nugent’s outrageous comments at one of his concerts. Well, it gets even better:

For good measure, I thought you might like to see the sort of misogyny that Nugent is expressing on the cover of his new CD “Love Grenade.” A nude woman in bondage on a platter like a pig with a hand grenade in her mouth.

This affirms the obvious hatred he harbors for women. The fact that he feels comfortable offering this as a reward for those who pre-order just compounds the sickness of it all.

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Comedy from the conservative press:

They claim that Hillary Clinton said that “the surge was working”. In fact she said no such thing:

According to an August 21 New York Times article, Clinton told the VFW: “We’ve begun to change tactics in Iraq, and in some areas, particularly in Al Anbar province, it’s working. … We’re just years too late changing our tactics. We can’t ever let that happen again.” The Times also reported that “[a]ides to Mrs. Clinton said her remarks that military tactics in Iraq are ‘working’ referred specifically to reports of increased cooperation from Sunnis leading to greater success against insurgents in Al Anbar Province.” And according to an April 29 Times article on improvements in Al Anbar, the progress there “began last September” — months before Bush announced his plan to increase the number of troops in Iraq.

The conservatives brazenly lie about global warming research (or are too stupid to understand it). As Media Matters explains:

During the August 21 edition of Fox News’ Special Report, host Brit Hume cited “new research by University of Washington mathematicians [that] shows a correlation between high solar activity and periods of global warming” as evidence to support his claim that “[global warming] skeptics are increasingly certain that the scare is vastly overblown.” But an August 9, 2007, New Scientist article (subscription required) on the mathematicians’ research warned that “[c]limate-change skeptics may seize on the findings as evidence that the sun’s variability can explain global warming — but [the report’s co-author] mathematician Ka-Kit Tung says quite the contrary is true.” According to the article, Tung, who is a University of Washington professor of applied mathematics and an adjunct professor in Atmospheric Science, says his finding, in the New Scientist’s words, “adds to the evidence that mainstream climate models are right about the likely extent of future human-generated warming.”

Remember, that is from New Scientist, not some pundit. The report goes on:

In summarizing the report, which analyzed satellite data on solar radiation and surface temperatures between 1959 and 2004 and found that global average temperatures fluctuated by almost 0.2 Β°C between high and low points in the 11-year solar cycle, The New Scientist reported:

“The finding adds to the evidence that mainstream climate models are right about the likely extent of future human-generated warming, Tung says. It also effectively rules out some lower estimates in those models.”

The article added:

Tung says his findings provide important real-world evidence that climate model predictions of global warming are correct. For instance, they show that the temperature changes are two to three times as strong in polar regions. On the face of it this is surprising, because the variation in solar radiation is greatest in the tropics. But Tung says “it reinforces the idea of melting ice as an amplification mechanism in the climate-change models.”

More humor: weblinks and videos.

Do you want to write a postmodernist paper? History Mike can help you.

One of the strangest (and subversively brilliant) websites that I have stumbled across in recent years is what is known as the Postmodern Essay Generator, which produces scholarly-looking essays that are entirely without meaning.

Anyone who has struggled through a text that is weighed down by the author’s postmodern discourse will chuckle at this idea. The Essay Generator uses an application known as the Dada Engine, which generates random text from legitimate academic materials. […]


Redstate Update: weighs in on the VFW candidate forum, including Obama’s, Clinton’s and Thompson’s appearances there.

Highly Non-PC Religious Humor If you are a sensitive believer, quit reading now.

The witty and lovely Shalini points us to a youtube video. I found this amusing because my wife once did one of these acts….at a church fundraiser!

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