Faux News cries foul

The Faux News Democratic Presidential Debate has been cancelled.

Why? Well, Fox has been known to blatantly lie. They are a blatant mouthpiece for the Bush Administration. They hardly qualify as a journalism establishment.

Anyway, this guy (Roger Ailes) makes offensive jokes and drones on pathetically. Notice how his face shakes as he talks; I wonder why so many top Republicans resemble “Jabba The Hut”.

By the way, kudos to John Edwards for coming to Senator Obama’s defense.

You may have heard by now that John Edwards was the first candidate to officially say no to the Fox News debate in Nevada — and because of the hard work of so many grassroots and netroots Democrats, news is breaking tonight that Fox is out.

Fox has already started striking backat John for saying no. (There’s a surprise – Fox attacking a Democrat.) Last night, Roger Ailes – the life-long Republican operative who is now Chairman of Fox News Channel – said that any candidate “who believes he can blacklist any news organization is making a terrible mistake” and “is impeding freedom of speech and free press.”

And John’s not their only target. Tonight Fox News Vice President David Rhodes is telling news organizations not to get involved in the Nevada Democratic Caucus because of “radical fringe” groups – meaning grassroots Democrats (that would be you) – who objected to Fox’s long history of spreading Republican propaganda at the expense of Democratic leaders.

The whole right-wing is getting in on the attack; the Drudge Report is blaring the headline: “War! Dems Pull Out of Fox News Debate.”

Enough is enough. It’s time to send a clear message to Fox News and their allies that their right-wing talking points and temper tantrums won’t go unchallenged anymore – when it comes to what Democrats should do in the Democratic primary, we’ll decide – no matter what they report:…

Fox News has already proven they have no intention of providing “fair and balanced” coverage of any Democrat in this election.

In recent weeks they have run blatant lies about Senator Obama’s background. And Fox was only too happy to give Ann Coulter a platform to spew more hate a few days after her bigoted attack on Senator Edwards and the gay community.

Now it’s time for Democrats to stand together and send a clear message to Roger Ailes, Fox News and all the rest of them: bias isn’t balance, but turning tables is fair.

The truth is, Fox News can “report” whatever they want. And when it works for us, we’ll deal with them on our terms. But this campaign is about responsibility and accountability, and we need to send the message to Fox that if they want to be the corporate mouthpiece of the Republican Party more than they want to be an impartial news outlet, they shouldn’t expect Democrats to play along.

You can send that message by contributing today, and remind Fox News that in this election, Democrats won’t take their spin lying down:…

Thank you for standing up for what we believe in.

Jonathan Prince
Deputy Campaign Manager
Edwards for President

P.S. If the folks at Fox wonder why nobody thinks they play it straight, they should take a look at what Roger Ailes said about debates in 1988 when he was a top Republican spinmaster for then Vice President Bush: He
told the Washington Post, “I don’t know that we need to do more than one [debate]. There’s no reason to think we’d need more than one.” And he told the New York Times, “I don’t think you learn anything about the
issues” from debates. So please send Roger Ailes a message: Hypocrisy isn’t fair and it isn’t balanced; it’s just hypocrisy – and we’ve had enough of it from you.

I am glad that our candidates are developing a backbone.

And kudos to Kos for standing up to the concern trolls.

What I’m learning in the aftermath of the decision to ditch the Fox News debate is that the only thing conservatives want is for Democrats to effectively get the message out and attract new voters. Who knew?

Here I was, thinking that conservatives were standing in the way of the Democratic agenda, when in reality they’re doing everything they can to help us expand our majorities!

I would humbly suggest that in this new spirit of cooperation we’re seeing from conservatives, that they demonstrate some good will by wholeheartedly embracing the Pelosi/Reid agenda in Congress.

That simple and easy gesture would erode what skepticism I have left.


March 10, 2007 - Posted by | edwards, obama, politics/social


  1. Roger Ailes is the kinda guy who’s only MO is to bully attack mode. He has used that MO his entire life, he attacks candidates, he attacks competitors and he attacks his workers, and he attacks his former friends. How interesting it is to watch him become the victim of his own doing. What’s so ironical is that Roger has been so busy blacklisting others that he has never taken a beat to think about what it feels like to be blacklisted. Well now he knows. What comes around goes around. Soon he may soon bully himself out of a job! (One can only hope!)

    Comment by Noname | March 11, 2007 | Reply

  2. Myself and my family will no longer be watching your Fox network due to the one sided views that you are pushing with regaRDs to political issues. No bad but this type of reporting is disgusting to most Americans. Report the news not your personal views!

    Comment by mammer | April 20, 2009 | Reply

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