Felt better…maybe there is a reason

This was not one of my best workouts but it wasn’t bad. I wonder if not eating breakfast first (a small one) helps?

usual pt
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (went well..)
bench: 10 x 135, 5 x 185, 5 x 185 (slightly disappointing..I felt stronger than that)
incline: 10 x 145 (good hips)
military: dumbbell, 2 sets of 10 x 50 standing, 1 set of 10 x 180 (90 each arm) machine
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 each arm, 10 x 110 machine

abs: 24 twist crunches (48 total; 24 each side), 10 yoga leg lifts, 90 seconds plank
treadmill 22:28 for 2 miles (11:40, 10:48) acceleration


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When the left parodies itself…

I read a Facebook post about a lawyer who worked pro-bono on LGTQ issues who was catching heat for wearing a pussy hat…you see it isn’t inclusive enough because….some women don’t have vaginas (ok? )

And sure enough, the person writing that post wasn’t kidding.

Oh my…and we wonder why we aren’t taken seriously.

And I saw this cartoon:

Ok, surely the cartoonist is exaggerating…right?

Uh, no…

The rape claim

The patriarchy and feminine independence claim

Sometimes I really think that our dogmatic lefties are just like the Bible Beaters who drink a different flavor of Kool-aid.

So back to the women’s marches: how big of a deal are they? Well, if they inspire people to help us out on 2018 and 2020, I suppose they are a good thing.

But I see a crucial difference between these and the Tea Party marches, BESIDES this crucial difference:

The Senate is set up to give small, rural states an advantage (Wyoming has the same number of Senators as California does). And gerrymandering means that liberals can be effectively fenced up.

So, a large women’s march, even in, say, Fayetteville, Arkansas (home of the University of Arkansas) isn’t going to worry anyone.

The women’s marches are a “mostly white”, mostly educated and blue women’s movement and comprise of a statistically small group of women. And even numerically massive gatherings in Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. mean…well, not much.

Women are indeed still split along economic and educational lines.

And Alabama: 63 percent of white women voted for Moore. It was black people, not white liberals, that saved the day.

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Bradley’s good weekend vs. Evansville

Yes, it ended well; in fact BU raced to an early 14-2 lead..let the lead diminish, opened it to 10 at the half, let Evansville back, then pulled away at the end.

Every Evansville rally was stopped; BU played great defense (6 blocked shots) and spread the ball around on offense..and actually hit some open shots.

The Jesse White Tumblers performed at halftime and they are always excellent.

Then, today, the women went to Evansville and raced out 27-0 lead and lead 40-7 early. It was 62-26 at the half and the lead eventually extended to…60 points (not a misprint) and it ended 117-59. I watched the game from the second quarter on ESPN3 and could not turn away. And yes, BU played everyone, early. It was just one of those days where Evansville did nothing right and Bradley did nothing wrong.

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Just uninspired…

I just had no pop and fire in my walk today. In fact, I started out dead.

But I did enjoy the mid 40’s temperatures and seeing the different kind of ice in the river.

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“Well, I am mad”. So what?

Rant to follow:

So often I see people ranting about how angry they are about..well, this or that. And they are going to TAKE TO THE STREETS, demonstrate, march or whatever.

And…nothing changes because not enough of them show up to vote!

Today was the second “women’s march”. Yes, Trump openly taunted them:

Oh sure, he is taking credit for the economy that he inherited (his policies have had almost nothing to do with our current situation…check back in 2-3 years)

Sure, demonstrations have been PART OF a plan to shame/convince the country that it needed to change, but the successful demonstrations were coordinated with voting, legal challenges, economic pressure and the like.

In our area, there are reports that a local store took steps to prevent marchers (a small number) from parking in their lot and parked semis to discourage the marchers from going through their lot.
This store can probably get away with it; it is not popular with the sort of person that would wear a pussy hat.

But my point: to change behavior, you need to have something the other party wants, be it money or votes or whatever. Your being angry with them doesn’t change a thing.

And if you have no power over them, they don’t care. My guess is that this Republican’s approval in his district improved BECAUSE of his rudeness (and who he was rude too)

And voting…means voting for some imperfect candidates and making some compromises.

And turning your movement into something that is batshit crazy doesn’t help:

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Running, lifting, weight and aging …the formula keeps shifting!

Yesterday, in addition to my usual weight workout, I did two sets, count them…TWO sets of goblet squats (do the window sill which gets me a bit past parallel)…with…wait for it…a 53 pound kettlebell (for those who are unfamiliar, that would be awesome..for say, a 90 pound 70 year old woman..but pretty pathetic for a 205 lb. 58 year old male).

