Cold….Bears, Bikinis

Workout notes: two yoga classes. No running, walking or cycling today. My piriformis was getting more and more sore this past week where it was feeling better the previous week. So, perhaps I needed all but total rest?

So I will stay with swimming and yoga the next couple of weeks and see what happens.

Yoga wise, I managed to go up in peacock feather (against a wall) and hold it on my own for a few seconds.

Da Bears

If you don’t know where “da Bears” comes from, watch the following videos (from Saturday Night Live). Hat tip to Peoria Pundit for posting one of these on his site.


Today’s Peoria Jounral Star has an outstanding political cartoon on “The Decider’s” recent Peoria visit; too bad it has not been posted as yet.

This is the Journal Star’s photo of Representative Ray LaHood with President Bush; LaHood is one of the “faithful” 30% or so.

But they did have an interesting cartoon on their website which speaks volumes on another issue:

Enough said. No, I have nothing against women in bikinis. But “morality” pledge…PLEASE.


February 3, 2007 - Posted by | football, injury, politics/social, yoga

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