I was warned to not overdo the weight training!


Hat tip to the Dependable Renegade, where I go for my daily dose of snark.

Yes, I am all but certain that this is a photo-shop job.

The real person looked like this:


Unfortunately, the real person (Scott Klein) died recently.


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Obama’s Blackness, Pelosi’s Jet and Rove’s Tomatoes

End of Friday and here a few thoughts:

Pelosi and “the plane incident”: much ado about nothing; this informational diary by citizen92 tells how planes are assigned to the political figures. By the way, Rep. Pelosi said that she was fine with flying commercial.

Karl Rove: why does he hate Americans that work hard? (hat tip to RandyMI

If there is one thing you truly have to give KKKarl Rove credit for, it’s showing the Bush Administration’s true colors. So evil is this man, that he can never present the aura of a “nice guy” very long. Such, apprently, was the case yesterday when he shared to a Republican crowd what he really thinks about the value of thei Guest Worker Program.

According to a congressman’s wife who attended a Republican women’s luncheon yesterday, Karl Rove explained the rationale behind the president’s amnesty/open-borders proposal this way: “I don’t want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds in Las Vegas.”

[…] As for his son, I’d like to see, when he turns 18, what Karl would think about sending him to Iraq. Oh wait, that’s for little brown people.

(yes, I know, we all want to get better jobs, but that is why one studies hard, right? And if you don’t, you’ll get stuck in the tomato fields? Oh wait, saying such a thing is only bad if you are a Democrat…)

Now for Senator Obama. Tucker Carlson is unhappy with his blackness yet Ann Coulter doesn’t think that he is black enough?

From Kos:

Apparently, only white churches are truly “Christian”.

[TUCKER] CARLSON: […] So Barack Obama is a member of a church called Trinity United Church of Christ. It’s a predominantly black church in Chicago, that espouses something called the “Black Value System,” which includes calls for congregants to be “soldiers for black freedom” and a, quote, “disavowal of the pursuit of middleclassness.” Now, it would seem to me, Tom, not to make a broad sweeping statement here, but a racially exclusive theology, a theology that ministers to one group of people, based on race, kind of contradicts the basic tenets of Christianity, and is worth talking about. Wouldn’t you say?

[Former Democratic congressman Tom] ANDREWS: Well, let’s look at what those values actually are. We’re talking about hard work, self-reliance, belief in God, and if you have made it to the middle class, you have an obligation to those who have not. Now, those sound like pretty good values to me, black, white, or whatever, and I think that Barack Obama should not be ashamed of having those values and being part of a church.

CARLSON: Again, those are great values, that I, you know, that I hope I embody.


CARLSON: However, it’s the word before them, black. It’s making them racially specific. Again, Christianity — this is something that I am actually qualified to discuss — is, it seems to me, almost explicitly anti-racial. The idea is that we are all equal in the eyes of God. And when you espouse a theology that is racially exclusive, as this appears to be, it’s hard to call that Christianity. I think it’s pretty easy to call it wrong.

Media Matters debunks:

In fact, Trinity encourages parishioners to be “soldiers for Black freedom and the dignity of all humankind [emphasis added].” The Tribune said that the church’s “value system” was adopted in 1981 to hold “black Christians accountable for taking care of their own and for continuing to fight oppression.” Further, the Tribune reported that according to Melissa Harris-Lacewell, a professor of politics and African-American studies at Princeton University, “the ‘disavowal of the pursuit of middleclassness’ is simply an argument against materialism and the pursuit of the American standard of wealth. Many white Christian churches also preach against materialism.”

On the other hand:

who is trying to claim that he isn’t “black enough”:

COULTER: And right now, Hillary has the black vote. And I gotta say — I don’t think race would hurt Obama — but I think the first black president should be an American black, and a Republican.

As Media Matters said:

In reference to Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), Coulter said that “the first black president should be an American black, and a Republican.” Coulter’s comment recalled, in part, a claim by columnist Stanley Crouch in the November 2, 2006, New York Daily News that “Obama did not — does not — share a heritage with the majority of black Americans, who are descendants of plantation slaves.”

I wish that these wingnuts would make up their minds; he is “too Black” or “not Black enough”?

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About teaching today: during my 9 am class, my piriformis didn’t hurt at all, and it only ached a bit toward the end of the second class. That is progress.

However, during my 10 am probability and statistics class, I felt a bit like this:

Every so often I have say “do you have any questions” as a polite way of saying “shut the f*** up!!!!”.

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Cold and Warming

Workout note: 3100 yards; included 10 x (25 fly, 25 free, 25 back, 25 free) on the 2:
1:47, 46, 46, 46, 46, 43, 44, 44, 44, 46) and 10 x 50 on the 1 (form) (48, 48, 47, 47, 46, 46, 46, 46, 46, 46) and 8 x 50 (25 catch up, 25 free)

Our pool has a hot tub next to it and one can look out over the cold, cold river:


This photo from the Peoria Journal Star.

Notes: I liked this Britt cartoon:


Of course, we joked about “global warming” given this cold snap. Unfortunately, there are some who really believe that this shows that global warming is false:

It seems that the global warming myth just keeps on going. Why don’t the proponents of this lie visit Peoria and see how warm it is here? It seems like we are at the North Pole. It is warmer in Fairbanks, Alaska.

How is it that the sun is brightly shining and yet there is no warmth from it? Whatever is polluting the atmosphere is doing an excellent job of preventing the sun’s warmth from reaching the surface.

The only global warming is all that hot air coming out of the mouths of the gas-bag idiots promoting this fiction.


Isn’t it strange that suddenly politicians are experts on the warming of our planet? They never heard of global warming until after they were elected and got in front of a camera or a reporter.

I would like to know what studies they have done before making such statements. I would like to ask Sen. Barack Obama and former Vice President Al Gore where they got their knowledge so suddenly.

I also would like to invite them to come to the Midwest while we are under this cold spell. I would be happy to have global warming now. Politicians should get off their soapboxes and talk about something they know.

Of course, sites like this one wouldn’t convince the authors of these letters to the editor, and neither would the fact that the science has come from peer reviewed publications; that is, the research has been checked out by other top scientists.

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