Bridge to Bridge 2014 version

I’ve run a version of this race in 2012 (October) and in 2013 (Labor Day). This course features a bit of everything: the 2014 version starts on the water front, goes up over the Bob Michael Bridge,

follows a bike path, a street, then goes back over the 80 foot high Cedar Street Bridge

and then returns to the downtown water front. Conditions were a bit humid: 75 F, 82 percent humidity. (it was 64 F last year). So, due to the heat and the fatigue of my 20.6 mile training walk yesterday, my performance suffered just a bit:


However, my I averaged only a slightly slower pace than I did for last week’s warm 5K (78 F, 87 percent) and this was on a tougher course. Last year I was 132/616, this time I was 140/531; somewhat worse. But I am not a good heat runner.

This year: 8:22, 8:51 (against a breeze), 9:13 (uphill), 8:09 (downhill, with the wind), 34:37 total, just over a minute slower than last year.

My race
I was somewhat worried about my foot; that proved to not be a problem. I didn’t even take NSAIDS though I did ice it afterward. I went to the Riverplex and jogged 1.25 miles on the treadmill, then jogged .75 miles to the race start. I lined up slightly further back than normal and took it easy on the way out. I could see Pat ahead but left her alone; I wouldn’t be running with her today. As I made my way up the bridge I saw Mardi. I tracked her for most of the race as she is very steady and was running the sort of pace I had hoped to hold.

The out felt slow. But people wilted and I kept going; my second mile was probably slightly too conservative. But I was saving for the big uphill on the Cedar Street Bridge and was in a “get through this” mode. Still, Mardi was close so I felt ok with my place.

Finally, we got to the crest and I tried to pick it up some and I, surprisingly, gained quite a few places.

Mardi got me back and we jockeyed back and forth. 5:00 into the final mile I tried to pick up the pace but could feel her there, and she nailed me with a nice kick right at the end (within a second, one place ahead).

I had to walk back (saw Pat and Terry) and got in a cool down mile; Mardi called out to me to further discuss the race. I enjoyed that.

I saw others; it was nice to see T and her tight shiny spandex again.

Later: there is some post work day, run ache so I am icing it. It should not be a problem though. I think.

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Heel Pain: right foot, this time

I developed some heel pain in my right foot (it was in my left food in March, 2013). It seemed to come on…after running on the indoor track. That might be a message to me.

So, it will be heel pads and treadmills; it isn’t PF as my natural instinct is to come up on my toe to keep the heel off of the ground. Also: heavier shoes for my long walk; maybe do it on dirt (Rock Island trail)

Today: 5.1 hilly run (no pain during the run) on my Cornstalk course, followed by a quick weight workout:

pull ups (5 sets of 10: strong)
hip hikes, Achilles
bench: 10 x 135, 3 x 180, 9 x 160 (rotator cuff)
incline: 9 x 135 (weak)
military: 3 sets of 10 x 40 dumbbell (standing)
pull downs: 3 sets of (7 x 160 traditional, 7 x 100 low)

No rows today.

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False memories, “first human” and charities

Workout notes 4 mile Cornstalk classic run in the steamy weather, followed by 3.1 miles (25 laps, middle lane) on the track:

8:56, 8:46, 8:48 (26:30), 1:23 (27:53) This required some concentration. Then 10 minutes on the exercise bike.

My knee felt fine.

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 9.31.28 AM

77 F, 82 percent during the outside portion.


Kids have false memories too; they will sometimes put in missing details (e. g. will “remember” pencils being on a desk since that is what is supposed to be on a desk)

Evolution:there is no such thing as a “first human”:

This might be where the concept of a fuzzy set might help.

Donating money to specific disease charities: Funding basic research is good. However, some disease research is “more mature” than other research and IF one is interesting in “bang for the buck”. So the most efficient way is to give to, say, an agency that can spread around the money in the most optimal way.

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Hanna City Hustle 2014 version


It was sweltering; 78 F with 87 percent humidity. The thunderstorms were coming but they were a few hours away.

