chase the pace treadmill

It is dark when I get up, so I decided to run on the treadmill and do a short cool down walk outside.

I started at 5.5 mph (0.5 correction elevation) and increased the pace by 0.1 mph every 2 minutes until I got to 20 minutes, at which point I kept it at 6.7 mph until 2.5, the 6.8 to 3.0, then 6.9, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 for each 0.25 mile segment then 7.3 for 0.1.

The idea: start well slower than 10 mpm and see when I reach a 10 mpm average pace; I did so at just over 22 minutes today.

10:36, 20:12, 29:06, 37:39, 38:30 for 4.11 (27:54 for 5 km).

Then a slightly over 1 mile cool down walk outside; it was pretty but chilly (just over freezing)

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Easy Peasy walk and lift

Tapering: untimed 5 mile walk (hilly course); quick (30 minute) weight session:

3 x 10 pull ups (hip hikes, Achilles)
dumbbell military: 12 x 50 seated (ONE set), 10 x 40 standing, 10 x 45 standing (rotator cuff)
dumbbell bench: 3 sets of 10 x 70 (difficulty getting up into position on the 3’rd set), rows: 3 sets of 10 x 70 (each arm) (rotator cuff)
2 x 10 pull ups (weightless squats; getting deeper and far less painful)

Good enough.

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Maybe I HAD lost my mind…

Workout notes started on the treadmill (0.5 elevation correction)
10:36 mile 1, then 1 mile at 6.7 (8:57), .5 at 6.8, .5 at 6.9, then .25 at 7, .25 at 7.1, .25 at 7.2, .25 at 7.3, .1 at 7.4

(3 miles in 26:07, 5K in 27:00)

Afterward, I did a 1 mile plus cool down walk outside and felt something in my shoe. I poke around…nothing. I go…still feel it (left instep); stop, take my shoe off….see nothing. Put it on, start to walk…there it is again! I sit down, take off my shoe again, see nothing, put it back on…feel it AGAIN, shake, take the shoe off. Then finally…

I had a small black road pebble that was coated with was black and blended in with my sock. So I couldn’t see it, and it was sticky so a simple shake didn’t take it off!

I was getting ready to believe that my wife and friends were correct after all…that I needed psychological help. :-)

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Long walk FAIL…sort of

I stayed up late with a guest and didn’t have enough sleep when I woke up this morning.

My goal: 20 miles or 5 hours. I started to walk in Bradley Park (started at 8:45 or so) and found it being prepared for..what appeared to be some off road cycle event. By the time I got there the park was becoming more populated; vehicle traffic picked up. I saw one guy driving with a dog leash out and the dog..walking. I said (loudly) “That is just a FAIL” …but my face…probably a smile. He yelled “I’m not lazy..the dog…” and I didn’t hear the rest.

I walked back (and did a grass section to get behind the woods as it was chilly and..the bathrooms were boarded up for the winter.

I walked back along Parkside and saw the people putting more of the cycling course up on the grass…and there was the house where some Downs Syndrome (I think) girl was swinging and yelling her head off as she frequently does.

I did once see her walking with an adult (parent? caretaker) and the person with her had that resigned look. People can gush about how “special” such kids are, but in reality, it much be a draining chore to be a caretaker. I can only imagine the strength of character that it takes.

Then I walked to the university gym to get in some “higher intensity” hill work; I did 4.1 mph for 4 miles going 0.5-1-2-3-4-5-0-1-2-3-4-5-1-2-3-4-5-5-4, took a 4.0-4.1 mile, then did 5 more varying the incline between 0.5 and 3, 0.5, 0.5-3 then 0.5 4.1-4.2-4.3.

That got me to 15 miles and allowed me to see the Lions rally from 21-0 (where I picked it up) to beat the Falcons 22-21, with the winning field goal (one of 3) being made on the last play of the game. The Falcons self destructed to let the Lions back in it.

