Trump trolls and Warren (and others bite)

Ok, Trump acts like, well, Trump:

And…well, many women HAD to make this a sexual innuendo (the “would do anything for them”) though this phrase is often used to describe power hungry male politicians, crooked football coaches..even driven athletes. And yes, other liberal WOMEN have told me that they don’t see this as an inherent sexual innuendo (though many that I like and respect do).

So how do national Democratic politicians respond? Senator Elizabeth Warren:

Oh dear.. SLUT SHAMING???? is 2016 over again, and once again, Democrats are doubling down on what FAILED in 2016. They are going to paint Democrats as wildly out of touch kooks that try to make everything about misogyny, sexual harassment, etc. This really doesn’t sit well in the context of the Al Franken flap, where…even Republicans are making more sense than many mainstream Democrats.

I am so despondent right now. The Republicans have dreadful, simply dreadful policies. But the Democrats seem to insist on running as if the nation were a liberal arts college, which it isn’t.

At least the Alabama election between Jones and Moore is close, at the time being. Jones has a genuine chance as of this writing.

Workout notes: morning: I went to the treadmill; ran 10 minutes at 5.1, 10 more at 5.2, some at 5.3 (23:00 for 2 miles) then did 7 at 6.7, rest at 6.8 to get to 3.1 in 33:03. Walked to 46:40 for 4 miles.

noon: hike at Forest Park Nature center; 3.5 outer loop. It has been to long since I’ve been there.
Photos part I:
Photos part II:


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One more Moore vs. Jones post

Yes, I expect Moore to win (say, 3-5 points) but an upset is POSSIBLE. Stranger things have happened.

Ironically, Moore’s overt bigotry and his being backward is probably an asset in this “closer than one might expect” race: people can say, hey, “he isn’t perfect, but he is on OUR side” (the side of the conservative white Christian who is completely anti-choice).

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And I grow more and more intolerant of…

The Al Franken debacle has sure helped me purge my friends list on Facebook (I’ve blocked a few and made my wall “friends only” again). Now as far as “the issue” goes, I like this take:

Zero tolerance should go hand in hand with two other things: due process and proportionality. As citizens, we need a way to make sense of accusations that does not depend only on what we read or see in the news or on social media.

Due process means a fair, full investigation, with a chance for the accused to respond. And proportionality means that while all forms of inappropriate sexual behavior should be addressed, the response should be based on the nature of the transgressions.

So I brought this up and one of my friends posted some photos that showed Leean Tweeden, one of those who made the first complaints, in some sex shots (thong butt shot, her groping a guitar player, giving sexual hugs to men etc.). He was attacked by someone who brought out the usual stuff (e. g. sexy photos is not permission for sexual abuse ..which I completely agree with but saw as irrelevant here). In the discussion, I mentioned the “staged fake groping” photo of Franken with Leeann Tweeden, (yes, the PHOTO was genuine; his hands are poised to look like he was touching her breasts, but she was wearing a flak jacket at the time) and said that “this is not abuse”.

He responded “all touching without consent is abuse” which, is factually incorrect. (online law dictionary definition here) and pointed out that I have been touched, sans consent..and this case was NOT abuse.

Well, that brought another “SJW” on who said my example was “fantasy” (it wasn’t), doubled down on saying that the first person was right and attacked my friend for “slut shaming”, etc. So I blocked him (and said some impolite things in the process) and when the first SJW person returned and doubled down, blocked him too.

And I blocked someone who “liked” one of the SJW’s statements (I was cranky).

But here is my point: my Facebook wall is my space. If someone wants to engage me with a different opinion, fine. But they have to have at least an elementary command of logic and reason.

If they make a statement “touching without consent is abuse” and I point out that there are instances where I’ve been touched without consent and it was NOT abuse, that makes the original statement logically false. If someone cannot understand that, I don’t want to talk to them about issues.

In the past, I’ve mostly blocked Bible beaters, creationists, and the like. In these times, I am mostly blocking “social justice warriors”.

Oh yes, I blocked a Moore supporter on Twitter too, but that is more SOP for me.

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Hoping against hope in the Alabama Senate special election

Yes, state polls are more volatile than national polls, and I remember the 1990 Texas election where Ann Richards came from behind to upset Clayton Williams (after many Williams gaffes). And I remember the 2010 Illinois governor election when Pat Quinn defied the polls and narrowly, narrowly, held off Bill Brady.

And so it is in Alabama, where Roy Moore leads in most polls against Democrat Doug Jones, though the latest Fox News polls has Jones leading by 10.

