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Workout Note: 3100 yards; 5 x 100 fist on 2, 5 x (25 front, sfs, 50 free), 10 x (25 fly, 25 free, 25 back, 25 free) on 2 (1:49, 1:44-1:46 next 7,) 1:5X for last two! 5 x (side/free/side/free) on 2 (slow first couple), 500 pull in 8:04 (4:01, 4:03, no flips), 100 back easy.

Blogging note: evidently wordpress has Latex capability. I’ll have to use that to talk about my reasearch and about teaching.


Hillary Clinton
: Senator Clinton has a webcast where she discusses various issues. I listened to the one that I just put a link to.

Senator Obama has a youtube page.
Because of this, one can download and link to the videos on one’s own blog:

Ok, there are more substantial ones there as well, but this one was “fun”.

Bill Richardson has a youtube page as well:

as does John Edwards.

Blueollie “Moran” award:


The letter writer from today’s Peoria Journal Star:

Global warming has never been proven. The North Pole is losing ice but the South Pole is freezing over. I believe that the Earth needs a balance. God is correcting the balance so the Earth doesn’t wobble out of orbit. God said He would never flood the Earth again and He is in control. The liberals just want control.

I wish I were making this up. The trouble with dummies is that they don’t know that they are dumb.


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