Saving a bust of a workout


Well, our “fake spring” is over. Back to winter time, though the snow isn’t that bad for this time of year. But any is too much for me. :-)

So I took it indoors. 2 mile treadmill in 21:20, then I thought about trying 4 miles on the track. I was laboring in mile 2 and so I changed my mind and made it 5K (lane 2)
8:57, 8:46, 8:35 (26:19), 27:19. then I walked on the treadmill, starting at 3.9 mph and increasing every 2 minutes then playing between 12:15 and 11:45 mpm (mostly 12 mpm): 38:45 for 3, 40:02 for 3.11 (5K)

That was enough for today; it was far from stellar but …well, not that bad for 1 month after blood donation and for this not being a race.

Now to attempt to be productive.

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New Hampshire: Trump: big favorite. Sanders: HUGE favorite.


These are the odds. \frac{1}{41} odds for Sanders in New Hampshire!

From Sam Wang:

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is at a median of 55%, and Hillary Clinton is at 43%. For both of them, the one-sigma uncertainty is 2 percentage points. An upset victory by Clinton looks highly unlikely…but if she held Sanders to a single-digit margin of victory, that would be considered a strong showing in a state that is almost as white as Sanders’s neighboring state of Vermont.

Note: a local Sanders supporters group is having a debate watch party at a sports bar that is near a commitment that I have just prior. So I’ll probably go to that. I’ll be nice and keep my mouth shut and mostly just listen.

What I really want to do is to find a Republican watch group for a Republican debate so I can see how they view things.

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Larry David, Bernie Sanders ….just watch

I am dying.

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Running on empty (not a bad thing)

I’ve been tired lately, but not really run down. My sleep has been, well, too short. But I wake up..and can’t go back to sleep. I probably need to ignore the internet late in the evening.

So, I slept in a bit and skipped weights and only swam: (weight: 186 prior to swimming; I feared I would be “Moby Dick” after this weekend’s indiscretions)
500 free, 500 drill/free with fins, 5 x (100 pull, 100 free), 4 x 50 fly/back with fins.

Ok, I know that I have to stay with lifting so I squeezed in a mini lifting workout over lunch. The gym wasn’t as crowded as I feared it would be:

rotator cuff
pull ups (strong) 15-15-10-10
incline bench press: 10 x 135, 9 x 150 (wanted 10, dammit!) 10 x 135
military: 2 sets of 10 x 40 standing, 10 x 200 machine (100 each arm)
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110 machine
abs: twist crunches (2 sets of 12), yoga leg lifts (2 sets of 10), moving bridge, headstand (adding to the “eccentric professor” lore)

TMI: I’ve got something like a cold sore in my throat (tonsils) and have had it for a few days. I am recording this to see how it feels in a week or so. I don’t think that I am ill because workouts have been fine; about normal for me.

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On the Sanders vs. Clinton debate…

I’ve been following this “Sanders vs. Clinton” debate both online and with various friends. Though I have some Clinton supporters as friends, I haven’t really seen the attacks her supporters have made on Sanders supporters. So I won’t comment on them.

I have heard and read what some of the Sanders people say, and they say some interesting things. For one, they are prone to cherry picking the polls that tell them what they want to hear.


I suppose that is a very human thing to do; we do that in, say, relationships all the time. Oh yes, fans of given sports team do that too. :-)

Here Paul Krugman talks about the “electablility” issue. I understand why that is a valid concern.

But it isn’t for me. IF I knew that the Democrat nominee would win the election (and I strongly thought that in 2008) I would still vote for Hillary Clinton this time. Reason: I give a lot of credit for being smart, well rounded, knowledgeable and having political skill. I think that she is more realistic about how our country is. No, even if Sanders wins the Presidency, Mitch McConnell isn’t going to see a massive protest outside of his office (Sanders said something to this effect at a debate; he says that this must happen for the country to get behind his proposals).

So here is Krugman’s piece:

But what happens even more, in my experience, is an intellectual sin whose effects can be just as bad: self-indulgence. By this I mean believing things, and advocating for policies, because you like the story rather than because you have any good evidence that it’s true. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years going after this sort of thing on the right, where things like the claim that Barney Frank somehow caused the financial crisis so often prevail in the teeth of overwhelming evidence. But it can happen on the left, too — which is why, for example, I’m still very cautious about claims that inequality is bad for growth.

On electability, by all means consider the evidence and reach your own conclusions. But do consider the evidence — don’t decide what you want to believe and then make up justifications. The stakes are too high for that, and history will not forgive you.

I say this for the benefit of the neutral reader. Of course, the “true believers” will just say that I am either a sellout or someone who has been bamboozled or duped; that somehow I just don’t have their insight, powers of perception, or am, well, less principled? I have to laugh.

I’ll make this clear: if Sen. Sanders wins the primary, I’ll vote for him and open up my (meager) checkbook for him. I like the man and respect him. And there are many Sanders supporters that I like (even love?) and respect. But this time around, I honestly believe that Hillary Clinton is the better choice.

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Playing too much?

Well, today wasn’t very productive but I enjoyed it.
Morning: bassprocemetery

I was a bit sloppy and I wasn’t very fast. It took me 3:19 to cover this course; it was probably (realistically) about 13 miles (walking). I saw several runners; course was to Bass Pro, back, then to the end of Springdale (via the goose loop), mausoleum loop, back via the gooseloop with 2 extra gooseloop laps.

