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Workout Notes: 3100 yards; 5 x 100 fist, 10 x 50 (drill/free), 5 x 200 on the 4:00 (3:12, :09, :08, :09, :09), 5 x 100 (side/free/side/free) (fastest 1:48), 500 free in 8:46 (4:19, 4:27). I was dead. Still, the set of 200s were ok.

Setting the example Prince Harry from Great Britian is going into combat.

It is believed that the prince had threatened to leave the army if he were prevented from going to Iraq. Speaking in a television interview in 2005, he said: “If they said ‘No, you can’t go frontline’ then I wouldn’t drag my sorry arse through Sandhurst and I wouldn’t be where I am now.

“The last thing I want to do is have my soldiers away to Iraq or wherever like that and for me to be held back home.”

Hmmm, it seems as if our great leaders in our Republic Party could learn or thing or two from him, or, to be fair, from the Senator McCain (R-AZ) family of the Senator Webb (D-VA) one, as Brent Budowsky writes:

Prince Harry is headed to the front lines. When his country called his number, Harry answered the call.

There were a hundred ways Prince Harry could have gracefully avoided this danger. Instead, he chose the one way to join the battle, at great risk, because he is now a prime target.

When Dick Cheney’s country called his number as Americans died in the jungles of Vietnam, Dick Cheney was nowhere to be found. What a hero!

Yet Cheney is first in line to send others to war. He thinks nothing of running a smear campaign against a woman who has served our country in intelligence, attacking the wife, to get the husband. What a man!

Now he attacks the patriotism of those who try to save our troops, from his misjudgments. He is the cheerleader with the poison pen. attacking the gladiators in the arena.

Prince Harry understands the meaning of valor, courage, honor and patriotism. Mr. Cheney sits in his office writing nasty notes on Op-Ed pieces, the armchair warrior, who has much to learn from the Prince who serves his country.

More on Iraq
As I stated, 23 Senators voted against the Iraq war from day one. Here is one (Senator Dick Durbin) explaining himself and talking about the late Senator Paul Wellstone.

Black Holes:
Check out this article on black holes. Here is part of it (if you are familiar with Stephen Hawking’s book A Brief History of Time, this part of the article deals with the material in the chapter called Black Holes Ain’t so Black. What varieties of black holes are there?

NdT: There are different ways to split them up. I don’t make a big deal of that in the book. There are black holes that spin and black holes that don’t spin at all. The two broadest categories are simply the black holes that come from the death of a star and then the kind that you find in the centers of galaxies. That’s the broadest concept that we need to know. What happens if you jump into one?

NdT: If you’re the one who took this one way trip, as you descend down towards its center you begin to feel the strength of gravity increase at your feet compared with the gravity at your head. Will you feel gravity significantly less at your head?

NdT: Yeah, what happens is that the difference in gravity becomes so great that your body initially stretches a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with that sensation, which is what you do every morning when you wake up from bed, get out of bed. But the stretching sensation is unrelenting. And it reaches a point where the strength of the difference in gravity becomes greater than the strength of the bonds or the molecules that hole your flesh together. And the moment that happens, that’s it, that’s kind of the end of you. You snap into two pieces. It’s likely to happen at your midsection, at the base of your spine.

Then those two pieces, they’ll begin to feel the same effect as you continue to descend towards the center of the black hole. And they then snap into two pieces and this continues on down. You go from one to two, to four to eight as you approach the center of the black hole. So you’re going to turn into infinite pieces?

NdT: Not only that. If you can imagine that, it’s worse than that because the very fabric of space-which we learned from Einstein is curved due to gravity-in the vicinity of a black hole is like a funnel and so in fact as you fall toward a black hole, you’re being funneled through the fabric of space. So you’re not only being stretched, you’re being extruded like toothpaste through a tube. Do your pieces come out the other end?

NdT: That was the science fiction writer’s dream-that you fall in one side and come out the other side. Not until recently, a couple of years ago, Stephen Hawking demonstrated that all the information that falls into a black hole is recoverable information. So in other words, the black hole doesn’t lead into someplace else where things exit.

In this case, the best way to think of information is you’re composed of a number of electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks and such. There’s an inventory of your particle composition. Let’s just call that information for you. Well it turns out, that if you fall in, all that information remains there inside the black hole, and Hawking was able to demonstrate this mathematically. How exactly did he demonstrate this?

NdT: People had suggested that once you fall into a black hole, you basically leave this universe and so all bets are off. You’re done. But what we’ve known since the 1970s is that there’s such a thing as a Hawking radiation, and this is a kind of an interesting, spooky phenomenon.

You may remember the equation E=mc2, which we all learn in elementary school even before we know what it does, but it’s the recipe to exchange a quantity of matter with a quantity of energy and back again.

We don’t have daily experience with this equation because things that happen in the life of a human, the conditions of your environment are not such that E= mc2 gets revealed in any measurable way. But if you go to centers of stars, if you go to the big bang, if you go to the very strong gravity field of a black hole, the conditions are just fine for that and so what happens is that the gravity field of a black hole is so intense that particles can pop into existence from the energy of that field. Again this is according to E= mc2. Well this is called Hawking radiation, and this was a profound result because it actually said that black holes can evaporate by this method, that they’re not completely black.

You can actually escape a black hole, but it’s kind of like cheating. The particle isn’t rising up from the center and crossing the black zone and coming into our universe. The way it’s happening is the energy field created by the gravity of the black hole and that gravity is created by the matter it’s eaten throughout its life. The field produces a particle. And every time the field produces a particle, the black hole weighs less.

That’s been known since the 1970s, so a recent result said that if you take the inventory of the particles that issue force from the gravity field and compare it with everything that was eaten throughout the life of a black hole, that it will match one for one. So somehow the gravity field has a memory, has some kind of an understanding has access to the information that we thought was gone forever. And I find that remarkable. But it also said that you can’t just go somewhere else in the universe, so it kind of closed the creativity door for science fiction writers.

Kung Fu: talk about balance!

Don’t make a mistake! Hat tip to LPN20 from the message boards who told us about this video.


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