So, I took a shorter warm up than normal (12-13 minutes) and started…slowly.

I tried to keep it under control; mile 1 came at 8:35. I was tracking this fit woman who was to blow me away about half way through; I moved up steadily past many who started too fast for the conditions.

There is a turn out of neighborhoods onto a country road for about .75 miles; I saw others on the way back. Mile two: my target had put more distance on me but it came 8:28; I had sped up slightly (in part due to a gentle downgrade). I got that downgrade back on the last 1.1 where I was just haning on. (9:34, or about 8:44 for the last mile).

8:35/8:28/9:34 = 26:38
place: 21 out of 73.

Ironically, this race was smaller than normal. So, due to races on the same day I ended up with my 4’th AG award (in a 5k) since Memorial Day (though I didn’t pick up two of them due to leaving early.

I was slower than two weeks ago due to the conditions. But I was ok with that.

After eating pancakes, I went to the Riverplex and saw a nearly empty pool; there was an elderly guy barely making it from one side to the other.
Later, a young attractive woman showed up, and still later, one of those “bronze body” guys that looks like an animated Greek statue. The total:

500 free
5 x 100 (alt fist/free) on 2:10
4 x (50 front kick, fins, 100 free)
alt 100 pull, 100 free (400 total)
4 x 25 fly (with rests)
4 x 25 back (fins)

That was enough for the day; 180.7 prior to swimming; 179.7 after.

My previous to Hanna City Hustles (both about 1:20 faster, on cooler days)


2014 post blood donation 5K races:

27:06 68F, 65 percent
27:41 73F, 69 percent
27:23 74 F, 67 percent
25:53, 70 F, 72 percent
26:38, 78F, 87 percent

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In my start of the semester configuration ….

Photo on 2014-08-22 at 13.04

Hair cut, beard shaved…maybe I’ll get a “once a month” haircut this semester.

I did some admin stuff this morning and will do more stuff this afternoon. Classes start Wednesday.

Workout notes
Lightning closed the pool this morning, so I did just the bike portion and run portion of the “I goat this” tri workout. Hey, a duathlon is better than a zeroathlon. :-)

Bike: 42:26 for the 20 km (12.42 miles)
run: 29:17 for 5K on the track (steady effort; more than an easy jog but not really hard either): 9:26/9:19/9:19/1:11 (middle lane).

Tomorrow I’ll do the Hanna City Hustle 5K, but I am expecting it to be very warm and exceptionally humid. So I’ll take it out every easy, regardless of how cute the spandex in front of me is. IF I am still feeling ok at mile 2, then I’ll pick it up, but I don’t anticipate that being the case.

Note: the cycling is making my legs feel better; come to think of it, I feel downright refreshed after the tri-workouts. BUT these are mini-tri workouts; a serious triathlete would laugh at these. And the back exercises are working; they are boring but I have to do them.

One of my facebook friends posted this photo of herself saying “those who did X (which she didn’t like): you can kiss this.”

Uh, that is NOT the way to discourage a heterosexual male. :-)


No, I won’t tell you which friend it was.

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The windows are rattling from the thunderstorms. But I got my run in ahead of time.
I woke up sore and stiff. So I backed off of the idea of an interval workout:

4.2 mile Cornstalk classic (outside)
5K on the track (middle lane): 8:51, 8:51, 8:39 (26:41), 27:37 total (slow last lap).
Then 18 minutes on the bike (5 miles); this hurt at first.

I do have to watch my back on the bike.

I’ve returned to doing back stretches (McKenzie, down dog, up dog, Camel, Standing Back Bends) , but nothing quite this extreme:

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I Goat This Triathlon workout…

I had thought about driving to Yates City and racing, but given all of the driving I have done lately, well, I just wasn’t into it. And the knees ached just a little and the hamstrings were tight.

But I sort of wanted some human contact (I normally train alone) so I went to the Riverplex and did a “I Goat This Triathlon” workout.