My best guess, upon seeing the data, is that Moore has about a 3-5 point lead. But again, the data is volatile and I made similar incorrect predictions in the two aforementioned governors races.

Personal note: final exams begin for me an hour or so. I’ll be grading, grading, grading away.

Workout notes Weights only. My body weight is about the same (206 with shoes and clothes; that is about 203 without) and though I was tired, it did NOT show up on what I could lift.

usual PT, pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (went fine), bench: 10 x 135, 6 x 185 (strong), 10 x 170, incline: 10 x 135, military: 10 x 50 standing, 10 x 45 standing (dumbbells), 10 x 90 (180 total) machine, rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 single arm, 10 x 110 machine. Some light stretching (“down dog, up dog”) for the hamstrings.

I did the “split sleep” with an awake time at 1 I usually do when I am tired.

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Accurate self-expression vs. winning politics…

One of my fears after the Trump disaster (his getting elected) was that liberals would double down on a losing strategy. And sure enough…we didn’t disappoint.

So sure, a pussy-hat march might rally the troops and might make those marching feel better, and if that is the goal, well, I suppose “why not”? But that is not a winning political strategy.

And so we see Democrats throwing Sen. Al Franken under the bus BEFORE there could be an investigation. (yes, if there was an investigation and he did what he was accused of, then…fine..kick him out).

Some might see that as a difference maker in a future close race. But is it?

Remember that conventional sexual harassment training often makes things WORSE.

So, now we see a powerful man losing his position based on skimpy evidence. If it can happen to him…and you see potential sexual harassment but then think “wow..if I say something, he might lose his job over what turns out to be nothing…” I would think it would make it less likely that you’d speak out.

And as far as politics; I wonder how many votes this will LOSE for the Democrats as opposed to gain…

And yes, in the Alabama race, Moore leads Jones almost 60-40 among white females.

More about harassment discussions

Of course, harassment issues has caused a lot of discussion on social media..and some puzzling things came out.

One person said something to the effect: when he went on his first date with his wife, he patted her butt and she liked it because she likes men…evidently this guy was unaware of the difference between an office setting with coworkers or subordinates and a romantic situation between consenting adults.

But this lead to a discussion about butt pats and women saying that they thought that butt pats on the first date..or prior to a date were rude.

That struck me as strange because, well, IMHO, dynamics between different people are different. I’ve had “first dates” that went much further than a butt pat; it has to do with the dynamic between the people involved, the nature of the relationship between the people prior to the date, attitudes about the body, etc.

And there are different public dynamics as well. Yes, I’ve seen/heard off inappropriate, unsolicited groping. But I recently remembered:

1. Once, at a party, the wife of someone else attempted to “grind me” with her butt as I walked past. I was with my future first wife so I jumped out of the way..and even had I been alone and the woman had been single, I still would have, being that I did not know her. Now were I single and she were one of my single women friends…different story.

2. When I was on office duty as a young officer (recent Naval Academy graduate), there was an “older” (early 30’s?) enlisted woman who made it a point to walk between me and my computer screen when she wanted to pass, even though there was a LOT of room behind me. Her supervisor (a warrant officer) told her to cut it out. It didn’t bother me but, in this case, had I stroked her when she did this, would I have been 100 percent to blame? I think that many of my feminist friends acquaintances simply do not accept that this dynamic is sometimes in play.

The public, at large, does understand that this is sometimes the case though.

Sometimes, I think that the Democrats are the ones “out of touch” with women, though they might better understand the lives of professional women.

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36 Hours of Jack Monkey Flunker 50K…almost dead last BUT…

I had not planned on this race, but when I bombed out of both of my marathon attempts (too hot for attempt 1..90 F, and went out too fast for attempt 2 due to the 6 hour cut off), I wanted to keep my streak of “at least one marathon finish or longer each year starting in 1998” streak alive.

So I searched, found this 36 Hours of Jack race which had an associated 50K with a 12 hour cut off and decided to give it a go.

Up shot: 8:42:42 for the 50K, via splits: (each is 12.5 km) 2:01, 2:05:46, 2:15, 2:20:50. Slow downs were 5, 10, 5 minutes respectively. I walked 100 percent of the time. I was 7:16 at 42.5 km (just past a marathon).

The course: downhill from the start line to the trail, via a park road (maybe 200 meters?) then about half a mile along side roads with moderate traffic; aside from one street crossing, you had the grassy shoulder which was suitable for running/walking. There was a short trail to the main trail, and that was crushed limestone/gravel, similar to the Rock Island trail near Peoria, IL.

There were a few very shallow inclines/declines that were not significant; the closest thing to an uphill was along the road from the trail back to the park, and it was, at most, a minor hill.

