9 October 2010 Rehabilitation

I admit that I had some soreness when I woke up this morning, though less than yesterday. I didn’t see much swelling so I went ahead and tried.

I lined up at the back of the 30 mile group and ended up walking 2:34 for 10 miles of the Farmdale Trail races. (2:44 official).
I was mostly alone for the first half; I was conservative and found myself at 1:13 at a sign that said “4 miles; aid in 1 mile”. That discouraged me; I knew that I wasn’t in great shape but I thought that I was better than this. Still, the course was pretty and featured a mix of single track, open grass and some roots/rocks. I’d call the terrain “rolling”; typical for a trail race.

But when I got to the aid station (5.1-5.2 miles) it was “only” 1:24 and there I picked up Shelia Hansen who walked with me for the next 4 miles. That helped. I got to the dam in 2:20 and finished in 2:34; the second half took 1:10. But I was more confident and gave it more effort; I could NOT have held the pace for more than 4-5 more miles; forget a 30 miler.

Afterward, I iced my leg and helped out with the time keeping for the 30 milers.

I got to be warm (80′s F) though I was cool for most of my event.

I iced it more when I got home.

I got caught yawning.

At the start.

Helping out at the finish line keeping people’s splits and finish times. Yes, i have ice on the knee.

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October 10, 2010 - Posted by | hiking, knee rehabilitation, time trial/ race, training, walking


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