Donald Sterling’s comments on race….

Obnoxious, but seriously: do you think that he is really that different than most other rich, older white guys? Seriously?

Of course, the NBA will have to discipline him, given that most of the players are black and many of the fans are too.

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Sports…some tough choices…

A former Baylor women’s basketball start says that she was troubled by that University’s anti-gay stance.

Well, part of me thinks: “Ok, why in the world did she want to play THERE to begin with?” I suppose one might want to somewhere to change the culture, but it sounds as if (according to the article) that wasn’t her intention.

I know that if I had a choice of employment opportunities, I would NOT go somewhere that required a “statement of faith”.

Of course, I wish the university was more open.

Speaking of tough choices:

The story of Todd Hoffner, the former Minnesota State-Mankato football coach who was fired after being falsely accused of possessing child pornography in 2012, took a strange and sad turn today as he attempted to reclaim his old job—and players refused to practice for him.

Hoffner was a victim of bad luck and horrible timing. It was just a month after the release of the Freeh Report, and Jerry Sandusky was very much on everyone’s mind, when an IT professional at MSU found photos on Hoffner’s phone when he brought it in for repairs. They were rumored to contain videos of nude children, and Hoffner was quickly arrested. Everyone, including us, assumed the worst.

But the videos turned out to be of Hoffner’s own children taking baths. The charges were dropped, and Hoffner was cleared completely—but too late to save his job.

But this was in 2012 and the players played for a different coach in 2013. Now that it has been ruled that he had been wrongfully dismissed, he was reinstated to his old job…but the players had already played for a different coach in 2013 and they don’t want the other coach dismissed. Note: Hoffner had been picked up by a different school.

What a mess.

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A couple of my favorite NBA players

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A strange racial (racist?) reaction by basketball fans (1990)

Former Arkansas basketball coach Nolan Richardson was recently inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame. This brought back memories of the Texas vs. Arkansas battles of old; I attended Texas from 1985 to 1991 and followed the team (season tickets most years).

The Texas vs. Arkansas games were usually emotionally charged. Two memories stand out, both from the 1989-1990 season. That year, Arkansas won the Southwest Conference and the conference tournament and made it to the Final Four…by….beating Texas in Dallas in the Elite Eight. The teams played 4 times and Arkansas won them all; 3 games (the NCAA game and the regular season games) were close.

First one: in the regular season, there was a huge shootout at Austin. Texas had a 3 point lead with only a few seconds to go and Texas had the ball. Arkansas fouled Travis Mays (future NBA player) who was an 80 percent free throw shooter. The foul was ruled intentional, which meant that UT got two shots AND the ball. That would have given Texas a 5 point lead with something like 5 seconds to go.

Coach Richardson walked off of the court. No technical was called.

So….Mays….MISSES BOTH. Arkansas steals the ball and hits a 3 at the buzzer….overtime…and Arkansas won.

Richardson was called “strolling Nolan” for that.

Second one: the “race” factor.
Arkansas was a virtually all black team with a black coach. Sure, many of the white Arkansas fans used the N-word…and cheered for them anyway. That isn’t what struck me as odd though.

This was the SWC tournament championship game and Arkansas was killing us…blowing us out. The Arkansas fans were loving it and cheering wildly with each Arkansas basket.

So, toward the end of the game…and remember that Arkansas HATED Texas, UT 7’th man Hank Dudek got a rebound. He spotted an open lane and drove it the length of the floor and dunked the ball.

The Arkansas crowd got silent for a moment…and then….clapped. This was NOT the roar that you hear from your team scoring…but a instant reaction…a serious clap.

Dudek is white.

Oh sure, he was UT’s 7’th person on the rotation; a small forward (6’7″) who…yes..could jump. He had transferred from a mid-major program on the east coast. He was a legitimate 7’th person; he wasn’t good enough to start for this Elite Eight team but would have started for most teams. This play, while a good play, was well within his athletic abilities.

But I still remember that reaction. It amused me; I had seen Dudek play and work out. I wasn’t the least bit shocked. My wife (at the time) turned red in the face and muttered “as*h*les!”

Man…that was strange.

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How bad was the Missouri Valley Conference this year? (men’s basketball)

Workout notes
Deliberately slept late; swam:

4 x 250 warm up (4:55…then down to 4:35-4:40)
10 x 100 on the 2:05 (slow: 1:42, “fast”: 1:40….was it 1:39?)
100 fly kick (fins)
2 x 25 fly (fins)
2 x 25 fly (no fins)
That was 2200 (1.25 miles). It felt GREAT.

Later, after class: weights
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (strong)
Rotator cuff
dumbbell sets:
3 sets of 12 x 50 military
3 sets of 10 x 25 upright row
3 sets of 10 x 65 bent over row
3 sets of 10 x 70 bench
3 sets of 10 x 30 curl.