And today I was sore! Seriously. Here is what I’ve found:

1. I need more “easy days” between hard workouts else I don’t recover AND
2. My “off season lay-offs” have to be shorter..I lose too damn much, too quickly.

The formulas keep changing on me.

And as far as weight: I gained about 10 lbs (noticed it in July) and haven’t lost it. Why? My guess: I am eating the way I used to when I did more mileage and was younger; now I have the double whammy of fewer miles and a slower metabolism.

But…I am stronger than I’ve been since 2010, and I can still do my 5 sets of 10 pull ups. So, what do I want to be: a lifter who walks and runs, or walker/runner who lifts? I have to choose.

Don’t get me wrong: I am not strong at all; my bench press workouts include a set of 5-7 with 185 OR 4-5 with 190, followed by 8-10 with 170, or 7-9 with 175. That isn’t exactly NFL linebacker strength.
But when I was below 190 lbs, even 2-3 reps with 185 was hard.

Yes, I know, one has to take age into account, but still…the weights don’t care how old you are. Either you can move them or you can’t.

Rumours Tribute Show We went last night; it was good.

One funny thing: the Stevie Nicks character wore a thin white dress …and appeared to have a white leotard underneath which showed up as a full brief panty line. And of course, regardless of what formed that wonderful “parabola”, I liked it. Why?

And that took me back to weightlifting. Way back in 1994, the conference was in Auburn. My buddy and I found a nearby gym and I went there to lift and I was doing multiple reps with 225 (4-5 I think, then again I weighed about 235 in those days). I miss being that strong (ok, that wasn’t that strong). But I remember catching the eye of the females in the gym; she wore some very thin, white spandex shorts with..yep..white briefs underneath.

Ah, when I was handling 300-310, other guys would look.

Now: no one cares what I lift. LOL…I admit that I miss that.

Workout notes: treadmill froggy workout (5 miles) followed by 2 miles of walking on the track in lane 1 (compensated by adding extra distance) 27:44
treadmill: (0.5 incline after .25 miles) 1 mile (4.9-5.2 every .25 miles (11:57), 6.0-6.7 (30:52), 31:49 to get to 5K, walk .1, run to 42:47 for 4 miles, walk .25 miles, run to 54:36 (picked it up last .5). Then the 2 mile walk.

Legs are still sore, but not that bad. My guess: the flat-to-shallow inclines didn’t tax my thighs.

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Rotten Mood but…

I was in a rotten mood this morning…for no good reason.

Doing some mind stuff thinking “you know, this anger will kill you…you’ve got a ton to be grateful for” and getting in a good (but not great) workout helped.

Now during the workout, I’ve noticed that some of the guys, who I probably outweigh by 40-50 lbs, are stronger than I am. Ok, they are on the order of 35 years younger too, but still, I don’t like how weak I’ve become. Oh yes…slow..I am gradually starting to accept that.

Workout: usual PT (4 sets for each rotator cuff exercise)
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (not that bad this time)
bench: 10 x 135, 6 x 185, 8 x 175 (so-so..not the worst)
incline: 10 x 135 (good hips)
military: 2 sets of 10 x 50 standing dumbbell, 10 x 180 (90 each arm) machine
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 (each arm) dumbbell, 2 sets of 10 x 200 Hammer
goblet squat: 10 x 53 kettle bell (to the windowsill)
Then walking: Froggy (3.7, up ever 2 minutes; 0.5 incline, 14:57 mile 1, 27:41 mile 2 (14:57, 12:44). Got a decent sweat going
goblet squat: 10 x 53 kettle bell (to the windowsill…felt good after the walk..)

Now to think about complex analysis

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to blog or not to blog

I am thinking of starting a blog for our complex variables course. I like the book I am using, but there are a few things I’d love to explore further (e. g. the roots of unity, the group structure of S^1 , etc.

We’ll see.

Last night: we went to Illinois State and saw Bradley lose 70-57 in a game that was tighter than the final score might indicate. Still, it is hard to win when you are shooting 33 percent..then again, some of that..ok much of that, it great defense by the Redbirds.

Workout notes: Yes, it is warmer but the roads are kind of slushy. So it was the treadmill for me:
50 minute froggy (0.5 incline, 4.9 start, up .1 every 5 minutes) 23:48 at 2) then at 50 minutes, upped it to 6.8 then 6.9 to make 5 miles in 54:56, then 1 mile of walking. That 5 minutes at a “faster” pace just about killed me. I handled it ok but…

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Starting out grumpy but

This semester: all of my rooms have whiteboards! That means less worry about markers running out, though I might have to carry an emergency piece of chalk for the building next door.