Aid stations: one at close to mile 3, one at the turn around and one at the start/finish (hot food). Volunteers were outstanding.

Oddities along the trail: near the start, you pass by an automobile junkyard. And I did see some goats actually on the trail; they moved off as I went by. My photos: the finisher’s award (unusual, and the goats)

More detail: the 100 milers start 1 hour earlier; we started with the 100K and the 75 K; a 25K and 15K (and 30K) started an hour later.

I was a little annoyed that 2 of the people behind me dropped down to the 25K; I finished ahead of a lady being dragged along the course by a male (husband? friend? coach?) but didn’t catch her until toward the end of the first out and back.

I saw many in the longer races and a few speed burners in the shorter race while I was out there; I had long stretches of “alone” time out there. 23 finished the 50K.

Going out one could see the “5K turn around” check point, the “last lap of the 100 mile” check point and the “15K turn around” checkpoint. In a way, these were good because you could see where you were. But they were also bad because you could see how much longer it took you to get to each point; the slow down was real, and frustrating. Yes, I used to slow down when I was younger, but well, it isn’t fair to have to slow down when you are slow to begin with!

My Walter Mitty goal was 3:45/4:10; my “b” goal was 4:00/4:25 and what I got was 4:06/4:36. Yes, I know; I was 7:11 for the opening 50K of my “101 miles in 24, and my best 3 50K walks were 6:20, 6:22, 6:29. What can I say? (those were in 2004, 2002, 2005).

I never got nauseated; it was cool (high 20’s at the start, low 40’s later); I ate a small bag of pretzels at 7.8 miles and at 19 miles; had some juice at mile 15.5 and some Heed at mile 23. I was able to have soup at the finish. I did feel slightly sick later; more on that later. Chinese buffet on the way home helped.

My legs started to get heavy half way, but I told myself “you didn’t drive all that way just to do 25 km” and at mile 23.5, I was determined to finish. My feet started to hurt around then; I felt the pebbles and stones.

What can I say? In away, I was embarrassed to be so slow. But part of me feels like an “old warrior” and I feel good about completing another one, even at a pace slower than one of my 100 milers.

Effect on my older body
I had an interesting effect. I thought that I would drive at least part of the way home after the race (drive is about 6:30 total) but, on the highway, I started having double vision (side by side); I was seeing a second set of lane stripes which went at an angle and I had a hard time seeing what lanes the cars ahead me was in.

Stopping for food helped only momentarily. Stopping for gas and to clean my glasses really didn’t help much either. So I pulled into a hotel to sleep it off and that did the trick. I suppose that I was both “jacked up” and “so tired I couldn’t see straight” at the same time. And today, I am much more fatigued that I feel that I should be, though…I am not that sore.

About the 36 Hours of Jack event: it was well organized; good aid, good trail markings, etc. I’d do it again. But for my politically minded friends: it is conservative (National Anthem, a prayer before the start of the 100…very churchy and religious). Since it is a private event, that didn’t bother me, but some might be bothered.

What I would do differently next time: I’d go ahead and arrange for 2 nights in the Carthage hotel (I used the Quality Inn) instead of attempting to make it part of the way home.
I like the barbecue place in Carthage.

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Irony: time to write..nothing to say.

I am in my hotel room; was on the road for most of the day (Peoria, to Joplin, MO, then to Carthage, MO). Carthage is a bit more affluent than I imagined..yeah, I looked up the median household income and was surprised at how low it was..I must have seen a nicer neighborhood…..Joplin a bit more busy.

No workout; not much news (listened to CDs along the way); caught up on FB and twitter.

Tomorrow: we shall see.

I did have some interesting conversations which involved abrasion rashes between the legs, bruises, dropping one’s pants, dropping one’s skort and scars that meet the butt crack. Don’t ask…let’s just say that endurance athletes sometimes do interesting things to their bodies.

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And my political despair gets even worse than a year ago…

When Trump won…I thought…well…things will go to “hell in a handbasket” and I was honestly afraid that we might have gotten into a nuclear war by now. And, oh, I expected this:

Let me be less gentle: there will be no significant public investment program, for two reasons.

First, Congressional Republicans have no interest in such a program. They’re hell-bent on depriving millions of health care and cutting taxes at the top; they aren’t even talking about public investment, and would probably drag their feet even if Trump came forward with a detailed plan and made it a priority.

But this then raises the obvious question: who really believes that this crew is going to come up with a serious plan? Trump has no policy shop, nor does he show any intention of creating one; he’s too busy tweeting about perceived insults from celebrities, and he’s creating a cabinet of people who know nothing about their responsibilities. Any substantive policy actions will be devised and turned into legislation by Congressional Republicans who, again, have zero interest in a public investment program.