So now I am at 15 miles and I decide to walk outside and attempt the final 5: I could barely move. It was either the “dead man’s 20 minute per mile shuffle” or just go home; I chose the latter.

I think that last weeks half marathon run took something out of me.

So my longish walks (by weekend):

27 July: 18
3 August: 17
10 August: skip (travel)
17 August: 18
24 August: 15 (hot)
31 August: 20
7 September: 15 (half marathon walk)
14-16 September: 16
21 September: (taper) 10
28 September: 14 (half marathon: supposed to be goal marathon; got sick)
5 October: 16 (hills)
12 October: 20 (hills)
19 October: 15 (half marathon run; hilly)
26 October: 15 (hills) Race in two weeks.

So I am not optimally trained but I should be able to finish the McNotAgain 30 in under 10 hours or so. Going out easy will be the key.

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On the edge between overtraining and training

I thought about doing an 8 mile run on this chilly, crisp morning but soon realized that I was running out of gas. So I jogged the first 4 miles or so in 45 minutes (hilly) and then walked the next 4 in 1:01-1:02; I stopped to throw some trash away.

My legs were simply out of power; I think that half marathon run was more of an effort (on an untrained body) than I wanted to admit.

But I enjoyed the combination run/walk and practiced some hills.

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Walking on a clear but chilly morning: Yin/Yang

It was clear and chilly (39 F, or 4 C) with a breeze. I walked my hilly 8.1 mile Cornstalk course (1:58; 59:44/58:33) and the darkness slowed me a little.

Yin: when it is this chilly and I am going easily, my kidneys have a field day. Good thing that the park district still has the bathrooms open.
Yang: when it is this clear, the sunrise is so pretty. One sees pink, orange, light blue (sort of turquoise), deeper blue and dark, dark blue. I just LOVE that.

It reminds me of one of the things I liked about the ultras (24 hour/100 mile): I got to see the cycle of the day, all while I was awake and moving. There is something special about that…of course, realistically, that is in my past.

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wet, wet, wet and dark

Right now, it is very dark at 6 am; I jogged to Bradley park and did 3 lower loops (53 minutes) to get in about 5, then walked for 1:02 to get 4 more (up to Cornstalk, then back around Markin). So it was 9 sort of sluggish miles in total.

Work: well, probably best to keep my mouth shut in my non-anonymous setting; let’s just say that my confidence in the higher administration has been higher in years past.

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Wet (sort of) walk

Not much to say; a mere 6.3 walk on a hilly course on very wet, leaf covered pavement.  I didn’t turn an ankle on an acorn; that is about it. :-)

I’m pretty boring; especially so today.

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Longish walk

I was in the 40’s when I decided to drive to the Riverplex and do my long walk from there. The course: I can’t rightly say; basically I walked to the entrance of Glenn Oak park via the goose loop. Then I went into Springdale Cemetery and did repeated hill loops; if I remember correctly I did the east loops three times and the west loops 4 times. I was “up the hill, down the hill” over and over again. I wasn’t moving very fast.

I lasted 5:18 so I’ll call it 20 miles, though it was probably a little more than that. I held up very well, but I wasn’t very fast.

I saw a few runners here and there…and I saw T’s group. Yes, there was teasing and an “eyes up” remark, but she was wearing the dreaded “long shirt”.

The important thing is that I got quite a bit of hill work and it wasn’t the “same old, same old”. I really believe that my legs are finally getting stronger.

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over the cold: good feeling

This morning: 8.1 mile walk over the same course as yesterday’s run and last Tuesday’s walk.

I woke up sore and stuff but the cool air made me feel good. Time: 1:55:00 (58:17/56:43); my slowest mile was my first warm up mile. Afterward I did some weightless squats. I felt better than I have since 20 September or so.

A good note: I got to each lunch with an old friend today! That was a treat.
I also gave an exam; hence I had student e-mail messages waiting for me. That happens when one has 60+ students (2 sections); someone is always going to be sick, etc.

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