Tina Fey’s anticipation of Sarah Palin’s network..

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And I get grumpy when I discuss politics….

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Idiot, photoshop, or a national caliber troll? It isn’t always easy to tell. :-)

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Tom Tomorrow: gets it right.

Just read, laugh and cry.

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Just a perfect Cartoon

Via the New York Times (Brian McFadden)

Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 7.09.01 PM

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Cue Republican heads exploding on 3…2…1…


I love it!

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Horsey Cartoon cuts to the chase…


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Dueling Hipsters (political)

Ok, I admit: I’ve talked about nothing of substance lately. So, I’ll mention something about some new ads the Republicans are running:

Ok, so this says NOTHING about demand on how “trickle down” has never worked. But this is a hipster. And let’s turn to a simplistic ad about energy:

Uh, there are environmental impacts, costs, potential, waste storage, etc. But hey, it is a hipster.

Now for the spoofs:

(hat tip: Hunter at Daily Kos, and Pareene at Salon)

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Move over lowlifes! I am now a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN!!!!

Ok you slackers, moochers, evolutionists, Keynesian economists and other deadbeats: you had better watch out when you come here. I am now a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN!!!!!!

Personal Responsibility! No more welfare! (tax breaks for the filthy rich job creators are ok).

My vote: I voted for Bruce Rauner for governor. Why? Well…..bootstraps, rich people are the smartest people and all of that ….

(my guess: in the general election he won’t listen to anyone else and end up getting beat)

Now to go run…

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Fox News conservatives: please make up your mind…

So, Putin acting like a tyrant: good, much better than Obama.

But you complain that “Obama is a tyrant”?

It is hard to take these people seriously.

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