The weight room had people in it again, and no, this wasn’t the “New Year’s Resolution” people; these are the regulars from last year.
Still, I got through my routine with no problems; I can’t ask for more than that. Ok, I could ask to be stronger and faster… 🙂

usual pt
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (not that bad)
incline: 10 x 135, 4 x 160, 10 x 140 (good hips)
military: 2 sets of 10 x 50 standing, 10 x 180 (90 each arm) machine
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 each arm, 10 x 110 machine
abs: 1 set of 24 twist crunches (24 each side), 1 set of 10 yoga leg lifts, 1 minute plank (tougher than it sounds after the previous two sets)
head stand

Treadmill: walked 2 miles in 27:46 (15:00, 12:46) moving from 3.7 miles per hour and up .1 mph every 2 minute at 0.5 incline. Ironically, this was maybe 3-4 minutes longer than it would have taken me to jog this at an easy effort.

Decisions: there is a marathon in Arkansas over the first weekend in March. It does fill up, so I need to make a decision within a week or so. The flights to and from Little Rock work. No, I am not in shape, but there is a walking division and an 8 hour time limit and I’d be walking just to finish under the time limit..nothing else. Do I or don’t I?

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Spring Semester 2018: about to start and…

Ok, some academic stuff is on my mind…not all of it serious.

I just finished the book The Teacher Wars by Dana Goldstein (New York Times book review is here). It talks about the issues involving K-12 teaching from the founding of the country up until the later years of the Obama administration, and ends with an epilogue which has some interesting suggestions.

What I was struck by is how many of the current issues we are having really have been around for a long time. Controversies: how educated should the teachers be? (and yes, often, they were not and still are not “the brightest”) How well paid should they be? (missionaries or well paid professionals?) How should teachers be evaluated?(whims of the administrators, local school boards/parents, “value added test them to death?, “peer review”?) How should teachers be obtained and trained (converts? straight from teacher education programs?) What should be emphasized? (academic stuff, or “being a good citizen”) When it comes to who is best for a certain group of students: teachers who know how to control a class room but have poor mastery of the academic material?

Obviously, a thorough study would have to be volumes of very big books, and this is just one 280 page one, but IMHO, well worth reading. Bottom line: it was not necessarily “better back then”, at least not in every aspect.

The tough social issues (racism, sexism, the feminization of the teaching profession) are not dodged.

Current academia
Yes, there has been quite a bit of “mission creep” in academia. The number of administrators have gone up over the years I’ve been teaching at the college level, and so has the number of “very important issues” that the “professors have to be educated on”. And there are have been trends such as “assessment”, and yes, these new duties (piled on top of the old ones) really do not add a thing to student learning. And there is the old “do more with less” mentality which tends to spread us a bit thin.

Here is a small thing: I teach mathematics and yes, that means I don’t have to grade a ton of essays. That means that adding a couple of extra students to my section doesn’t increase my work load that much. But you can increase the class size to the extent that one never gets to know any of them and leads to a more “assembly line” type of class, at least for the larger sections.

And what makes it very though is a wide variation between the student abilities in a given class: a 2 standard deviation in the math ACT of a given section can make it difficult to keep the better students interested while not blowing away the lower end of the class. (and yes, the ACT is reasonably predictive).

Math related humor

I chuckled when I saw this posted in a science group:

Now I can say that even the most dedicated, hetero male mathematicians love women but yes, mathematicians tend to see mathematical patterns in many (all?) places.

Riddle me this: Many years ago, I met a girl in high school that I was sweet on; this was in one of those 1 week summer camps. Once she wore tight pants and showed panty lines that looked a bit like …well…this.

(this isn’t her; this photo was taken from cheekygenie)

And..of course I liked them…but I also thought of a mathematical graph: of a branch of the secant function!

Of course, a parabola is really a better fit.

Workout notes: this one didn’t go well…I was thinking about running 10K but..on the track..I resorted to 2 miles of “jog a lap, walk a lap” then “jog 2 laps, walk a lap” and that workout took..28 minutes! The second mile, though it included more jogging, was the same time as the first. Then I walked 2 more miles in 27:36 (yes, my “all walking” pace was faster than my “walk/jog” warm up) then 2.2 more miles on the treadmill (every 2 minutes: .5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, then .5 miles at 6, .6 at 5 (to 2.1) then .1 at 0.5; total time was just under 32 minutes for 2.21 miles of hill walking)

So, bad day, but still 10K. The body is sputtering a bit; the old “cold as hell outside but I gave blood” bit. It is almost as if I have a mild cold, sans the cough, runny nose, blah, blah.

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