Just the facts: swim: 2200 yards (1000, 500, 500, 200) (500’s on the 10).
Bike: 20 km (12.42 miles) on the indoor bike: 8.69 in 30 minutes, 1.31 in 4:40, 2.42 in 7:30 (42:10) (bike had a 30 minute time limit by design, and no, no one was waiting. ALL other bikes were empty)
Run: treadmill: 20:10 for the first 2 miles, 17:46 for the second 2; 37:56 total. The first .5 miles was slow and I was able to pick it up as the legs loosened.
I then did my rotator cuff exercises.

The transitions were lengthy (10 minutes each?) I showered after the swim and thought about running outside prior to deciding on the treadmill; part of it was that there was an organized walk going on and I didn’t want to be in the way.

Social comments:
I got there just after 7:30 am; I got to talk to Lou. Lou is an octogenarian who is still very active physically; currently he is recovering from a bike crash. I warmed up with 1000 straight and decided to do a couple of 500’s on the 10 (9:40 each, roughly). While I was swimming, an “old rival” got in the lane next to me; i remember him from my “swimming emphasis days”. He was faster than I was then, and still is. However, during my two 500’s, he did NOT lap me…not quite. So I waited for him on the final 200 and then challenged myself to stay with him. I lasted 100..and lost perhaps 1/3 of a body length in the second 100. It did speed me up though. :-)

Bike: not much to say here, though Peggy and Naomi said “hi”; Peggy was a former two time winner of the Steamboat 15 Km (marathon PR was around 3:03?) and Naomi is rebuilding from an injury.
But the bikes are set up for a 30 minute time limit (no, no one was waiting…ALL of the other bikes were empty) so I did 8.69 miles, then switched to another bike to get to 10 miles (1.31 miles) in 4:40, but that bike was right under the ceiling fan. I darn near froze. Then I switched back to the first bike to get the final 2.42 miles (7:30) so call it 42:10 for the 12.4 (perhaps 42:40 if you count my switching time…I didn’t rest at all).

Run: I went downstairs and thought about running on the River path, but there was an organized run/walk going on. Had I known about that, I might have signed up and intentionally did that as my running leg. So, THAT plus my sort-of achy knees (weather?) drove me to the treadmill where I started out on 0.5 incline and kept it there; I started at 10:42 mpm and increased the pace. I was at 20:10 at mile 2 at which point I switched to 8:57 mpm for the next mile, and increased the pace by 0.1 mph for every .25 miles after that. I got to 4 miles in 37:54; so it was 17:44 for the final 2 miles. The last 2 miles of running WAS an effort.

I then went downstairs because I had found that I had lost my combination lock from a previous visit (today I used a back-up padlock); sure enough it was at the lost-and-found. But then I realized that I hadn’t done my rotator cuff exercises so I went back upstairs and did them.

I got to talk to Bob (a 190 pound guy who is a couple years older than I am and can still run a 6:16 mile) and, well, I got an eyeful of spandex from the ladies working out in the area.

I finally walked back to the car and found a note from Vickie on the windshield; this was the second time this happened. That was sweet of her.

Overall: this “little bit of everything” workout felt good, but I suppose that, aside from the final 2 miles of running, it didn’t really train me for anything. But today, it was about the mental and the emotional.

Note: my “Goat Triathlon” is balanced by time: 42-44 minutes of swimming, 42 minutes of cycling, 38 minutes of running, or, in km: 2 km swim, 20 km bike, 6.4 km run. The usual sprint is 0.75 km swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run.

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Day trip to the Hoover Museum and other topics

Workout notes
Untimed 5 mile run (hilly Cornstalk course) followed by 10 miles on the bike (34:30).

Then we went to the Hoover Library and Museum:


This was my third trip there; previously I stopped on my own, then took my daughter and my wife.
Basically, President Hoover was a very intelligent, accomplished man (mining and in hunger aid). He did well as Secretary of Commerce under President Harding and later President Coolidge. His presidency wasn’t successful; though he was an activist president by the standards of Republicans of the day, the bolder approach of President Roosevelt is what was needed at that time.