So investors betting on a big infrastructure push are almost surely deluding themselves. We may see some conspicuous privatizations, especially if they come with naming opportunities: maybe putting in new light fixtures will let him rename Hoover Dam as Trump Dam? But little or no real investment is coming.

They failed on the Obamacare repeal and MIGHT fail on “tax reform” (tax cuts for the wealthy)..but might not.

But I expect Republican leadership to be greedy assholes. I expect the rank-and-file to see what they call “social decay” as the overriding issue; they’ll give the “tax cuts to the wealthy and cuts to services” a pass.

The liberal/Democrat response: total disaster.

Here is what someone I have deep respect for said today:

Wow…I am pretty close to that myself.

We liberals or Democrats appear to be some sort of loose confederation of constituencies, many of which do not like each other. That is ok in and of itself, but at least some in each constituency appears to want purity and strict adherence to its respective dogma.

We just saw “always believe the woman” in action in the Franken situation. We see unfavorable statistics dismissed “off the bat” as being racist by some. And this crap has spread among our rank and file.

Yep…any discussion that there might be genuine, statistical differences between the sexes is seen as heresy by some. (see Steven Pinker’s book: The Blank Slate)

And our long time Democratic leaders seem more interested in their own prestige than in being the best person to lead us forward.

Ah, I am rambling. Let’s just say that I was underwhelmed when people crowed about having large marches of women wearing “pussy hats”. Sure that made the women feel better, and I suppose that is a good thing. But then what? Tweeting “resist” hashtags?

I honestly don’t think that our side can see the difference between throwing a temper tantrum (of justified anger, to be sure) and resisting effectively.

Oh well, I am not doing that much, am I? And you know what? Gerrymandering has something to do with it; I really do not live in competitive districts.

I am so close to just being DONE. It really sucks when I have almost as much contempt for my own side as I do for the Republicans. Well…perhaps more as the Republicans show up to vote and we don’t.

Oh, I’ll vote ever election, like I always do.

Workout notes
Limited weights; PT, 3 sets of 10 pull ups, bench: 10 x 135, 6 x 185, incline: 10 x 135, military: 10 x 50 standing, 20 x 40, rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell.
Tomorrow: nothing. Ok, maybe a light 2 mile walk to loosen up.

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Same old scam and they get away with it…

Ok, the Republicans take office. They get pressure from their big donors to cut taxes on the wealthy.

So they argue something like this: “hey, you are overtaxed…and paying for THIS”

YEAH, cut our taxes and make her act more responsibly! (pg version of what is really said)

And so we get: this. Oh, depending on what the House and Senate do..>IF they can come together (and they might not be able to} we get a plan that is a windfall to the wealthiest and cuts many important benefits used by the lower to middle classes.

Oh, and some of the rank and file might say “well, I’ve never seen a poor person offer someone a job”…it is almost as if the principle “demand matters” is lost on them. Businesses can’t stay open if few have money to patronize them. The whole exercise is ridiculous.

And we fall for it…every time.

Now there is the Al Franken thing. This reminds me a bit of the Sen. Packwood (a Republican) stuff. Now there are calls for him to resign..calls mostly from Democrats (but some from Republicans). What he is accused of: let’s investigate, and if he is guilty (in the informal sense), she should step down. But we’ve been rolled before.

But, oh no. As Oliver Willis likes to say, Democrats act as if there is some judge that will score a political action “fair or foul” and that somehow pressurign Franken to step down will make it easier to defeat Moore (and IMHO, Moore will win…it is Alabama, after all). And, of course, there is the “always believe the woman, 100 percent of the time” faction of liberals. Our hearts are in the right place, but we suck at politics.

Workout notes: yesterday, steady 4 mile walk. Yes, I’ve cut back, for now.

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More on blocking, etc.

This block …looked legal to me at first (shoulder to chest) but later I saw the helmet to helmet. Yeah, we used to do that (albeit at a much lower level) but that is indeed illegal now.

Not that I have much sympathy for the person getting blocked on this play.

But now I’ll talk about another type of block: social media. I view social media as my recreational tool and if someone is too annoying, I block. This includes people who give unsolicited advice, give unsolicited negative feedback, “know-it-alls” who in fact, know little, and dummies who want their opinions taken seriously.

I do give slack to those I like as well as those who are dear to those I like.

Workout notes easy 4 mile run (Cornstalk classic); toward the end I was passed by an athlete as if I were standing still. Then again…if they couldn’t do that easily, they wouldn’t be an athlete. 🙂

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