Then came a Bradley womens’s game; BU lost to Southern Illinois 65-51; SIU had a player from East Peoria who drew many local supporters. They simply shot the ball very well and got open looks.

Tracy met me there for most of the game; walked back to the house with me and we had our own “Super Bowl” party with some Middle Eastern food from Jerusalem Restaurant (highly recommended).

The Super Bowl itself was a defensive slugfest which the Broncos won 24-10; the first Bronco TD came on a strip sack/fumble recovery and the second was set up by a forced fumble inside the 10. A long punt return set up one field goal. The Panthers had a drive for a touchdown; their field goal game via a turnover.

Hopefully I’ll play a little LESS this upcoming week and have something more worthy of being written about. :-)

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Primary Races: Super Bowl Edition

Off to walk in a bit. During the winter, when I have the time, I like to wait for the sun to come up so I can get some sunshine.

I missed last night’s Republican debate. Now as far as those “Rubio is the Republican Obama”: evidently he didn’t wear the “front runner” mantel very well. I guess that repeating rehearsed soundbites only goes so far.

Democratic Race Yes, Senator Sanders is a heavy favorite in New Hampshire and deserves to be. But nationally, some Sanders supporters have focused on ONE national poll that was good for them. Two other national polls taken at the same time show, well…something very different and something more in line with previous polling.


I find it ironic that some Sanders supporters are making exactly the same mistake that Romney supporters made in 2012: cherry picking the outlier poll that tells you what you want to hear and ignoring the numerous other polls that don’t give you the result that you want. Sam Wang talks about this and other topics here.

General Election
If the 2016 election is going to be a referendum on President Obama, well, his approval ratings are, well, average compared to previous presents, and downright stellar compared with the previous president. Note: the dotted line is the historical trend, and the light green line is President Obama’s, and the dark green is President W. Bush’s.


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Meanwhile the spouse (personal)

Lynn: here are some of Barbara’s vacation photos (so far); I’ve selected a few from each set. She is El Salvador.












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Very fun day….

Well, the weekend started on Friday when the Bradley women beat Evansville by 12. That was a great start.

So this morning I start out for a 15 mile run. It was 27 F at the start but it did warm up a bit; it took me 2:56 to do and I had to work through some rough patches at mile 12 or so.


Course: to Bass Pro, back to the trail and then to the “almost 3 mile mark; the little driveway before the angled road crossing and back.

Of interest:

1. While running over the Bob Michael Bridge (ON the sidewalk) I heard one honk. Then I saw a SUV honk a couple of times…and then someone evidently flipped me off (or flipping off another driver? It sure looked like it was aimed at me…) Hmmm.

2. On the trail toward East Peoria a “30-40 year old” woman passed me..not that fast. Perhaps she was doing 10 minute miles or thereabouts? She walked, I caught her, she caught me again and she stopped at Main Street in East Peoria. I kept going.

3. On the way back I had a rough patch or two where I wanted to mentally quit. I didn’t and it was ok.

Later, I shared Indian Buffet with a dear friend. We probably spent 1:30-1:45 there or so, just talking about many things. It was great food and great company.
We both had some professional work to do so both of us went to our respective offices.

I took some photos for “proof” (and to play along with a Facebook “back and forth” ). And Lynn, if you are reading this, yes, it is really that bad, most of the time. :-)





I did get one task done (need to do one more).

Then it was to watch the Bradley men play.

Warm ups.


They raced out to a 33-23 lead at the half and left to a standing ovation. Indiana State came back to cut it to a 3 point lead. Bradley got it back to 9, but ISU came back again and it was all even with 3:3x left in the game. But BU played with poise, got some stops and hit some big free throws. It was a 4 point lead with 3x seconds to go, then only a 1, but BU held on and ended up winning 63-58.

Now the women go for the weekend sweep tomorrow (before the Super Bowl) and I’ll be there, this time with a friend.

So, I saw none of the Republican debate. Others did, and evidently it didn’t go that well for Marco Rubio. I’ll watch clips in the morning.

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Making the swim fun…

Ok, I stayed up too late watching Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate. I loved the debate; real differences were discusses and there were differences in both vision, approach and policy. Here was a good Fact Check: both candidates did ok. There were no egregious lies.

But I felt tired and run down prior to getting to the gym.

weights: rotator cuff
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (decent sets)
bench press: 10 x 135, 5 x 185 (risky), 9 x 170 (wanted 10, but the gym was empty and didn’t want to risk getting stuck, even with our bench having safety catches)
incline press: 10 x 140
military (dumbbells): 2 sets of 12 x 50 seated, supported, 1 set of 10 x 40
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 (dumbbell, each arm)
abs: 2 sets of 12 twist crunches, 2 sets of 10 yoga leg lifts, head stand (got into it right away, but a little unsteady)

swim: 1000 easy, 5 x 100 drill/swim (fins), 5 x 100 (alt pull/swim), 2 x 100 IM

During the 1000, I noticed that Jason was gaining on me. Yeah, he is 15 years younger and runs a 3:12 marathon and 23:xx for 4 miles. So he has a better “aerobic engine” than I have. I was faster in the water last year, but as his form improved, the predictable happened.

Well, dammit…I wasn’t going to let him catch me today and when I touched the wall just a few seconds before he could catch me, I did a fist pump! :-)

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