Ironically, had Hoover been elected president when he first considered it in 1920, perhaps we would have been spared of some of the Great Depression; after all, then Secretary Hoover warned President Coolidge of the practice of banks being able to speculate with depositor’s money.

Other topics
Frequently, police abuses come to light when the police abuse someone who is, well, less than perfect. It turns out that there is videotape showing Michael Brown (the person shot by Feguson police) robbing the convenience store and shoving a slightly built employee out the way. If that really is him on the tape, well…he WAS a thug then. Whoever is in that video deserves jail time.

Still, that doesn’t make shooting someone who isn’t a threat right, and sure as heck doesn’t excuse the excessive police actions against the protestors later. Remember that the rights of all of us are often advanced via, well the actions of not-so-pleasant people.

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Rutherford B. Hayes Museum and Library

Workout notes: It was very humid; I ran a little over 5 miles in Middleburg; first mile was 10:30, then 9:48 and the last 2 were 17:43. Total time: 49:04. I was a sweaty mess.

On the way back from Ohio, we stopped by the Rutherford B. Hayes Museum and Library. This was the first Presidential Library open to the public.

I really didn’t know much about President Hayes coming in; I remembered that he did NOT win the popular vote; in fact Samuel Tilden (Governor of New York) won the popular vote by 3 points! (50.9 to 47.9 percent) but there were some disputed electoral votes in several states. A commission was appointed to resolve the dispute and the resolution came just a few days prior to the inauguration.

So, the Museum has stuff about that; it also has stuff about President Hayes’s life before and after the election; he has served as Governor of Ohio and as a member of the House of Representatives. He also served with distinction in the Civil war as an Army officer. President Hayes was also very involved in starting The Ohio State University.

I can recommend the museum, though it isn’t as detailed as others. BUT what I can especially recommend is the tour of the Hayes Home. It is spectacular and our guide gave us a ton of information.

So this makes 8 such centers visited for me: 3 Democrats and 5 Republicans.

Abraham Lincoln (here and here)
Rutherford B. Hayes
Herbert Hoover (here and here)
Harry Truman
Lyndon Johnson
Bill Clinton
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush

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Duck Race 5K

I didn’t get to this post until I got to Berea, Ohio. I ran this race in the morning and then cut the grass prior to leaving. It was a 7:30 drive to get here; my daughter flies in tomorrow and we’ll help her move in.

The run: I decided in the morning to go ahead and do it; there was a larger, somewhat less expensive race in Brimfield but I wanted to get back home quickly due to the upcoming trip.

I warmed up a bit longer than usual (2.5 miles) and I didn’t feel that great. It was to get to 70 F, 72 percent humidity prior to the start.
The facts: time was 25:53 on the out and back course: 12:59 at the turn around and 12:54 on the way back. Place: 23/46 among the males, 36/141 overall, 2 out of 2 among the males 50-59.

The big issue: I am finally recovered from my June 30 blood donation; this was the sort of time I’d expect in these weather conditions, given that I don’t handle humidity well and that I am not in as good of 5K shape as I was when I was doing mile training. But the intervals and the races helped.

I lined up a couple of seconds back from the start and was a bit surprised that more runners didn’t fill in the gap in front of me. In fact, during the first mile, a LOT of runners passed me but I got most of them back just after the estimated first mile mark. On the way back, I passed a lot of people and only got passed once (a tall guy). I was encouraged to be at 13 minutes at the turn around and to feel as well as I did; we had a slight breeze against us going out, and I drafted off of a guy going out.

Back: I didn’t have enough confidence to really put the hammer down but it was good to see the clock in the 25’s again. It WAS an effort, but keep in mind I did have a 1:53 aerobic workout yesterday (42 minute swim, 46 minute bike, 31 minute run) so I wasn’t daisy fresh going in.


27:06 68F, 65 percent
27:41 73F, 69 percent
27:23 74 F, 67 percent
25:53, 70 F, 72 percent

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