That took 36 minutes. I’ve gotten to the point in which, if I wear a sleeveless t-shirt, you can…if you use your imagination, make out a muscle.

Wichita State: narrow loss in the round of 32
Indiana State: blown out by a mediocre Arkansas team in the NIT (first round)
Missouri State: lost to Murray State in the first round of the CIT
Illinois State: beat Morehead State in the first round of the CBI; they play Texas A&M tonight (we have tickets)

So TWO MVC teams have won post season games, period. Only one MVC team beat an opponent that has a winning record (Illinois State!)

Talk about weak, weak, weak.

Now Wichita State went down honorably to a talented (but inexperienced) Kentucky team. So I won’t accuse them of laying an egg.

Part of me wonders if WSU would have benefited from playing in a stronger league. BUT look at Creighton: they are now Big East, but played in the MVC last year. Now THEY laid an egg and got creamed by Baylor…that game was a joke. Wichita State played much better than that.

And what does it say about my team, that finished 7 out of 10 and lost to no. 10 in the MVC “play in” round? OMG…..

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Tough Day for Wichita State Basketball…or was it?

The Wichita State Men’s basketball team lost to Kentucky 78-76 when their last second 3 point shot didn’t go down. WSU was lead by Early (31 points) and Baker (20); Kentucky was much more balanced.

The Wichita State Women’s team lost at no. 3 seed Penn State 62-56….that is a tough assignment.

But…WSU had men’s and women’s teams playing NCAA ball AND being competitive. My teams? Uh….next year? Probably not. Our men’s team did win a couple of CIT games last year though…I did enjoy those.

And tomorrow night, we are going to see Illinois State play Texas A&M in a CBI game. I’ll be cheering for Illinois State.

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Nate Silver’s Men’s NCAA predictions (not bullish in Wichita State)

You can find a fun interactive model here.

He gives the following probabilities of reaching the final four (I’ve only listed the “10 percent or higher” teams:

Florida: 41 percent
Kansas: 21 percent

Michigan State: 24 percent
Virginia: 23 percent
Villanova: 21 percent

Arizona: 42 percent
Wisconsin: 16
Creighton: 12

Louisville: 38
Duke 18
Wichita State 14
Michigan 14

Fun stuff. For what it is worth, I am cheering for Wichita State and Texas. Then I am cheering for the Big Ten teams, and probably Creighton.

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Zoning in

Workout: walking on the track; 80 laps around BU’s track (10 miles) (plus an extra):

2:06:27 plus extra lap (2:08:21). 13:19, 12:59, 12:53, 12:42, 12:47, 12:45, 12:37, 12:16, 12:04, 12:01


Yeah, it was sunny outside but there was a bit too much ice on the roads. I might be able to go outside next week, at least some of the time. I’ll still have to do some track/treadmill stuff to save the old joints.

I have the Wichita State vs. Indiana State game on and ISU is hanging tough. I suppose I might be pulling (slightly) for ISU because, if they win, the Missouri Valley would get 2 teams in the NCAA.

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Wichita State 69 Bradley 49: too much

I knew that Wichita State was 29-0 and ranked 2’nd. Bradley was excited: they had perhaps the best crowd of the season (though not a sell out) and the students were into it. The atmosphere was electric at first.

But WSU is used to getting the best from the teams that they visited and they were just methodical. There wasn’t much “run and gun”; not much “showtime”; just very solid offensive movement, looking for the open man and for the open lane. And of course, their defense is spectacular. They blocked 6 shots (average 7 per game) and altered many more; Bradley only shot 27 percent.

It was 35-25 at the half and ended up 69-49; BU did cut it to 62-49 with just under 4 minutes left in the game, but WSU did what they needed to do to close it out (made a couple of substitutions).

The game was on ESPN2. Bradley Basketball had made ESPN just the day before, but for another reason:

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Winter has to end SOMETIME….

But it won’t end soon.


Sooner or later I’ll see:


Although, realistically, I’d have zero chance of staying with her at a race. I have to aim for older, slower women with bigger curvier asses:


I was feeling just a tiny but run down, so I took it easy today:

easy 22 minute 2-mile warm up. I was then just fed up with the treadmill; I couldn’t stomach another minute of it.
So to the indoor track: 3 miles in 27:54 (last mile in 8:52; I was starting to fade.
Then 3 mile walk on the treadmill; 16 minute mile then 26:50 for 2 more walking miles (1.0 elevation; increasing to a 12:30 pace at the end)

I left: 8 miles under my belt and feeling refreshed rather than run down. I think that I needed this.

Still, I am sick, sick, sick of snow and winter. :-)

Tonight: Bradley plays no. 2 Wichita State; WSU is only favored by 12. It will be on ESPN 2 but starts at 8 pm. I’ll sleep in a bit tomorrow and move my weight workout to 10 am. (after my 9-10 class).

My guess: close game for a half; BU gets blown away in the second half.

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