Prior to leaving

We will be going to Texas for a few days.

I’ve noticed that my right instep is a bit swollen; I have some ice on it. I don’t anticipate a problem as it is ok to take a few days off at this stage, though I’ll probably get in 3-4 swims while in Austin.


It is cartoon day at; here is a sample of what you’ll find there;

Bill Richardson: some videos on his proposed energy policy. Hat tip to CrooksandLiars.

This is the overview (11 minutes)

And shorter segments (1-2 minutes) on specifics. Remember that he was Secretary of Energy under Bill Clinton.

Plug in cars

Raise fuel standards

Reduce oil use in other transportation

Fred Thompson

He is the former Senator from Tennessee and is considered by some to be someone the Republicans could draft to run for president. He is also known as the district attorney character in Law and Order.

My wife says that he comes across as the “silver backed gorilla”; I think he is merely one of those expandable waistband types who comes across well but really isn’t that bright.

Here is an example of stuff he has published (Modem at the Daily Kos):

I plead guilty to reading the National Review Online. Fred Thompson has columns regularly appearing there. A recent column in Salon, detailing how Thompson is positioning himself to run for the Republican nomination, suggestions Thompson may not be writing them:

[Thompson] began signing his name to columns in the National Review on topics like gun ownership and the need for Western civilization “to get a little backbone.”

Today’s column titled “Remembering the Past,” discussed after the fold, is on the need for military courses in universities (a topic that has been discussed on NRO’s Phi Beta Cons forum on the state of American univeristy).

It is ironic that a column arguing for the need for knowledge about military history has some interesting errors.

Error 1:

The importance of battles at Valley Forge or the Alamo might not be evident if you’re thinking of warfare in terms only of pushing big red buttons.

There was no battle at Valley Forge.

Error 2:

There is a reason that both sides in the Civil War studied Sun Tzu’s Art of War — though it was written in the 5th or 6th-century BC.

I have read a lot about the Civil War and have never seen any reference to any general in the American Civil War reading Sun Tzu. There might be a good reason for this. Here an excerpt from the first page on the Gutenberg Project on the Giles’ translation (1910) of the Art of War.

When Lionel Giles began his translation of Sun Tzu’s ART OF
WAR, the work was virtually unknown in Europe. Its introduction
to Europe began in 1782 when a French Jesuit Father living in
China, Joseph Amiot, acquired a copy of it, and translated it
into French. . . .
The first translation into English was published in 1905 in
Tokyo by Capt. E. F. Calthrop, R.F.A.

Error 3:
Here the column is citing Victor Hansen, and it is a strange quote.

Hansen writes, “The hundred years of talking about slavery was not as important as two days at Gettysburg. The success or failure of Normandy affected Hitler more in an hour than had years of pleading with him in the 1930s.”

Think about the Gettysburg-slavery connection (and ignore the fact that Gettysburg was a three day battle). Without the “talking about slavery,” there would have been no Civil War to begin with.

As Americans, we like to think that Normandy was decisive in WW-II. Anyone who knows anything about the war in Europe would KNOW that from June, 1941 to June, 1944 the Russians had fought 80% of the German Army which was in retreat by the time of Normany. The key turning point in WW II in the War in Europe was Stalingrad, which was over by February, 1943.

I suggest that the writer of this column should take a history course before proposing it for others.

My note: it is possible that some Civil War generals indeed read the Art of War as many educated people could read French.

Anyway, I say: “bring him on”.


Want to see another downside to religion? This site has a graphic video of a woman being stoned to death by a mob; we are supposed to respect this?

The site I linked to has photos in case this video gets nuked.


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